2008: Year of the Moonbat?

South Australian Premier Mike Rann has called for David Hicks to apologize for his Taliban training and terrorist sympathies. In response, here are some words of wisdom from a commenter at abc.net

Hicks never trained with al-Qaeda, there was no al-Qaeda until 9/11.The term al-Qaeda was thought up by the CIA, who has subsequently admitted doing so. The falsehood was started in January 2001 by Jamal al Fadl, a Sudanese who had been with Bin Laden in the early 1990s. Jamal al Fadl stole money from Bin Laden, and then sought protection in the USA. The FBI and CIA paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars to create the al-Qaeda fiction. In fact, al Fadl invented the name al-Qaeda.Osama Bin Laden never used the term al-Qaeda until after 9/11, when he realized that al-Qaeda was the term the Americans had invented for him.

This is all about oil, a consortium represented by George W Bush’s father met with the Taliban to discuss the construction of a pipeline through Afghanistan to convey oil from Azerbaijan to a port in Pakistan, where it was to be tankered directly to the US. This consortium’s proposal was rejected by the Taliban, who gave the rights to the pipeline to Brazil. Thus the Taliban became the world’s enemy #1 according to the US.

If the Taliban had agreed to Bush snr’s proposal Hicks would have been a friend of the US, not an enemy. The invasion of Afghanistan and later Iraq would never have happened, and life as we know it would not have changed in any way.

11 Responses to “2008: Year of the Moonbat?”

  1. tizona Says:


    Yea, right…Anyone who believes that bullshit. I have a bridge for sale. Lovely bridge it is.

    Manufactured by PACO Industries Inc. Bridge Division. The bridge, can be assembled in seconds.

    Where the motto is..Only the best, for us.

  2. Dminor Says:

    This bloke is obviously paranoid loony tunes, but even sadder is all the other people, ostensibly passing themselves off as ordinary citizens, who simply see no wrong in what Hicks has done. That bunking down with known terrorists is passed off as “stupid” but neither immoral nor illegal is one of the more disturbing facets of the modern Left mind-set I have seen.

  3. Rebecca H Says:

    Good luck, Australia, with getting an apology out of David Hicks as long as there are plenty of reality-challenged people supporting him.

    I sometimes despair, not that there are people who hold these crazy views, but that there seem to be so many of them.

  4. tizona Says:

    Agree Dminor…And Rebecca

    Read most if not all the posts at abc.net. They’re f****ing nuts. Tons of them out there are, f***ing nuts.

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    What a lot of absolutely pathetic excuses for human beings we have here in Australia.

    You know, Hicksy, I’ve got some mates down at Campbell Barracks in Swanbourne who’d like a quiet word with you… Oh, and bring your fan club too.

  6. yojimbo Says:

    Hey! He’s totally consistent. Points for that…..:)

    That’s what you get when you start with the conclusion you want and then make the necessary adjustments.

  7. Ash Says:

    How do the ABC find these people?

    What do you think would happen if I infiltrated the Friends of the ABC? Would it be a lynching, a flogging, or having to clean Rudd’s ears? Or listen to Joooooowliar talk for hours with no end in sight?

  8. spot_the_dog Says:

    And what do you want to bet that all of them, to a person, when asked about some of our boys killed by Davey’s Taliban mates,would say, “I support our troops , but…

  9. tizona Says:


    That’s what you get when you start with the conclusion you want and then make the necessary adjustments.

    I like that dude…don’t be surprised if you see that, somewhere…like here, again…lol.

    OH! yojimbo, you may receive an email soon…it will be from a slightly deranged Knight.

  10. saltydog Says:

    “That’s what you get when you start with the conclusion you want and then make the necessary adjustments.” yojimbo

    Yes, it’s call rationalism. Rationalism has nothing to do with reality. It begins with its own reality and goes from there.

    I love it that it is supposedly the U.S. who named Al Qaeda. The only answer to that is that a rose by any other name … is still a murdering bunch of thugs.

    What is especially troubling is that these people don’t even take the word of those they raise up on the little pedestals erected in their imaginary world. Bin Laden said he was responsible for 9-11, but that isn’t good enough for those who don’t want to believe it. Don’t want to believe it. And that says it all. “My wants, wishes and whims come before reality,” is the call sign for these people. They’ll still be saying it when the knife begins sawing off their pointy little heads.

  11. tizona Says:

    YOO HOO…Salty..are you still thinking it over? Rebecca is now part of…you should be also, my dear.

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