Man…this wind and rain here, making this s-l-o-w…BUT still on…Need to ask….

….Those from Australia. Well, really ALL of the Bloggers…

 Received this from kaez

I’m not impressed with the service from our Web Hosting site.
I’ve been receiving this shit almost every day from them since I signed up.
I know it’s them because that’s the only place I have used this email address.


From: []
Sent: Fri 1/11/2008 10:25 AM
Subject: Feed Blaster puts your ad right to the screens of millions in 15 Minutes !

More and more people are subscribing to feeds every
day and there are millions who are already subscribed.
Thus, your ad will reach a very broad range of potential customers with each use of Feed Blaster!
Feed Blaster is the first & only submitter that can submit your
ads to thousands of feeds within a few minutes!
Post your ads where people read them!

– What if you could place your ad into all these feeds ?
Right, that would mean you would have millions of sites
linking to your ad – and millions of users reading your message within
minutes – and my idea actually works

For Full details please read the attached .html file

2 attachments — Download all attachments  
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Unsubscribe email.txt
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I replied to kaez….

Hmmm. I see what you mean…BUT this I don’t believe is from WordPress. They don’t sell any of our email addy’s.
One reason is, none of the others and to include me have received any such irritating nonsense. Trust me, I would have had emails 7 more emails, like yours and I have not.
Hell in fact I would have screamed to high heaven at WordPress, had I received any of this crap. I do notice one thing though, it (this email) comes from OZ
As you know 3 other authors are from OZ, (you being the 4th) they have indicated nothing, to me concerning this kind of garbage.
All I can say is, I apologize for what seems like, someone other then WordPress, has stolen your email addy.

Has anyone else received such shit?

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I may be scarce for a day or two

Our HP Pavilion is on its last legs, I fear. I can no longer open up Adobe Photo Deluxe (which is killing me), and our internet connection has been hinky for some time, not to mention various and sundry error messages that pop up every half hour about this or that. We are drowning in spyware, despite our best efforts at firewalls, spybot killers, cookie washers, etc. (thank you, Internet Explorer). In response, Mr. H (who recently bought himself an iBook for his work as a consultant to various Beltway Bandits), has gone and bought us a brand new iMac, which he will set up tomorrow.

Now, our first home computer was a little Apple IIe, way back in the 80’s, which we gave to our son as soon as we could get our hands on a PC (I forget what it was, possibly an IBM?). But I haven’t touched a Mac since then, so the learning curve may be a bit tricky. Or not. All computers, whatever their system, operate on the same principle, and it’s just a matter of finding your way around.

Additionally, I insist that our cable hookup will not recognize the new computer until we contact Time Warner, but Mr. H insists that it will. We’ll see who’s right (and I hope it’s him… Time Warner is a biyotch to get hold of).

So, if you don’t see my typeface for a little while, I didn’t kick the bucket, and I haven’t abandoned all my cyberfriends. Keep up the good work, kick some lefty tookus, and I will catch up later.

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“Stuck on Stupid” General Retires

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, of the famous “You are stuck on stupid!” slapdown to the media in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is retiring after a distinguished 37-year career in the US Army. Publicly, he is probably best known for leading the large relief convoy (with a 22,000-member force) into his home state of Louisiana after Hurrican Katrina.

The New Orleans City Business remembers, “With a green beret cocked to one side, a crisp, take-charge attitude and biting one-liners — “Don’t get stuck on stupid!” he snapped at reporters — he impressed politicians and ordinary folks alike.”

New Orleans blogger Laura at Pursuing Holiness (a really neat place, IMHO, worth bookmarking) has a tribute:

General Honore, who famously called out a reporter for being “stuck on stupid” is retiring. He was a real hero to many of us in the New Orleans metro area after Katrina. We weren’t just grateful for the convoys of supplies he brought in, but for his no-nonsense attitude when it sometimes seemed like everything was falling apart. After weeks of wielding chainsaws, doing grueling cleanup work, and seeing the media daily play up every bad thing while ignoring the good, watching the General smack down this reporter was a refreshing break.

A clip of his press conference is worth another look – for how many of us, Yanks and Aussies alike, wish there were more like him?

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Drugs are bad, m’kay?

