The Dhimmification Continues

sadly, europe, the uk, the usa, and oz still have too few voices crying foul.  i blame the msm and the aclu for not looking beyond their noses.  why do i blame them and not the “people”?  because the “people”, for the most part, still get most of their information from the msm, and unfortunately, still trust the source.

(and one day i will learn how to make the links pretty)

3 Responses to “The Dhimmification Continues”

  1. Hucbald Says:

    The fourth contestant was a guitar playing cowboy from Texas (racist!). The show was going fine until five minutes in when Mohammed told Hucbald he couldn’t wear his cowboy hat and be a Muslim. Fortunately, the cameraman was quick on his feet and caught the entire quick-draw sequence as Hucbald sent Mohammed’s brains flying through a pink mist with his Colt single action .45.

    “Better television Britons have never seen!” the producer exclaimed.

  2. Ash Says:

    Love it Hucbald.

    Mohammed should have known better than to challenge a Texan as to what the Texan is allowed to do. You just don’t mess with Texas.

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