‘Worse than Hitler’

Just as an update to this post from the other day, ‘Stolen Generations’ listed as ‘genocide’, here are links to two interesting pieces published today on the subject.

Guilt merchants make us out to be worse than Hitler, by Mervyn Bendle in The Australian

Column – Truth murdered instead, by Andrew Bolt in the Herald-Sun

In other matters to do with Aboriginal affairs, Lorenzo over at Thinking-Out-Aloud has two excellent pieces today as well: The Self-Satisfaction of the Epistemically Broken and The social collapse in indigenous communities (which is focused on this publication).

2 Responses to “‘Worse than Hitler’”

  1. Rebecca H Says:

    Not being Australian, I don’t really understand what went on with aboriginal communities, but at first glance, the do-goodism of compassionate leftists produced exactly the same kind of disaster that happened in African-American and Native American communities who became dependent on welfare. Absolutely no attempt was made to usher these people into the mainstream 20th century (let alone the 21st), because that would have been “cultural imperialism”. Instead, they are now cultures that will be dead by the end of the 21st century, their people scattered and assimilated into oblivion. And the world will just shrug and go on, unmoved by the extinction of yet another primitive culture. It’s been happening for millennia.

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    #2 True to some extent, but I think the dysfunction in our remote Aboriginal communities far surpasses the dysfunction in American black and Indian communities. If you have time, I do recommend Lorenzo’s pieces and the report he has linked in that second one.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but at least it’s finally being talked about, even if on a limited scale. Cheers.

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