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Did U.N. Program Secretly Funnel Money to North Korea?

NEW YORK — Did the United Nations Development Program use an American charitable organization to secretly funnel nearly $2 million, and perhaps much more, to North Korea — over and above the millions in hard currency it is already known to have given the Kim Jong-il regime in violation of its own rules?UNDP documents seen by FOX News raise those questions, and others about the relationship between UNDP and the humanitarian group Mercy Corps, also known as Mercy Corps International. The documents show millions of dollars allocated to Mercy Corps International for North Korea seem to have escaped normal UNDP oversight.

WONDER what the U.N.’s cut was OR did they give a pittance and keep the larger portion, as is usual with that slimy organization?

Fox News

You know what in the HELL, is going on in the rest of the World, sooo…

….Here’s An ASSHOLE or ASSHOLETTE you can mull over. (I did not watch the Vid Clip) I report ( after Breitbart. YEA, SO?) YOU decide.

Sick Bastard Story @ Breitbart

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