Hillary…on Face the Nation


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Chavez calls for anti-US alliance

Hugo Chavez (centre) hosts Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (left)

Chavez has been keen to mobilise anti-US opinion in the region

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has called on other Latin American and Caribbean countries to form a military alliance against the United States.

The vehemently anti-US leader says Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba and Dominica should create one united force.


To do what, El Gordo? If we had a Hammer, for Prez….We could deforest the Amazon with one pass…Presidente’ Fat Ass.

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Gazans head home as Egypt chokes off supplies

RAFAH, Egypt (Reuters) – Thousands of Palestinians streamed home through the breaches in Gaza’s border with Egypt on Sunday after Egyptian authorities choked off supplies to the area and moved to restore control.

Egypt has struggled to re-seal the border and contain hundreds of thousands of needy Gazans who poured across since militants blasted openings last Wednesday to evade an Israeli blockade on the Hamas Islamist-run territory.

A Reuters reporter on the Egyptian side of the border town of Rafah on Sunday saw thousands of Palestinians leaving Egypt, dwarfing the number of those crossing in from the Gaza Strip.


Where’s the world outrage? Had this been Israel…Well, you know…so never mind.

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Isn’t this just darling? Son of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sibelius (D) Designs Raunchy Prison-Themed Board Game

**TOPEKA, Kan.  —  The son of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is peddling a board game titled “Don’t Drop the Soap,” a prison-themed game he created as part of a class project at the Rhode Island School of Design.

John Sebelius, 23, has the backing of his mother and father, U.S. Magistrate Judge Gary Sebelius. Sebelius spokeswoman Nicole Corcoran said both parents “are very proud of their son John’s creativity and talent.”

John Sebelius is selling the game on his Internet site for $34.99, plus packaging, shipping and handling. The contact information on the Web site lists the address of the governor’s mansion. Corcoran said the address will change when John Sebelius moves.

The game also goes on sale starting Jan. 31 at a shop called Hobbs in the college town of Lawrence.

The site describes, “Don’t Drop the Soap” as a game “Where no one playing enters through the front door!”

The rest of this cuddly story at Fox News

Speculation, I know…BUT (no pun intended, Gov. Kathy) what if this were a Republican Governor’s son? My guess is a recall vote.

OH just hold you pants on…as to the **.

** Topeka, Kansas….hmmmmm, let me think…Ahhh, Eureka. They home of the Westboro Craven Cultist Church, headed by…Freddie Phelphs…Why does a “church” need an attorney (who is, pardon the pun Gov. Kathy for your darling little sons new game “Where no one enters through the front door“…BUTT UGLY) who happens to be the daughter of one said Freddie Phelphs?

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Apocalypse eventually?

The incomparable Mark Steyn on apocalyptic fiction, and why only our comfortable Western civilization can indulge in the fantasy, incidentally laying to rest the stupid concept of the Noble Savage.

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Why pedophiles should be castrated and locked up for life.

I’ve heard and read, over the years, many, many law enforcement and mental health professionals who say that pedophiles can never be rehabilitated. They like what they do, and they refuse to believe it is wrong. The following article seems to prove that point.Bear in mind, this subhuman began his career in 1952. And that’s just when he was convicted. Think of the lives he destroyed throughout his many sorry decades of life.

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Caroline and Ted Kennedy Endorse Obama

Caroline in, A President Like My Father:

“OVER the years, I’ve been deeply moved by the people who’ve told me they wished they could feel inspired and hopeful about America the way people did when my father was president. This sense is even more profound today. That is why I am supporting a presidential candidate in the Democratic primaries, Barack Obama.”

This calls for some Neil Diamond!

Note: Neil recently disclosed that a young Caroline Kennedy was the inspiration for this song.

Ted by way of, ABC News:

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass[ive – Beef], will endorse Barak Obama’s presidential bid on Monday in Washington, a source close to Kennedy tells ABC news.”

Not sure how much this will help Obama, though, seeing as how Ted is on video lying about driving drunk and killing Mary Jo Kopekne at Chappequiddick.

Now, all we need is for Hillary to reprise the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz “melting scene.”

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Neighbors: Ohio Nurse Accused of Nursing Home Rape Liked Privacy….

Didn’t plan on posting again today, but this very sick, mentally deranged person needs a much light of day as possible. After that, he needs to be in a very dark room, all by himself, to never see the light of day.


