Outrage Of The Week. This Cannot Be Seen Enough..Outrage Of The Week, Is Far To Mild. It Is A Complete Outrage!

Canadian Publisher Ezra Levant Persecuted for Mindcrime

Little Green Footballs



Both links, may run slow…Tiz called a deluge

Update: YouTube links

#1 Opening Statement

#2 What was your intent?

#3 The real violence in Edmonton

#4 I don’t answer to the State.

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Iraq Changes Gears

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Ali Jawhar streaked across the pavement on his yellow motorcycle and popped a wheelie. Hundreds of onlookers whistled wildly and shouted in glee at the yellow blur before them. He was followed by other motorcycle enthusiasts who performed similar stunts before the testosterone-filled crowd in Iraq.baghdadmc2.jpg

Jawhar and other bikers are taking part in newfound freedom in a central Baghdad parking lot, thanks to an improved security situation in the Iraqi capital.

And so spectators flock to this makeshift race track every Friday, lining up hours before the 3 p.m. start time for an afternoon of entertainment and relief from the war. They crowd around the only entrance into the parking lot. Most of the participants are motorcyclists, but some bring their cars to burn rubber.

It costs nothing to attend. The racers don’t win anything either — other than the hearts and minds of those watching.

Sarmad Sadiq, 22, said he couldn’t bear sitting at home any longer. When he heard about the Friday motorcycle festivities, he was excited. “I was bored of staying home,” he said. “I needed some change.”

Raad Kamal, another spectator, echoed that sentiment. “I expect anything, car bombs or suicide bombers. But if I decided to stay in the house all the time, then it means I am a dead man, and I do not want to be a dead man. I decided to go outside and live my life.”

Ali Imad, a 24-year-old motorcycle mechanic who takes part in the races, said he has an “odd love” for motorcycles and simply enjoys the recreation, especially popping wheelies for the crowd.

“Life is difficult and hard and suffering. We had sectarianism. Thanks be to God, we overcame that,” he said. In the parking lot amid the whirl of engines, he said, “People are happy and comfortable.”

–via Tim Blair


Update: In comments at Tim Blair’s, Dave S remarks

………………….In the parking lot amid the whirl of engines, he said, “People are happy and comfortable.”

…………. Is there any part of that sentence that doesn’t make a lefty cringe?

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For those in the market

and in honor of the cosmological rampage we’ve all gone on, thanks to Angus Dei’s gorgeous pictures, I give you this site, which offers space art in the form of original paintings, posters of images taken by the Hubble telescope, photographs, and memorabilia from astronauts.

If you go into the original paintings and scroll down, I believe the Don Davis listed there is the very same Don Davis who played General Hammond on Stargate-SG1 for a number of years, as he is also quite a well known artist.

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Some things Hillary and Barack forgot to mention.

Like, for instance, just how much their programs would cost us.

Talk about pie in the sky.

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French Canadians Enjoy Sex More Than English Canadians

Breitbart TV

HEY! Lets Get It On…Ever Hear That One? Well, you have now.

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Snow falls on Baghdad for first time in memory

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Snow fell on Baghdad on Friday for the first time in memory, and delighted residents declared it an omen of peace.

“It is the first time we’ve seen snow in Baghdad,” said 60-year-old Hassan Zahar. “We’ve seen sleet before, but never snow. I looked at the faces of all the people, they were astonished,” he said.

“A few minutes ago, I was covered with snowflakes. In my hair, on my shoulders. I invite all the people to enjoy peace, because the snow means peace,” he said.

Traffic policeman Murtadha Fadhil, huddling under a balcony to keep dry, declared the snow “a new sign of the new Iraq.”

“It’s a sign of hope. We hope Iraqis will purify their hearts and politicians will work for the prosperity of all Iraqis.”


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Study: Chicago Prostitutes Say They’re Forced to Service Police Officers for Free

Prostitutes taking part in the study — who were paid $150 a week — reported that about 3 percent of the sex acts they performed were “freebies” given to Chicago police officers to avoid arrest.

Police spokeswoman Monique Bond did not respond to requests for comment on the study’s finding.


Fox News

Ahh, yes…….

