Hamas Threatens to Overrun Israeli Border Next….Good Luck! Courtesy, missredi.

(IsraelNN.com) Encouraged by their success in breaking through the Egyptian border with Gaza last week, a Hamas spokesman has threatened to gather 500,000 Palestinian Authority residents of the region for a similar assault on the perimeter fence dividing southern Israel from PA-controlled Gaza.

Ahmad Yousef, political advisor to the Gaza-based PA leader Ismail Haniyeh, called the fall of the barrier between Egyptian Sinai and Gaza last week a sign of the start of “a third Intifada.” Speaking with the PA’s Bethlehem-based Maan news agency, Yousef said the next stage in such a campaign could involve thousands of Gazan Arabs swarming the IDF-controlled Erez Crossing between Israel and and the PA in an effort to attract international support.

Meanwhile, Hamas militia forces cooperated with Egyptian soldiers on Monday in closing one of three gaps in the security barrier in the city of Rafiah, which straddles the Egyptian-Gaza border. Barbed wire was strung across a section of the separation wall known as the Brazil Gate; however, the main gate in the area remained open, allowing Gaza Arabs to continue to enter Egyptian towns unimpeded. Last week, when Egyptian forces attempted to close the border on their own, a PA bulldozer knocked a new opening in the separation wall.

The partial border control collaboration comes after Egyptian security forces ordered all stores in El-Arish, bordering the Gaza region, to close as of Sunday. Trucks loaded with goods and supplies were prevented from leaving El-Arish towards Rafiah. The move deprived PA Arabs who had charged into the Sinai from Gaza during the past week of a central economic incentive for their having done so.

Arutz Sheva

You know Yousef, if you people spent as much time trying to build a decent and civilized society, as you do trying “to attract international support“, (which you already have, financially. You get millions and millions from damn near everyone, including your Islamic bretheren) some may even grow to like you people.

Yes Yousef, that includes your Islamic bretheren. ‘They’ don’t even like you, it is the reason they try to kick your asses out of every freakin’ Islamic nation, there is. Yousef, get a clue. That is the reason ‘they’ send you millions and millions and millions of dollars. ‘They’ pay you to stay the hell out of where ‘they’ kicked your asses out of.

By the way Yousef, what happens to all that money, beside spending it on weapons from Persia, the new Tsar of Russia, Vladimir, etc, etc? Yousef you don’t spend it on the people you profess to care about, for if your did, why would they be breaking walls down at the border of Egypt trying to buy FOOD?

Something tells me Yousef, you have Swiss banking accounts that you stuff that money in, while those you say you are devoted to, STARVE!

2 Responses to “Hamas Threatens to Overrun Israeli Border Next….Good Luck! Courtesy, missredi.”

  1. mohammad Says:

    when i clicked on “terrorists ” i expected to see that you consider that arabians = terrorists ..thats very clear
    well , before i talk about hamas let me tell you somthings VERY important :
    – europ and UK whom putted israel in palestine
    they supported them every thing to get the palestinian out of thier land ..and now USA give israel the most modern weopons ever ..for what ? only to use it against the palestinian citizens , and when they want to defend them selves you call them “terroristics ” !!
    you have to think again about your equations..
    if israel do not allow to palestinians to live with peace
    it has to be ready to see the consequences ,
    i am a palestinian guy ..i live in west bank
    and i hope one day we can live like other people in the world ..i hope one day i can drink clean water
    i hope one day i can go with my friends to other cities without stuck on israelis checkpoints
    i hope if israelis stop treat us like “animals ”
    i hope one day i can feel that i have freedom without fearing of go to some israeli jail ..
    i hope one day i see my country economic grow ..
    but i hope right not if israelis just want peace with us !!

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Maybe if y’all stop electing governments that have “kill all the Jews & wipe Israel off the map” as their central charter, you’ll be more likely to see peace in your time. Y’think?

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