Happy New Year!

Celebrate here y’all!

11 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. tizona Says:

    Were I to possess the knowledge of words and their usage, as many virtual friends across this great globe have (to many to list, but you know who/whom you are) I would write something, worthy of your abilities…BUT I do NOT.

    To me although I have one, vocabulary is a place that stores taxis. Grammar, as I’ve posted in many places, mine passed many years ago. Syntax, is what I pay every time I buy booze or ciggies. Diction, well I won’t get into that one (damn, that didn’t sound nor did it look to damn spiffy, either).

    At any rate, to all that have turned the clock and calendar into 2008, a very healthy, safe and prosperous New Year.

    To those who have not yet turned the clock and calendar, my wish is that you DO have a very healthy, safe and prosperous New Year.

    Cheers to all, from the sword of El Cid.

  2. tizona Says:

    And a very, very Happy New Year to you, Ash.

  3. Ash Says:

    Happy New Year to you too, Tizona.

  4. SandiM Says:

    A very happy, successful and prosperous New Year to you, Tizona.

  5. tizona Says:

    Thank you SandiM.

    Just kinda sitting here with a glass of Southern Comfort. Smlal one, only two fingers.

    To damn many drunks out there. If that isn’t bad enough, there’s more cops, then drunks..

  6. tizona Says:

    OH..SandiM…And the very same to you. Ummm, have the headphones on, listening to a tad of Rock…It wasn’t the Comfort…lol.

  7. spot_the_dog Says:

    Drink-blogging can get ya into trouble, Tizona… Never never NEVER drink and blog! Well, at least don’t make a habit of it…

    Not as bad as drink-dialing, but. Last night one of my drink-dialing mates phoned me and talked for over an hour…

  8. tizona Says:


    I’m only having some Southern Comfort…and ain’t touching the damn phone

  9. spot_the_dog Says:

    I like the idea of cell-phones with inbuilt breathalysers that don’t let you ring your boss or your ex if you’re over .08.

  10. Ash Says:

    Spot, NOW you tell me of such things? NOW?

    What kind of friend are you?! LOL.

  11. spot_the_dog Says:

    Well if one don’t already exist, we sure need to invent one, that’s for sure!

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