Australian teen blames dope for theft of 2 crocodiles and monkey


DARWIN, Australia – An Australian teenager blamed the influence of marijuana for his decision to steal two crocodiles and a monkey, news media reported Wednesday. Benjamin Glen Watts, 19, pleaded guilty in court Tuesday to twice breaking into a wildlife park on the outskirts of the tropical city Darwin last July, Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio reported on its website. Watts said he planned to sell the stolen baby crocodiles and the marmoset but had been unable to find buyers, ABC reported.

Crocodylus Park spokesman Grahame Webb said Wednesday the animals were returned unharmed.

Watts’ lawyer told the court his client admitted it was a “dumb stoner” thing to do and had written to Crocodylus Park to apologize.

Magistrate Greg Cavanagh sentenced Watts to a three-month suspended sentence. Watts has been counselled for his marijuana use since the thefts.

–via Breitbart

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Chair: Fed willing to cut interest rates

WASHINGTON – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke pledged Thursday to slash interest rates as needed to prevent housing and credit problems from plunging the country into a recession.

 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke addresses a housing and economic forum, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008 in Washington. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

AP Photo: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke addresses a housing and economic forum, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008…
The Fed chief made clear the central bank was prepared to act aggressively to rescue a weakening economy. “We stand ready to take substantive additional action as needed to support growth and to provide adequate insurance against downside risks,” he said.


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Beheading in the Name of Islam Online

How to Behead

Hold him
Tie the arms behind his back
And bandage his legs together
Just by the ankles
Blindfold the punk
So that he won’t hesitate as much
For on seeing the sharp pointy knife
He’ll begin to shake
And continuously scream like an eedyat
And jiggle like a jelly
Trust me–this will sure get you angry
It’s better to have at least two or three brothers by your side
Who can hold the fool
Because as soon as the warm sharp knife
Touches his naked flesh
He’ll come to know what’ll happen
It’s not as messy or as hard as some may think,
It’s all about the flow of the wrist.
No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream
But ignore the donkey’s ass
And continue to slice back and forth
You’ll feel the knife hit the wind and food pipe
But don’t stop
Continue with all your might.
About now you should feel the knife vibrate,
You can feel the warm heat being given off,
But this is due to the friction being caused.

Read the rest of the story of this vermin culture at/on FrontPage Magazine

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Bob Seger

Silver Bullet Band AND….Well beside Alf….

What could turn out to be…The Kiss of Death…NO nothing to do with my Heritage…:).

You may already know this…BUT it bears more SUN…

John Kerry Endorses Barack Obama

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Just not to long ago, got off the cell phone with daughter Kim….

…..there is nothing of ‘significance’ is this post. Well maybe a thing or two, at least to me. I called to tell her that my grandson’s birthday gift is on its way. Christian, is a member of his schools golf team. He wanted a putter, not the my daughter couldn’t afford one, Christian wanted one that I have used.

Sooooo instead of one, I sent him three of my collection of at least 12. You see in golf, it is NOT the person that is attached to the putter’s fault, when he or she misses 1 foot putt, it is ALWAYS the putters fault…:).

Anyway, they are one their way…damn good ones to..a Ping® , a Never Compromise®  (now owned by Cleveland Golf® , I believe)…and then a special made one, just for me.

At any rate, being the grandfather of two…the lovely, brainy and athletic, Jessica and Christian…Grandfathers have a way of…well, dragging out the photo album, so to speak. This case is no different, for Jessica is graduating from A university in Texas, in 3 years time, instead of 4, then she is off for more at the college/uni of her chosen field, Physiotherapy. She will become a Doctor of Physiotherapy, mainly because of her brother, Christian. Grandfather wishes it were a specialty dealing with what is below, but then, who knows it may well become, BUT Tiz not my life to live, it is Jessica’s.

Christian was born with Velocardiofacial Syndrome.

He has had God knows how many surgeries, enough that HE could damn near be a Doctor. His last surgery was on and around his heart, for a stray artery was wrapping itself around a NOT stray artery and the Cardiologists had to “snip’ and “tie” the damn thing off, for which I was present.

