VOTE! ABC Poll on “Global Warming” PASS IT ON! [UPDATE: ABC Spits the Dummy] [UPDATE 2: Evidently, I'm a lying fraudster. Either that, or someone needs a new tin foil hat]

Via Andrew Bolt:

ABC News Radio today is asking listeners the following multiple-choice question on its web site:

Is Global Warming to blame for the current heatwave in Australia?

- Global Warming is a myth

- Yes


One of those answers has so far been ticked by 90.4 per cent of respondents. Guess which, and dare hope.

Spot sez … ** Go here to vote, or if that link doesn’t work the poll can also be found here **

*and if you were to clear your cache, you could conceivably vote more than once – the Chicago Way.  Not that you would.  I was just sayin’.

** Screen shots of ABC poll results and updates (and a bit of controversy and more updates!) below the fold:

UPDATE 8:33pm 6 Feb Australian Eastern Time (click to enlarge)

30pm AEST
ABC “Global Warming” Poll Results as at 8:30pm 6 Feb 2009 AEST

UPDATE 11:05pm 7 Feb Australian Eastern Time (click to enlarge):

05pm 7 February

ABC "Global Warming" Poll Results as at 11:05pm 7 Feb 2009 AEST

UPDATE: HAW! Seems the ABC didn’t much like the answer they got, so they completely “disappeared” the entire poll and results, even from the Google cache.  With no acknowledgment or explanation whatsoeverThe 6th of February poll is just “missing.” Can anyone say “Big Brother”?  “Spit the dummy”?  I say again, HAW!

UPDATE #2: I see it’s now being discussed elsewhere on the web – a few sites are bouncing here presumably for the screencaps I took during the poll.  If y’all want, I think I have a few more screen-captures of the poll as it was going on – email me (spot_the_dog) if you want copies.  WE KNOW THE POLL WAS HAPPENING – there are nearly a hundred comments from people at Bolt’s discussing the poll during the time when the poll was active.  Now, it’s as though it never existed!?!  How stupid does “Our” ABC think we are???

UPDATE #3: To the person on this Forum who claims things such as,

“It’s not a matter of belief. I know for a fact that the ABC did not conduct such a poll. The so-called “captured page” is a photoshopped fraud, and you embarrass yourself and your fellow denialists by trying to defend this fraud.”


“There was no such poll taken. The statistic of 93.8% of ABC listeners believing global warming is a myth was totally made up by the commenter! It is a flat out lie! [...]

AGW denialists telling flat out lies? What is the world coming to?” [spot sez:  Precious!  I love that one!]


This is not a screenshot. A screenshot would bear the ABC website address in the page’s url.

“The story was initiated by a guy called Michael who wrote to an Australian columnist called Andrew Bolt. Bolt is well-known in Australia as a John Howard sycophant and habitual liar. His speciality is making up stuff about global warming. One of the US-based AGW denialist sites has taken up Bolt’s lie and has tried to give the lie a bit of credibility by photoshopping the ABC poll, and you have compounded the lie by calling it a screenshot.


“ABC polls only give the yes/no option in their polls. The first option, “Global warming is a myth”, is clearly a fraudulent addition.

The fraud is comprised of several parts, some of it committed in Australia, and some at the American end. But it’s a clumsy fraud – it’s easily detected.”

I TOOK SCREENCAPS, mate.  ME.   In Western Australia.  And I am NOT LYING.

You can take screencaps of any portion of a screen you want to with one program I have by simply drawing a little box around the bit you want to capture and then pressing “Ctrl” and “PrtSc” at the same time, for instance. Example:

lee_comment_5 full screen

click for original size & image of example of capture of full screen (1280px x 800px - 205.43 KB)


click for original size & image of example of selective capture (531px × 124px - 21.45 KB)

See the diff?  It ain’t rocket surgery, buddy.  I rarely capture the entire screen including all of the tabs I have open, my toolbar and the URL bar because it’s a waste of space and pixels.  A full screen grab can easily take up 10 times more  hard disk space than a selective grab.  And waste 10 times more precious pixels.  And as conscientious citizens and guardians of the planet we should all strive to conserve both bytes and pixels.

So.  You sure you still want to call me a liar and a fabricator? Hell – go for it – I’m just a “screen name.” But you might want to be a bit  careful about calling Andrew Bolt, a known person, “a habitual liar.” Without proof.  Y’know?

WTF evidence do you have for that allegation anyway, you idiot conspiracist twerp, the one against me, the one against Andrew Bolt, the one against presumably all of my mates here?  Or are you just a typical Leftard projecting your own character flaws onto others, as usual?

Did those of us discussing it here and at Bolt’s and Blair’s whilst the poll was open, whilst I was taking screencaps, make that up too?  Were we all of us here, in Australia, America, Canada and South Korea, all part of this “Grand Conspiracy”?  Don’t tell me – I’ll bet you think we’re all in the pay of Big Oil®, especially long-time blogger/contributer Nilk who (only half-jokingly) commented at February 7, 2009, 9:58 pm, when the poll was still running, “Heh. So who’s keeping screen caps so that their ABC can’t hide the results?”

