Proof God Hates Al Gore: The Impending Ice Age

By way of Glenn Reynolds, a member of that elite group of lawyers whose guts I do not hate, we learn that Sol may be entering an extended minimum, which means a mini-Ice Age could be coming.

I almost hope it’s for real, except for the fact that I hate cold weather.


8 Responses to “Proof God Hates Al Gore: The Impending Ice Age”

  1. tizona Says:


    Sign Generator, huh?…LOL.

  2. Ash Says:

    ‘Tiz a fine sign.

    (I know Tizona, I know, I know.)

  3. saltydog Says:

    Well, no one will say anything about any real change in the prognostications. It would make too many of them look like the fools they are.

    Nice salty sign.

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    Actually, it may be a sign generator, but I found the pic as a jpeg, so then again…

  5. bob Says:

    That is my bank.
    In Prior Lake, Minnesota
    just south of the cities
    looks real

  6. Jeff Says:

    Getting emotional over science is neither productive or mature. Al Gore is right when he points out existing scienctific fact. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has measurably increased from 250-270 ppm around 1850, when mankind started using carbon based fuel, to around 370-380 ppm at present. All computer models, and all laboratory experiments demonstrate a definite correlation between increased atmospheric carbon content and a (I hope I don’t piss you off by using the term) greenhouse effect, resulting in higher temperatures earthwide.

    You are quite possibly correct in some of what you say. Earth periods in the past have had a higher carbon content, than what we have now, mankind was not around, yet the earth cooled, and eventually went in to a cycle of ice ages. It may well be true that we are in a inter-ice age period. It is a distinct possibility another ice age may occur.

    However, it does not change the fact that mankind has altered the environment, and the atmosphere which has nourished mankind. This is a demonstrable fact. This trend will only continue to accelerate, as the China’s, India’s, Vietnam’s etc etc of the world continue to industrialize, and continue to burn increasing amounts of carbon based fuel.

    Hating Al Gore only represents denial, and will not alter the reality of the effects of increasing carbon in the atmosphere. Yes, we may still go into an ice age, but I tell ya buddy, we’ve got a lot of earth and mankind altering warming up to do , probably to the point of society as we know it being destroyed, before any “impending ice age” comes.
    I’m sorry if reality conflicts with your political agenda, but science is non-emotional, and apolitical.

  7. Angus Dei Says:

    You’re deluded, Jeff, but thanks for stopping by.

  8. spot_the_dog Says:

    “…science is non-emotional, and apolitical”

    Well. It’s supposed to be. Therein lies the credibility problem for the AGW-hysterics who are sounding more and more like “End-Times” religious zealots all the time, hey?

    “The world is going to end … Gaia is crying … Repent of your evil ways … Man is Evil … Gaia is fighting back and will punish us for our sins”

    I mean, sheesh. That ain’t science, buddy, that’s good ol’ fire & brimstone Olde-Tyme Religion. Many of the Catastrophic Man Made Global Warmenists sound more like that creep whatshisname and the Westboro “Baptist” Church than like anything resembling scientists.

    Y’all’re trying to sell Global Warming when what you should be doing is trying to prove it.

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