Man may lose arm after waving from moving car

A WESTERN Australian man may lose his arm after it was hit by a ute as he waved at two girls from a car window.

THE 20-year-old man was a passenger in a vehicle that drove past two girls at a carwash in Bunbury, south of Perth, on Saturday night, police said.

“He put his arm out the window and waved at the girls as the Nissan made a righthand turn at the intersection, and was struck by a Toyota Hi-Lux twin-cab vehicle,” police said.

“His left arm was partially severed and doctors believe the limb may need to be amputated.”

In other West Australian news…

Mirrabooka man stabbed through heart with scissors whist running

Wanneroo teen plays with fire, gets burned

Joondalup man jumps off a cliff because his friend did

Koolyanobbing man who sat too close to TV now legally blind

Playful name-calling in Meekatherra ends in tears

Woman goes swimming off Rottnest less than 30 minutes after eating hot dog; drowns

Potatoes found growing behind Kalgoorlie man’s ears

Tourist from Humpty Doo washes hair, goes out with wet head, catches death

Western Australia: The “You Should Have Listened to your Mother” State


UPDATE: In more real-life cautionary tales,  “Nose Picking Caused Man’s Death” (via Creative Ireland)

UPDATE 2: And what would Mama say about poking your fingers in various bodily orifices and then sticking them in your mouth, hmmmmm?

11 Responses to “Man may lose arm after waving from moving car”

  1. tizona Says:

    And YOU, just put North Carolina AND Tennessee, into WA? Keyrist.

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    Well, we wanted to excise & tow North Carolina over here to WA in order to improve our gene pool and raise our average Common Sense level. Tennessee, because y’all are uncommonly talented moonshiners and we could use some good local whiskey here 😉

  3. Ash Says:

    Tell me this Spot, how could the smartest voters in the country have so many idiots in one spot too?

    ‘Tiz something I can’t comprehend.

  4. spot_the_dog Says:

    P.S. I did not make those up!!!! Well, I didn’t make the first one up, anyway…

  5. tizona Says:

    Joondalup man Lemming jumps off a cliff because his friend did

    There all better.

  6. minicapt Says:

    So much for Queensland’s rep then …


  7. saltydog5960 Says:

    Spot, you just won the prize for giving me the best belly laugh of the day! Please write to PACO Enterprises to learn what your prize will be. I’m sure it’s something great.

    I love that you added all the other stories relating the dangers we all meet everyday, but which our moms taught us to avoid. It is exactly what I thought as I read the story.

  8. spot_the_dog Says:

    Thank you, Saltydog, glad to be of service — and re. the Mom thing, must be that great minds think alike, even in different hemispheres! 😉

  9. SandiM Says:

    Now, spot is entirely too modest to own up, but I can attest that I, myself, personally, have met all of those people who, I have every reason to believe, are the subjects of spot’s headlines (none of whom are my own personal progeny as I’m sure no one here would suspect for one NY minute). Trooly, rooly, cross-my-heart honest!

  10. Rebecca H Says:

    You forgot one:

    Child crosses eyes: face sticks.

  11. Boys Left With Bleeding Tongues After Licking Flagpole « Tizona’s Weblog Says:

    […] Still and all, I’d bet they have learned their lesson, and they do have their youth as an excuse. Unlike the almost-armless West Aussie… […]

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