Heartless Thieves Steal Quadriplegic’s Van

This is why, I’m a strong advocate, of three justifiable homicides, per year. Would I be on someone’s list…SHIT YES!…I’m on so many shit lists..it really is funny…LOL. BUT F*&^ ‘EM, they’d just have to be better than me, to notch me up.

I do have one question on this video though. If the man is a quadriplegic, how is he able to move his left hand/arm?

Calling Doctor Dminor…Calling Doctor Dminor….


6 Responses to “Heartless Thieves Steal Quadriplegic’s Van”

  1. kaez Says:

    My cousin is an incomplete quadriplegic. He broke his neck in a car accident at 17 y o in 1991.
    He can move his arms and his hands, but has no sensation from the tops of his hands down – say from his shoulders down.
    He can wheel his chair.
    The “Quadriplegic”, “Paraplegic” labels come from where in the spine the break is.
    There’s so much more that goes on with people with spinal injuries quite apart from just not being able to walk and so on.
    My cousin cannot regulate his body temperature. He cannot be somewhere it is very hot because he will not feel the cold. One day at a family function when it was over 40 degrees C (over 100F), he was being misted by a water bottle, but he had to leave as it was way too hot. Having no sensation in your body means that if you are injured you don’t know. If you get bedsores you are not allowed to sit in your wheelchair. You have to be turned at night. Because you cannot move normally your body doesn’t work properly – the human body is designed to move and this helps with circulation and so on. And we’re not meant to sit or lie down for long periods of time, like forever. My cousin is still experiencing the symptoms of nerve death in the body. This makes you jerk and twitch. He had a pump installed to stop this jerking and twitching, however there have been problems with this.
    Life expectancy of spine injured people is shorter than those without, it is a life shortening injury.

    Oh, my cousin has a business selling software.

  2. kaez Says:

    He cannot be somewhere it is very hot because he will not feel [i]the heat and can overheat, it’s the same with[/i] the cold.

    no preview! I hope my correcting in italics works…

  3. tizona Says:

    Thank you, kaez.

    Bless your cousin and may his business prosper beyond ones wildest dreams.

    This cousin, DAMN SURE, is a fighter.

  4. kaez Says:

    I’m sure someone else could tell you much more than the little I know.
    However, people don’t realise the implications of not having sensation; it’s not just being unable to walk.

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