Only a Big Boob Would Vote for Ron Paul…


… OK, perhaps two.


UpdateGreetings to our Jawa visitors!  Pull up a chair and make yourselves comfortable 😉

20 Responses to “Only a Big Boob Would Vote for Ron Paul…”

  1. ZionistHore#2 Says:

    OMG…teh funny. That boob person maybe why his followers went up…

  2. SandiM Says:

    “Only a big boob, or two would vote for Ron Paul”.

    There. That’s got it.

  3. tizona Says:

    I hope that this idiot, screamed for hours after ripping off her nipples, while removing A bumper sticker.

    You see Ron Paul’ette, it is called a “bumper sticker” for a reason. If IT was meant to be for the purpose you so ‘thoughtfully’ (but then you are a Paulista) used it for, it would have been called a ‘mammary sticker’.

  4. Ash Says:

    Aw, come on Tizona. This is the only way Ron Paul can get any attention without being hysterically laughed at.

  5. RebeccaH Says:

    What is it about lunatics and nudity? And why aren’t they ever attractive?

  6. saltydog5960 Says:

    Ditto Rebecca. Of course, my mind went immediately to the boobs for Hillary, or whatever that bunch in S.F. calls themselves. Every single one of them is waaaay past the time they ought to be showing their chests to anyone besides husband and doctor. It is a simple matter of respect for one’s fellow beings not to deliberately scare or disgust them by showing off your gravity abused boobs.

    I have to agree with Tiz here and say that this broad will be screaming like a little girl getting her first bikini wax when they rip that mega-adhesive from her tender parts.

  7. spot_the_dog Says:

    #6, You mean “Boobs Not Bombs,” who recently protested with Code Pink at Hillary’s San Fran campaign launch? Jeez, could you find two classier groups of ladies? Caution: Do not click on link if you have a sensitive stomach.

  8. SandiM Says:

    Looks like that one in the purple get up would be about a 36 long.

  9. spot_the_dog Says:

    I’m worried about the one towards the bottom of the page with the beard. What’s up with that?

  10. ZionistHore#2 Says:

    Are you perchance checking zombies pictures out…teh. Nasty group in SF and I hate the idea of the naked guys parade in front of children…stupid perverts…take after our “dear” blinking eyes Pelosi…and their stupid mayor. In Australia, is there any parades like that?…hope the answer is no..

  11. saltydog5960 Says:

    That’s it. “Boobs Not Bombs.” Those pictures make a body want to go out to the garage and start building bombs. Course, I live on a boat and don’t have a garage. Nevertheless….

    Do you think Bush’s goons will come after me?

  12. tizona Says:

    A boat you say…Well do you still want to speak with us?

  13. Ash Says:

    #10 They haven’t worked up the courage to think they could get away with it yet.

  14. Josh Says:

    Great post. You may be interested in this too:

  15. yochanan Says:

    with thanks to the blues brothers


  16. ZionistHore#2 Says:

    I added more credits on the Boobies at Jawa…..teh 3% milk it seems right now in Florida for Paul. Him, thought he was non-fat

  17. Christine Says:

    RE: Sticker Lady
    YUCK! Big nasty blue veins… those look like a pair of HUGE HAIRLESS NUTS sticking out. With supporters like these it’s no wonder he lost.

  18. Rudy Says:



    So THAT’S what Paulbots looks like.


  19. ROBB Says:


  20. Mermaid Says:

    You lost me, buddy. I mean, I suppose I get what youre saying. I get where youre coming from. But you just seem to have forgotten that there are people out there who can see this issue for what it really is and may not agree with you. You seem to alienate a whole bunch of people who might have been fans of your blog.

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