Should you gaze upon the sidebar…

You shall see a good friend, along with good friends, in Australia, I’ve NEVER met.

In the Blogroll….’tis (all the friends beside Tim are there)

In the News Outlets….’tis

You see, Mr. Tim Blair writes for this OZ* paper…Damn good writer, he is and his Blog, was voted Best Blog In Australia/New Zealand.

So check both of ’em out…OR ELSE!

Oh yea, the asterisk… Personally I think Blair is an Agent for the Australia Intelligence Services. His counterparts in the USA, post there under noms de plume, such as wronwright, Paco, yojimbo, Hucbald, and Dave S, and a lady whom one is to believe has red hair… missred, Saltydog, (yeah right) RebeccaH….Just to name a few.

His fellow agents in OZ… oh let’s see… MentalFloss, Dminor, SwinishCapitalist, thefrollickingmole, (agent name if I’ve ever heard one) PLUS several ladies… three (oooopppsss FOUR) of whom come to mind… kae, Pogria, Ash_ and the mysterious one 1.618.

OH God…Forgot some of more notorious agents…Catch these ‘names’ Margos Maid, Nic and Nora, Skeeter, etc, etc, etc. The Nation is full of ’em. They also have a new Primie…Kevin Dud (the guy eats earwax…no shit!)

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