The “Sturdy Thirty” Hedge Fund Predictions

Via – where else – The Corner, some seriously scary shit!

Here are the top nine predictions:

“1. The Dow will go below 10,500 led by a collapse in consumer discretionary stocks.

2. The 10-year note yields below 3%.

3. The problems in the U.S. banking sector won’t be solved by a government-sponsored program. It will only shine more light on the problems.

4. The Fed’s continued panic-easing will only exacerbate our problems, as Bernanke’s creation of real negative interest rates takes hold, laying the groundwork for more problems.

5. Inflation will rear its ugly head, making the term “stagflation” in vogue again.

6. Most economists will capitulate and admit we are in a recession by March.

7. Obama-Clinton ticket for Dems.

8. McCain-Huckabee for Republicans.

9. The Dems will win a landslide receiving a popular vote not seen since Johnson’s victory against Goldwater.”

Remember, these hedge fund guys have, like three sigma – one-in-a-thousand – IQ’s, and are paid, or not, depending on whether they get stuff like this right. Stock market meltdown, banking crisis, deep recession, stagflation, and an Obama-Clinton administration?!

I can’t take four years of Shrill Hill hectoring me because I’m a white male who happens to enjoy being a white male and doesn’t feel the least bit guilty about it.

Spot, I’m not kidding. Hook me up with a nice girl down there. Preferably before November. Yes, that’s right: I’ll take Kevni over Vice President Hillary Clinton anytime.

It would be four years of this:

Veep Hill on TV: “Screech, screech, screech, screech, screech!”

Beef (Yelling impotently at Boob Tube): “Shut the fuck! I don’t care if you shut the fuck up or shut the fuck down, but it’s exactly the fuck that you need to shut!!!”


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UN fails to agree Gaza statement

Egyptian riot police clash with Palestinians near the Egypt-Gaza border (25 January 2007)

Hundreds of thousands have surged into Egypt to buy supplies

The UN Security Council has abandoned its attempt to agree a statement on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip following a blockade by Israel.

Israel tightened its embargo after a sharp rise in rocket attacks from the Palestinian territory on its southern towns, leading to acute shortages.

The UN statement, which must be agreed by all 15 members of the council, would have called for an end to hostilities.

But Libya wanted language more critical of Israel than the US would accept.


Why, is Israel mentioned at least three times, (see rest of article)…..

when the picture clearly indicates, it is Egyptians pounding on “Gazan’s”?

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U.S Attorney General says CIA interrogations legal………

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The CIA’s current techniques for interrogation of terrorism suspects are lawful and do not include the widely condemned simulated drowning method known as waterboarding, U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey told Congress on Tuesday.

“The interrogation techniques currently authorized in the CIA program comply with the law,” Mukasey wrote Leahy. “A limited set of methods is currently authorized for use in that program. … Waterboarding is not, and may not be, used in the current program.”

But Mukasey told Leahy in the letter that since waterboarding was not now in use, he did not feel it appropriate to give an opinion.

“As a general matter, I do not believe that it is advisable to address difficult legal questions, about which responsible minds can and do differ, in the absence of concrete facts and circumstances,” he said.

Take that, Bald Boy!


Do we still have Vermont? I thought we gave the damn place to Greenland.

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Lovely, just lovely…Brought a tear to me eye, it did…Enjoy. Courtesy of Kae..


Extremely touching and thought provoking!!
 I found this beautiful Aussie Summer poem and thought it might be a comfort to you.   It was to me and it’s very well written; I  hope  you enjoy it because it’s the best piece of English literature I’ve seen in quite a while….

                                                                     ‘An Aussie Summer  ‘
                                                     a poem by  Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre



                                                                            Fuck, It’s HOT !

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Mining Rules OK!

Many Australians who have never traveled outside their leafy green inner-city suburbs get a kick from taking the mickey out of those of us in the Minerals & Energy game. When they’re not stereotyping us as filthy, semi-literate grunts (a la last year’s ALP advertisements), they’re sniping at us for making too much money and while in the process, raping and pillaging the earth — THEIR earth, as some point out, as though we should feel morally obliged to personally give them each a cut of our paychecks. (Hint: ever heard of taxes? royalties?)

