US Marines “Unwelcome Intruders” in Berkeley

If the Islamist terrorists ever successfully detonate a nuclear bomb in the US, I hope Berkeley is at the epicenter.

I can’t think of any other US city I’d rather sacrifice.


The “Short Bus” you mean.

14 Responses to “US Marines “Unwelcome Intruders” in Berkeley”

  1. yojimbo Says:

    Well, Bezerkely is as good a place as any to start. The whole Bay Area is pretty much the same. We are making strides however. The Repulican Club as UC Berkeley is HUGE!

  2. Rebecca H Says:

    And what does this ignorant, self-absorbed little twit think buses run on? Soy lattes?

  3. tizona Says:


    IT hasn’t quite figured that out. That usually means that IT is, in addition to being a complete idiot with his sign showing it so well…OR IT is a PhD.

    IT hasn’t even grasped the notion, that the clothes IT wears, (I presume, IT does) the shoes IT wears, the sign IT holds are made with things called machines, that I think are lubricated with OIL!.

  4. tizona Says:

    OH…Those out there that may be considering Angus Dei’s words…Please use a neutron bomb. The “City by the Bay”, isn’t the problem. (actually quite lovely)..It is the people IN the “City by the Bay”, that need to go.

  5. yojimbo Says:

    Mea Culpa alert.

    I stand humbled and contrite in your presence. A neutron bomb would be much more appropriate for the entire area. Can you ever forgive me?

    I mentioned the use of a neutron bomb, for that area, to the youngest once and was rewarded with stunned silence.

  6. yojimbo Says:

    Odd you should mention soy lattes, Rebecca.

    The ever growing yojimbo Che Burger franchise in San Francisco has recently begun to effort its excess soy renderings to the San Francisco Rapid Transit Authority..:).

  7. saltydog Says:

    These are the people demanding that we murder the Industrial Revolution and head back to the dark ages. They demand the right to do the thinking for all of us; his is the mind of our latest would-be masters.

    It reminds me of the protests that went on here when the newly renamed Exxon Valdez was finally repaired and ready to go back to sea (the work was done here in San Diego). The protesters ran around the stern of the ship, hoping to keep it from moving, I suppose. They did this in inflatable dingies — which are made from petroleum products. They all wore wet suits — which are made from petroleum products. They, of course, used petroleum products to run their dingies. They carried giant plastic banners — which were made from petroleum products, and printed on machinery which used various petroleum products. They tried to put a long, inflated tube around the stern, from which dangled a net — all of which were made from petroleum products.

    It was the silliest protest I’ve ever seen. This guy is a novice as well as an ignorant tool.

  8. yojimbo Says:

    Welcome back Saltydog!!!!

    Perspective has never been a strong point with the left. I think their motto is “Don’t fact us, bro'”

  9. Angus Dei Says:

    Hey Tiz, can you edit Ryan’s comment to format the link inside of [ a href=” LINK ” ]here. [ /a ] or something?

    Ryan is harshing my browser. LOL!

  10. Angus Dei Says:

    WOW! Done while I was typing my response!!!

    The Sword of El Cid is fucking PSYCHOTIC! PSYCHIC!

  11. Ash Says:

    That’d be me Angus.

    I like nicely formatted links. For the same reason you do.

  12. saltydog Says:

    Thanks, Yojimbo. I’m glad to be back. Life is boring without the interweb.

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