More Members May Face Scrutiny in Iraq Trip Probe


Reps. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) and Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) were put under the microscope by charges that their 2002 trip to Iraq was paid for by Saddam Hussein’s government. Federal prosecutors last month alleged that a Michigan resident arranged for Iraq to pay for the trip by the two House members and then-Rep. David Bonior (D-Mich.). The resident, Muthanna Al-Hanooti, has been indicted on two counts of conspiracy and three counts of lying to the FBI about working for Iraqi agents.

The documents suggest that other members of Congress could also face scrutiny, The Hill’s Mike Soraghan reports.

Though the indictment mentions only one trip by members, it said Al-Hanooti “would organize delegations from the United States Congress to Iraq.”

Note the plural, “delegations.”

There’s no proof of other trips taking place; the congressional travel database compiled by Legistorm indicates only one trip ever being paid for by al-Hanooti’s group, Life for Relief and Development.

A Justice Department spokesman declined to clarify the indictment any further, saying “The indictment speaks for itself.”


One Response to “More Members May Face Scrutiny in Iraq Trip Probe”

  1. yojimbo Says:

    Forget all this preliminary stuff.

    Put them all on trial for T-R-E-A-S-O-N.
    If convicted, take them out and shoot them.

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