I think you’re missing something there, my friend Lee.

UPDATE #4: Heh.  I’m sayin’, heh.

UPDATE #5: Yet more on this ongoing taxpayer-funded ABC Drama from Andrew Bolt just in, “Doubt Banned.”

UPDATE #6: I’m lovin’ this – now it’s Bolta, all his readers, all youse guys here, and who all got together and perpetrated this fraud.  Heh (no, that deserves a full) Haw!


What I don’t get is, if we redneck rethuglican sheepletards are so stoopid and all, how do we keep coming up with and executing these humongously complex global conspiracies?  Mohammad H. Rageboomer! Next thing, they’ll think that that moran Chimpy McHitlerBurton planned and executed 9/11…


12 Responses to “VOTE! ABC Poll on “Global Warming” PASS IT ON! [UPDATE: ABC Spits the Dummy] [UPDATE 2: Evidently, I'm a lying fraudster. Either that, or someone needs a new tin foil hat]”

  1. TimH Says:

    Well, I’m so surprised that we were able to decide wether we could choose between a myth, and yes or no, for once “our ABC” is giving us a real choice.
    Being Friday night, would that mean that all the lefties have gone home/to the pub, and have given probably the only sceptic in the building the chance to set the poll question??11!!
    Of course, I voted that it is a myth! Bad Tim, bad Tim!

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    UPDATE: As it stands now with 3466 votes counted

    Is Global Warming to blame for the current heatwave in Australia?

    Global Warming is a myth: 91.2%
    Yes: 4.6%
    No: 4.3%

    Which means that adding the 4.3% who don’t believe that “Global Warming” is to blame for our current heatwave to the 91.2% of peeps who realise (and are willing to admit) that “Global Warming” is an out-and-out myth, more than 95% of Aussies polled are smart enough to see through all of the State-Funded warmenist propaganda on “our” ABC and propagated by our idiot Labor & Green pollies.


  3. Gramfan Says:

    Thanks for posting that, spot_the _dog. I voted, and sent it around.
    Excellent result so far.

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    90.6% after I voted, nice to see AGW dying in the arse…

  5. Dminor Says:

    Actually, the correct answer is ‘No’, but since I assume they mean anthropogenic global warming, the ‘myth’ answer is fair enough. Believe it or not, I myself think even that’s a little strongly worded for my tastes. A straight-out myth? Well, probably, but I prefer a more scientific term such as ‘highly unlikely’ maybe coupled with ‘man-made CO2 reductions even less likely to significantly alter the outcome’.

  6. bingbing Says:

    You’re too fucking academic for a Saturday, D.

  7. Kaboom Says:

    Dminor is quite right – Global Warming exists, but is it to blame for the current heat-wave in Australia?

    “NO” is clearly the correct answer.

    The option of “Global Warming is a Myth!” is in fact untrue – “Global Warming” goes on all the time, as does “Global Cooling”.

    Indeed, I am positive that there is a theoretical basis to the concept of Anthropogencally caused Global Warming, although a quantitave analysis may well render it statistically insignificant.

    However, I could not help myself from ticking the “myth” box, as the parameters of the question were not properly defined.

    Like climate models, the GIGO principle holds sway…..

  8. bingbing Says:

    GIGO? Go in? Go out? You mean like ‘fuck it’?

  9. nilk Says:

    Heh. So who’s keeping screen caps so that their ABC can’t hide the results?

  10. spot_the_dog Says:

    Heh. So who’s keeping screen caps so that their ABC can’t hide the results?

    Heh. Pinged?

    Do note that the latest results still show that of 6,668 votes now, still only 4.5% of respondents believe that Australia’s current heat wave is due to (Anthropogenic, the word they always leave out) “Global Warming.”

  11. spot_the_dog Says:

    “Heh. So who’s keeping screen caps so that their ABC can’t hide the results?”

    Nilk wins the Elephant Stamp for most prescient comment!!

    See my updates. I have a few more screencaps from before the numpties at Our ABC decided to spit the dummy and try to erase all existence of either the poll or the results – be interesting to see how this plays out.

    If they wanted to conceal the poll results because they thought/feared/had evidence that someone had rigged it, they should have EXPLAINED that, should have INFORMED us as to what they were up to and why.

    If they screwed up somehow, they should have said, “Hey, we screwed up, we had sucky security, here’s what happened, now let’s try again but with more security in place this time.” Did they have evidence that it had been rigged? If it had, is their security system so amateurish on EVERY poll they do – and if so, doesn’t that mean that ALL of their past polls are now just as suspect as they one they just “disappeared”?

    This is one of the big problems with “true-believer” warmenists. They’re inherently sneaky and dishonest – when they get caught in lie after lie after lie, they just lose all credibility even on things they might have actual points on.

    When people keep lying and trying to misrepresent and hide things and they get sprung, it’s only human nature to eventually lose any faith that they’re ever being honest.

  12. In which mild-mannered spot_the_dog is accused of being a denialist fraudster and key participant in a global conspiracy. « The Tizona Group Says:

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