A rather “touchy” operation. Thank the big boy upstairs, (whether one believes in A big boy upstairs or not). Texas is the home of some of THE best, if not THE best World Class heart medical institutions (YES and Cleveland, OH. also) in the world.

Christian, to this day faces ridicule everyday, because of his speech impediment from many of his classmates. You know the type…those with parents, that should have been eliminated as parents, through eugenics. He just accepts the taunts, even though he is a Blue Belt (and going on to Black Belt) in the martial arts, (remember, also a member of the school golf team, as well) which his grandfather wishes he would use to break into pieces, those that taunt, as his grandfather would, in his shoes. But then, the martial arts, do teach rigid discipline.

Excuse my rather lengthy missive. The story behind Chris is really this one, the above is preface really.

Before his last surgery, Chris befriended a little fellow, whose entire arterial system was reverse of normal. His name was Brian. Brian was to go ‘under the knife’ the same time Chris was, which meant that neither of these two brave little soldiers were going to know the outcomes of each other, until all was complete for each.

Chris of course didn’t know that Brian’s cardiologists had finished with Brian, by plugging several tears in Brian’s heart and told his parents, (from what was said) that the other operation could wait until Brian’s heart recovered from THIS surgery, then the surgery for the reversal of, could and would be accomplished. I dearly hope that has happened, was successful and now Brian is on with his life.

At any rate, to continue…My version of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, in length not substance.

Chris had his operation and when recovered, THE first thing out of his mouth WAS…”did Brian make it through”. No concern for himself, ’cause I imagine he thought…’well, I’m still here, I can see, hear and talk even though my talk, is not normal, sooooo, I guess I’m alive’.

THE IMMEDIATE ABOVE my dear fellows and ladies in our Blog, readers of our Blog and commenters on our Blog IS, the REAL STORY OF Christian.

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We play checkers, they play chess

Ralph Peters says it best, concerning the latest Iranian speedboat stunt. The Iranians knew perfectly well what they were doing, and we (not only the USN, but Washington as well) reacted the way they hoped we would.

Whoever the next president is, he/she better be prepared to wage a very ugly, bloody war with Iran, because sooner or later, that’s what it’s going to come down to. And it could have been prevented with tougher action.

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This Ought to Make Your Day

I’ve always been a big fan of plain clothes cops. Several years ago I had one as a student for a long time, and he was a lieutenant who had some of the most blood curdling stories to tell. They really were fascinating, horrifying and hilarious all at the same time. He did a stint in IAD, so he also shared some really phreaky-deaky stories of cops gone bad – I’m shaking my head and laughing just remembering them – so I got a real good insider’s view of a gigantic metropolitan police force. It was an eye opener. Anyway, he kinda reminded me of this guy in more ways than one.


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Guess the Title

Watching a DVD of an old ABC production that I was given as a Christmas present.

Guess which one this chestnut came from:

“No, I’ve got my period, so don’t say thank you!”


“I got to hold Greg Combet’s hand. For five hours. He is hot!”


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Be Prepared

Be Prepared

An Armed Society is a Polite Society

An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
–Robert A. Heinlein

Six years ago, Michigan made it much easier to get a license to carry a concealed weapon. Since then, the number of Michigan residents carrying legal concealed weapons has increased more than six-fold. The usual anti-gun rhetoric would tell us that there must be a lot of increased violence in Michigan. In fact, surely every morning the police are busy picking up the bodies that are scattered about … victims of gun-wielding citizens.

Sorry … the typical anti-gun rhetoric would be wrong.

According to law enforcement officials, the incidence of violent crime in Michigan since the law went into effect has been below the rate of the previous six years. In other words, there was less crime once citizens were able to arm themselves. The overall incidence of death from firearms has also gone down. The police chief says that the general consensus is that things were not as bad as they expected.

Well that’s not surprising. After all, studies of concealed weapons laws show that crime rates reduce when citizens are allowed easier access to concealed weapons. Let me correct that though. It’s only “not surprising” to people who have a clue. Predictably, Leftards and Nanny-Staters are flabbergasted by this development.

