Caroles in ASL- for missredi….From Wonderful Commenter J.M.Heinrichs

Silent Night

O Holy Night

O Come All Ye Faithful


The Rose

Thank You, J.M.

6 Responses to “Caroles in ASL- for missredi….From Wonderful Commenter J.M.Heinrichs”

  1. Ash Says:

    They’re brilliant.

  2. tizona Says:

    Yes they are, Ash. So thoughtful of you J.M. Thank you again.

  3. missredi Says:

    thank you, jm
    brings back memories of my daughter’s christmas pagents.

  4. Mark Says:

    Thanks for that El Cid, My son and I greatly appreciated it, he understood most of it although he is using auslan for signing.
    Thank you.

  5. tizona Says:


    You are most welcome.

    I’m thrilled that you and your son appreciated those posts. The no doubt will be more added.

    The credit really goes to J.M. Heinrichs. All I did my friend, was hit a button or two.

    Dearly hope this doesn’t offend, as in today’s world, one never knows…BUT Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, son and entire family.

    Thank you for commenting, do come back.

  6. tizona Says:

    Apologize Marcus, just woke up…The at the start of the second sentence, should be There (I think that’s correct…lol). Need more coffee, I do.

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