Snowing here…

The snow is coming down at a pretty good clip and since I live within 100 yards or so, of outside the boundaries of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, my elevation will get me the larger of amounts, if this keeps up.

Plus it is going very much below freezing this evening and through the morning hours, with more snow coming as the weather prognosticators have said.

All these damn pretty, now barren trees, with snow or ice, do come down on things…refer to one of the first posts on this subject, you will see one on my roof, with a tree suspended only by the wires that held the damn thing up, from crashing through my roof…BUT it did blow my power. DUH!

Long story shorter…If by some chance I lose power and/or cable. My hopes are that those with access to the Blog, for posting threads (if that is what you would like to call them…lol) please keep the Blog going.

12 Responses to “Snowing here…”

  1. Ash Says:

    I’ll do my part to keep the stories flowing, Tizona. Never fear that. Just stay safe up on The Mountain, ok?

    Um… *Ash bats eyelids* any chance of a photo of the snow?

  2. tizona Says:

    Photos…shit I’ll just have thesnow, UPS’d…lol

  3. mentalflossx Says:

    El Campeador, my friend, you might remember my mentioning my Dad’s “career” in the Army Corp of Engineers (Pacific:1941-45). My Dad hit every beach from Tinian to Okinawa and left me with hundreds of photos and there really is so little info on the web about the ACE, I’d kinda like to put something to gether to see if we can get some of the SOB’s whose fathers went throught it with him.

    You know, the Army Signal Corp used to take all the rolls of film of the troops and develop ’em for them with the understanding that they could use them in Stars ‘ Stripes, etc.

    My Dad was on Guam with my sister (she was a missionary there) on June 21, 1986.

    He was reading the Guamanian newspaper “Pacific Daily News” special “Liberation Day” edition when he said, “Hey, I took that picture!” (the shot was of Japanese defenders of the island surrendering to American troops — it shows one getting a cigarette from a Marine while another is holding a white flag.)

    He kept the edition of the newspaper and,brought it home to California and showed it to me. Sure enough, when we rummaged through his photos (which he’d already given me as the historian in the family) there it was, the “original” photo that ended up in a Guamanian newspaper 41 years later.

    I’ve done a lot of looking ’round the net, and there’s precious little about the ACE — I’ve got a lot of great (and many gruesome) photos, a lot with my dad and his pals.

    I’m still way to fragile — back-wise — to build another site, so I was wonder if you might accept a peice from me with some never before seen shots of the Pacific war, and a “muster” call to any who are interested in the men who hit the beaches first.

    I’ll watch Tizona and look for a yea/nay.

    Thanks, Mate and you take good care, now.

  4. mentalflossx Says:

    Oh yeah. I should probably mention you’ve got a fair few html errors — nothing serious, but I could have a look see at those if you like

  5. kaez Says:

    Hiya Mental!
    Happy New Year.
    Ahhh, snow. I like the stuff, El Cid.
    But I don’t know if I could cope with what you get there!
    Take care!

  6. Ash Says:

    MentalFloss, we’d love a piece on that from you. It would be great to read. If Tizona isn’t around in the next few days, you can email to me at and I’ll put it up.

    As for the HTML, I’m looking at all of that tonight, but let me know if you catch any mistakes I don’t.

  7. mentalflossx Says:

    Hey Kae. Happy 2008 to you, too.
    Snow…wow — I lived in Winnipeg for 4 years — about the same latitude as Kamchatka — nowadays I enjoy snow when there’s a set of skis strapped to my feet, heh.
    I’d love be in the Great Smokies like Cid. Was just a lad when last visited there.

    Ash, I’ll see what I can put together and offer it up for edit., I’m rather hoping it will lead to a stand-alone site — we’ll see, eh?

    Take care, Ladies, the both of you.

  8. Ash Says:

    That will be great Mental. It seems like an incredibly interesting read. I know when you’re healthy and fit enough, if you build a site for it, I’d certainly read through it. Take care of yourself too.

  9. spot_the_dog Says:

    I second or third or eighth that. I would like to read a post or two by mentalfloss. I assume you are the same mentalfloss as the one on Blair’s (it can’t be that common of a screen name)? If so, I like the way you write. Any connection to the mentalfloss blog?

    Anyway the post you propose would be interesting. I hope to see it soon!

    Our electricity has been spotty this afternoon (great, it’s only been 40+ (104+) and still 36 (97) at almost 9pm.) Tomorrow’s due to be even hotter and they’ve already promised us more “rolling blackouts” throughout the day. Snowstorms? No, just lousy infrastructure provided by an incompetent Labor government in the highest-taxed state in Australia… So if I disappear, that’s what’s happened to me.

  10. tizona Says:

    I’m still way to fragile — back-wise — to build another site, so I was wonder if you might accept a peice from me with some never before seen shots of the Pacific war, and a “muster” call to any who are interested in the men who hit the beaches first.

    I’ll watch Tizona and look for a yea/nay.

    Thanks, Mate and you take good care, now.


  11. tizona Says:

    Mental……Excuse my manners…YEA!…:).

  12. saltydog Says:

    Wow, Floss, my dad was there as well. Not on the beaches, but on a tin can. He started the war in a black gang and ended up a Master Chief in charge of the engine room. He ended his life on another tin can he was visiting TDY, to assay problems in the engine room that killed him when a boiler blew. He was a Command Master Chief for most of his Navy career, though in the last years he did special duty as a Naval Engineer–which was what he was doing when he died.

    I would love to see the pictures and hear the stories.

    I, too, have been laid out by back problems, though not as serious as yours (thank goodness). I understand the problems you face, though. There are times when the going gets too rough to think, much less surf the web and write comments. My own fragility sets me back so much that I feel like that frog in the well who jumps three feet at night, and slides back two feet every day. It’s a deep well.

    As I’ve written to you before (I don’t know if you’ve seen it though), “Life just teems with quiet fun.” (Sadie Thompson)

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