In a letter to the Detroit Free Press in July 2001, one Kenneth Levin referred to the “inevitable first victim of road or workplace rage as a result of this law.” Last month, Levin said he suspected “it probably hasn’t turned out as bad as I thought. I don’t think I was wrong, but my worst fears weren’t realized.” [emphasis mine]

In other words: “Just because the catastrophic scenario I claimed was going to come about never actually came about, that doesn’t mean I was wrong!” Where have I heard that before?

P.S. A note to responsible gun-owners. If and when it finally sinks in for these lefties that they were just plain flat-out slap-me-stupid wrong, they are liable to become despondent. Please keep your weapons where they cannot get at them, for their own safety.

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From “Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy” to “Buddy System”

I’ve decided that Hillary Clinton must be clinically insane. She’s a paranoid-schizophrenic. People are always conspiring against her sense of entitlement… but only in her mind.

Her latest psychodrama was displayed in an interview with perky leftard loser Catie Couric.

CLINTON: I know that New Hampshire is fiercely independent stupid. I came in there with a very, you know, big problem ass and ego, as we know. And I just determined that I was gonna dig down deep (into my dark and empty soul) and reach out and listen and talk gag and throttle my enemies and do what I have always done (gag and throttle my enemies), which is what makes me get up in the morning (I live to hurt people). That is to figure out how I could tell people what I want to do to serve rule over them (with an iron fist).”

The Beef of God is pleased to offer his translation services. It really does help, doesn’t it?

CLINTON: That moment, which obviously I’ve heard gotten a lot (of well deserved shit) about since, gave people maybe some insight into the fact that I don’t see politics as a game (I see it as a gladiatorial death match, and I can even cry on cue to gain an advantage). You know, I don’t see it as some kind of a traveling entertainment show (it’s much more Machiavellian than that for me) where, you know, you get up and you perform and you go on to the next venue (You really have to bring out the daggers, swords, and knives for this). You know, for me it is a way of figuring out what we I stand for, what our my values are, and getting in a position to actually help people force people to do what I want.”

CLINTON: Well, you know, one of my young friends said well, that was like Hillary unplugged unglued and unhinged. I thought, “OK, I can’t sing, I can’t play an instrument. [As I always say, politics is show business for people with ambition, but no talent – Beef] But, you know, I will try to let people know enough about me [BwAAhahahahahaaaa – Beef] to know that, you know, I don’t need to go back and live in the White House (I’m going to own the motherfucker). That’s not why I’m doing this, (I’m doing it to be in a better position to exact revenge on my enemies).”

CLINTON: This is the toughest job most powerful position in the world (which is the only reason I want it). I was laughing (and plotting my revenge) because you know in that debate, obviously Sen. Edwards and Sen. Obama were kind of in the buddy system on the stage (and obviously engaged is a vast, two-man leftard conspiracy against me).”

She’s fucking nuts.

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Those who talk democracy should listen to Iraq’s people

Who would have believed it? When George Bush arrives in Jerusalem today to salvage something from the wreckage of his attempt to impose a new pax Americana on the Middle East, there will at least be one ray of sunshine in an otherwise grim presidential vista. Iran may be resurgent, Hizbullah unbroken, the prospect of an Israel-Palestine peace settlement more remote than ever. But, as far as the US administration is concerned, things are at last coming good in Iraq. Its people are “reclaiming a normal society”, Bush has declared, a theme echoed enthusiastically across the US and wider western media. American casualties are down, economic growth is up, refugees are returning home, and people can once again walk the streets of Baghdad in safety, the story goes.


 The surge has bought time for the US but achieved nothing to prepare the way for an end to the occupation. On the contrary, Bush recently signed an agreement with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for a long-term presence in the country. On Monday, a spokesman for what is regarded as the largest Sunni-based resistance group in Iraq, the Islamic Army, rejected any cooperation with the awakening councils and pledged to “resist the US forces as long as they are in Iraq”. Meanwhile, focus-group surveys carried out for Petraeus in five Iraqi cities last month found that all sectarian and ethnic groups believe the US invasion is the primary cause of violence in the country and regard the withdrawal of all occupying forces as the key to national reconciliation. Those who preach democracy for Iraq should listen to its people.

Yes Oh great Guardian of truth, just as Saddam claimed he was doing, correct?

The drumbeat of defeatism, begins anew.


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