“We have lived here for years, and we never met him,” neighbor Estella Kingseed said. “Every year, they (he and his wife) left a Christmas card on the windshield of our car, but we never met the man.”

Neighbors in this city of some 26,000 people, west of Cleveland and known for Cedar Point amusement park, expressed disgust at the allegations. Police say Riems sexually assaulted a 55-year-old man as he lay partially paralyzed in his bed at Concord Care and Rehabilitation Home, a one-story, brick care facility surrounded by a tract of tri-level homes.

Riems has pleaded not guilty charges of rape and gross sexual imposition and was being held Saturday in the Erie County jail on $100,000 bond pending a court appearance Thursday. The office of Riems’ attorney Troy D. Wisehart said he had no comment. A message was left at his office on Saturday.

“We’ve had several residents, they don’t want him touching them, they don’t want him in their room,” said Cynthia Wilson, a 47-year-old nurse’s aide who was fired in December. “A lot of them would refuse their meds just to keep him out of their room.”


Fox News

Billary’s Nomination Strategy: Lie, Cheat, Steal – UPDATED

This is truly outrageous: Hillary is trying to change the rules in the middle of the game. Basically, she wants the delegates in Michigan to be reinstated after she simply “failed to remove her name from the ballot” like all the other Democrat candidates did in a bald-faced attempt to steal the nomination. Oh, and Florida too, where she has a chance to actually beat Obama.

See, without these delegates (The DNC disqualified them because those states didn’t tow the line on scheduling: A dubious decision, but that was what was decided!), MI and FL are just beauty contests, but if Hillary can cheat and change the rules in the middle of the game, she has a chance to steal the nomination, versus winning it fair and square by the rules that were agreed to at the beginning of the game.

Well Democrats, this is a test: You gonna let this lying, cheating, conniving beeotch get away with this? Hm?


UPDATE: Read this to see what’s at stake here. Personally, I’m very close to the classic, “a pox on both of their houses” position this cycle, so I would giggle myself silly if the Dems imploded… but I don’t think that would necessarily be a good thing for the country.

Hillary’s Billary’s machinations here are pure banana republic stuff, and not what the USA should stand for.

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OH OH…Thank God whomever it was, didn’t stay long. Phewwww! Only Kidding, Treasury Department…really, I mean it…Kidding, only kidding..

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I have been screwing around, this virtual world for several years, now. Until recently with Tizona..

….Commenting. Well, if you call having a Phd in Smartass (Dr. Smartass, that’s me) AND commenting on commenting…That leads to…Well, you know.

At any rate, there has always been a time, where I have sorta’ screwed up threads, posts or whatever else one calls them with….Well you’ll see.

So, now that I have my own little piece of this virtual world, I figure I can screw up my own.

Facts on Farts.

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Musharraf rejects CIA proposal to fight militants: report

Pakistan’s president has reportedly rebuffed a request by two American officials to allow U.S. forces greater freedom to operate in Pakistani territory bordering on eastern Afghanistan.

The administration of U.S. President George W. Bush says it wants to track al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other groups who are said to be stepping up efforts to destabilize Pakistan’s government.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden and U.S. national intelligence director Mike McConnell travelled secretly to Pakistan earlier this month to present their proposals personally to President Pervez Musharraf.

CBC News

Not many will agree when I say GOOD, let the Pakistanis eat each other up. Nukes or no nukes, screw ’em.

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PA Announces Three Days of Mourning for Top Terrorist

Gosh, don’t know how I missed this baby….BUT…Geez, Ummm, George..To Damn Bad!


 (IsraelNN.com) PFLP founder George Habash died at age 83 in his home in Amman. His terror gang massacred dozens of Israeli adults, children and babies, assassinated Minister Ze’evi and plotted to kill Rabbi Ovadya Yosef.

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced three days of mourning following the death of George Habash, the founder of terror gang PFLP. All PLO flags will be at half mast and there will be an official “house of mourning” in Abba’s Ramallah office.