Not only don’t they realise that many folks in the resources sector have tertiary and higher degrees; that Minerals & Energy companies here in Western Australia are very cognisant of taking good care of our environment and have whole departments dedicated to helping do that; that the WA resources sector (mining, oil & gas) is currently subsidising the leafy-green latte-sipping lifestyle they tend to take for granted … but they also they don’t realise that they haven’t even the first clue what really goes on, say, down a coal mine…

Now, here’s what some folks think of, when they think of coal mining… Good ol’ Devo, Workin’ in a Coal Mine:

But that was like, so last Millennium! Modern mining is a whole ‘nother thing altogether:

Now: a free plug for my State, and for my industry. Western Australia is a beaut state, but we need people!! From anywhere!! Check these out:

Wiki entry on Western Australia, for youse furriners.

Go West Now! Government portal; abject plea for people to come settle here. What it says.

Kofi Calls for Calm in Kenya

In yet another feeble plea, former UN Secretary Ineffectual Kofi Annan calls for an end to the escalating violence erupting in Kenya.

I call Africa “the eternal hellhole” because every good intention goes horribly wrong there, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of anything ever getting other than worse. Africans – like Muslims – can’t seem to evolve past their primitive and mutually destructive tribalism, and those outsiders who seek to help don’t seem to recognize tribalism as being the crux of the problem.

This causes me no end of sadness and frustration, because I have several connections to Africa. One, my uncle was Emperor Haile Selassi’s dentist, and he went on two epic safaris with the Emperor. As a result, I grew up with African lore and was always astonished by the trophies of those classic hunts of the late 1950’s that my uncle has. My uncle and aunt even gave me several items of African art – which I still have – and they always evoke deep wonder and awe in me. The Beef of God would like nothing more than to visit Africa for a plains game safari.

Then, I had several African friends when I was in college, and they were some of the happiest, friendliest, and most well-adjusted people I’ve ever met – never mind the fact that they were transcendentally gifted musicians.

Today, I have a friend who actually runs safaris in Africa – not photo safaris, but the real ones in which you hunt really dangerous animals that hunt you in return. So, I’d like nothing more than to see things get better in Africa – if it weren’t for the despotic strongmen who continually rise to fuck the place up it would be a paradise – but at the end of the day I just throw up my hands and say, “What the fuuuuuuck!”

I have no idea what to do about Africa. Neither does anybody else, evidently.


Why Leftard Feminist Hags Hate Capitalism: Russian Babes

Via John Derbyshire at NRO’s The Corner I found an amazing article by Anne Applebaum answering the question on all of our minds… OK, on the minds of us bachelors, anyway, Where Did All Those Gorgeous Russians Come From? The answer? Russia has always been filled with gorgeous babes, it’s just that capitalism has finally freed them!

That ought to blow up a few feminist heads (Very small explosions… more like muffled “pops”).

I posted a pic of Maria Sharapova the other day, so I guess we’ll go with the number one Russian Supermodel today: Natalia Vodianova:


It’s not just Russians either. As an artist and aesthetic perfectionist, I love artistic female photography (Yeah, that’s the reason. And I got a bridge…). Babe sites today are positively dominated by eastern European models with last names ending in -cova, and -nov.

The Beef of God is not a Supermodel kind of guy. I like women who aren’t stick-figures, and I love full, rounded faces. Like this:


I think she’s from the Czech Republic. If God had ever made a girl for me, she’d have looked exactly like that, but she’d have her natural dark, dark, dark brown hair. Green eyes and dark brown hair… ~sigh~

Every Now and Then…

Every now and then, a picture of someone will be published which upon viewing, the person looking at it suddenly has a clear view of the subject’s intentions and personality.

This is one such picture.

Kevni Ruff
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Tuesday 29 January: Weather Report

Just for Chas:

Melbourne today: Sunny and warm, with a late cloud cover, but still warm and a very mild wind.

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