Water Leak Leads to Massive Marijuana Bust in Connecticut

Mario J. Pena, 29, of New Haven, was arrested and charged with possessing marijuana with intent to sell, illegal cultivation of marijuana and operating a drug factory, state police said. He was being held on $1 million bond and appeared in court Friday. He did not enter a plea, court officials said. The public defender’s office, which is representing Pena, declined comment.

Awwww, Man. Dude, like do you have anything to eat, Like Man, I got the munchies.

Fox News

WOW, MAN! Like you coulda’ been one of the…..Doobie Brothers…and You blew it Dude.

Khamenei: U.S. won’t bring Iran to its knees

WE could and easily, just as could Israel. But you see both men that are the leaders of these two nations, have shriveled up testicles.

If you view this article, notice how smily ElBaradei is. Wait, his first name is Mohamed.

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday the United States would not be able to bring Iran to its knees in a row over sensitive nuclear work the West suspects is aimed at making bombs. Khamenei also told the visiting head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog that Iran’s nuclear file should be handled by the International Atomic Energy Agency not the U.N. Security Council, which has imposed two rounds of sanctions on Tehran.

“There is no justification for Iran’s case to remain at the U.N. Security Council,” official media quoted Iran’s most powerful figure as telling IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei.


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more space stuff (angus, what have you started?)

found this little ditty over at Theo Sparks’ place


more brilliance from monty python

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Asteroid likely to miss Mars…Related to the stunning posts of Angus Dei…

PASADENA, Calif., Jan. 12 (UPI) — U.S. astronomers in Pasadena, Calif., said it is unlikely that an asteroid will collide with Mars at the end of this month.

UPI News/Science

Again via Instapundit

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More Really Huge Shit


This is a dust-cloud pillar in the Eagle Nebula, M16. It is 9.5 light-years tall. That’s 57,000,000,000,000 miles, or, twice the distance from the sun to the next nearest star, Proxima Centauri.

IOW, really, really fucking big.

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As stated by Instapundit…WITH ALL RESPECT TO BROOKS BROTHERS, what the Hell is this?

Brooks Brothers



UPDATE: Is this some sort of horrible trend? Given my well-shaped manly calves, I suppose I should welcome the opportunity for display, but . . . .


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Gitmo Turns Six…A look at the world’s most talked-about prison.

Really now? No mention of the North Korean camps of death, called…Well, North Korea? BUT, Alas all lefty rags print, are FOR lefties…to drool over.

Sometimes, seeing is believing. The rumors of torture and soulless humiliation taking place at Guantanamo Bay ceased to garner much interest—until the pictures hit. Suddenly, the world took notice, and hissed. Since then, conditions at Gitmo have changed, advocates say, but the imprisoned remain. Today marks the sixth anniversary of the arrival of the first Gitmo inmate.

Click on the player below to view Slate‘s interactive audio slide show of photographer Paolo Pellegrin’s stirring images of Gitmo, in partnership with Magnum Photos.

Slut.com, I mean Slate

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Clinton upstages Republicans with stimulus plan

Why does that sound erotic?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton on Friday proposed $70 billion in emergency spending to stave off a possible U.S. election-year recession, upstaging Republican rivals who clashed over the economy but offered few specifics.

The New York senator, who hopes to become the Democratic nominee in the November election, proposed $30 billion to help low-income families hit by the mortgage crisis and $40 billion in other spending, mainly for the poor and unemployed.

The former first lady, trying to build momentum after her narrow New Hampshire primary victory over Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, also urged Congress to prepare an additional $40 billion in tax rebates for low- and middle-income families to be implemented if the initial stimulus fails.

Clinton released her economic proposals amid warnings that a recession is increasingly likely. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke hinted on Thursday at “substantive” interest rate cuts and President George W. Bush is considering his own economic stimulus package.

“I don’t think we can wait. … Too many people will be hurt, too many jobs will be lost, too many homes will be foreclosed on,” Clinton said, urging the Congress to work with the president to avert a slide toward recession.

Republicans criticized the plan.

“Democrats always look to the government to give away money as the first solution,” said Arizona Sen. John McCain, a leading presidential candidate.


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