Russia’s Most Famous Female Bodyguard Murdered During Carjacking

Anna Loginova, Russia’s most famous and glamorous female bodyguard, was murdered by a carjacker when her own personal Porsche Cayenne was stolen from her.


This is sad but predictable. Russia has a rampant crime problem, and this is a direct consequence of years under a godless, totalitarian, communist dictatorship. Call it a societal amoral hangover, if you like.

Now that capitalism has taken hold in the former Soviet Union, the have-nots – can-nots, more likely – feel no moral compunction about coveting the property of others to the point of theft and even murder. That’s why Anna’s outfit had such brisk business.

She makes some excellent points in the previous interviews quoted – especially the point about obviously beefy security guys being barred from eateries and such – but she should never have gone anywhere without male backup, in my opinion.

Sometimes a big, buff, and well-trained male motherfucker-of-a-killing-machine is the only thing that will work. Hope some Russians learned a lesson from this… but given that it’s Russia, after all, I wouldn’t bet on it.

4 Responses to “Russia’s Most Famous Female Bodyguard Murdered During Carjacking”

  1. tizona Says:

    No Comments? Well shit…I have one or so.

    Anyone that kills someone such as the lovely above, should be hung by the balls. When they rot off, then his ass should be picked up and THEN hung by his feet until his desiccated body, blows away in the wind.

  2. Vez Says:

    As much money as she might have been making, driving something like a Porsche will make you a target or bring unnecessary attention to your person.
    Rule #1: Be invisible. Don’t draw unnecessary attention to you or your principal.

  3. Mr. T Says:

    Oh how I wish I was there so I could save her from disaster… RIP Anna Loginiva.. =(

  4. JAS Says:


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