These are some of the PFLP’s crimes in 40 years of existence:

  • 1970, the PFLP blew up a Swissair flight to Israel in midair. 47 people died, including 15 Israelis.
  • 1972, Japanese terrorists trained by the PFLP murdered 24 people, including 16 pilgrims from Puerto Rico, at Lod airport.
Back from Entebbe: Effie Eitam (center) and Efrayim Sneh (left).
IDF Spokesman.
  • 1976, PFLP terrorists cooperated with German terrorists and hijacked an Air France jet to Entebbe, Uganda. The hostages were freed by Israel in a daring raid.
  • 1980, PFLP terrorists took over the children’s room at Misgav Am in northern Israel, and murdered a baby, as well as the kibbutz’s director.
  • 2000, Habash retired from active leadership of the PFLP, for health reasons.
  • 2001, a PFLP squad assassinated Israeli Minister Rechavam Ze’evi.
  • The PFLP carried out three suicide bombings between 2002 and 2004, at Karnei Shomron (3 murdered) at Geha Intersection (3 murdered) and at Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv (3 murdered).

Arutz Sheva

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The sky is falling!

Or something like that.

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Ex-President, Back in the Thick of It…

ST. HELENA ISLAND, S.C. — When former President Bill Clinton took to the podium on Friday at the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, he told the audience a story. He said he had just inadvertently walked into the adjacent auditorium and was mortified to see that all the seats were empty. Then, he recounted, he saw a “tech guy” in the back of the room and said to himself, “Well, I’ll give my best speech to one guy.” He pounded his fist. “I’ll give my best speech if it’s the last thing I do today.”

Mr. Clinton may have started this campaign as a mate, but he leaves South Carolina as a running mate. He helps Mrs. Clinton cover twice the territory, plays bad cop to her good cop, sets message and maps strategy. As the campaigns pivot now to the nearly two dozen states that vote on Feb. 5, Mr. Clinton is being deployed to Missouri while Mrs. Clinton works Tennessee.

The double-teaming grew so pervasive here that Mrs. Clinton’s chief rival, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, lamented, “I can’t tell who I’m running against sometimes.”


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Dictionary.com…Word of the day…

caterwaul \KAT-uhr-wawl\, intransitive verb:

1. To make a harsh cry.
2. To have a noisy argument.

1. A shrill, discordant sound.

Snow hampers China New Year plans…I see. Well let me have Al Gore explain…

Soldiers clear snow in Wuhan, Hubei Province, 26 January, 2008

Chinese officials have been ordered to ‘battle against disaster’

Chinese authorities have ordered urgent measures to be put in place to fight nationwide transport chaos caused by severe weather conditions. Ice and snowfall caused power cuts that left 100,000 people stranded at train stations in southern China on Sunday.

Forecasters predict the bad weather will continue for a week, causing travel misery in the run-up to the Lunar New Year holiday on 7 February.

Now, onto Mr. Gore and his speech…..

晚上好, 我是高爾。我愉快您能是以我, 今晚。 什麼我希望講您您是, 全球性變暖或如同他們狂熱者反改變了它到”氣候變化” 。 您看見我的中國朋友, 我們是全部去死。 謝謝是這裡和是我的美國美元?
(Good Evening, I’m Al Gore. I’m happy you could be with me, this evening.
What I would like to speak you about is, Global Warming OR as they Anti Zealots have changed it to “climate change”.
You see my Chinese friends, we are all going to die.
Thank you for being here and where are my American Dollars?)


Today is…Yom HaShoah…Holocaust Remembrance Day..


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Spot, You’re Among Friends Here…

…So why did you feel you couldn’t tell us about your dating video?

Or that you’re Scottish?

I Have A Dream

That one day,

The nation of Italy,

Will be able to keep a government together!

Italy’s center left are in tatters. Which leaves me wondering, now is there only the left, moonbats, right, and center?

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On The Road To Recovery

In an excellent piece of news, Tim Blair is on the road to recovery!

Thankfully, they saved the arm.

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They’re Getting Sneaky

NSW cops are getting sneaky. Now they’re using hotted up cars to bust people committing fineable offences.

Sneaky, sneaky.

No doubt will soon be in Victoria too.

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Question for Liberal Democrats:



Or a rerun of this?


“I did not have sex with that woman…”

Yeah, right. You didn’t fuck her, you just had her polish your knob. We know. We understand: You’re a dick who is pwn3d by his dick.

Seriously, do you want an ex-president who was, in point of fact, impeached, to be the next first spouse? Or, would you, as Senator Obama says, rather, “turn the page”?

Oh, and you Republicans ought to think about this.


“Bathroom sex is great, isn’t it Hillary?”

“God, I love it John! Bill will phreak when I tell him!!!”

As a small-l libertarian-tard, I can stay above the fray.

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Another Violent Veteran

The NY Times will tell you all about this guy.

But not any of the circumstances.

That would be beneath their journalistic ethics.

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