Deal with it.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, when the nominees for president in the Democratic and Republican parties will most likely be chosen. Unexpected things do happen, but let’s assume we will know tomorrow (Tuesday, February 5), who’s running for president.

The Republican nominee is likely to be John McCain. A whole bunch of crap has been spun about him. A man who came through hell (although there are conspiracists now trying to discredit that — troofers of another stripe), but he’s supposedly not conservative enough, bad-tempered, unstable, too enamored of illegals, blah blah blah. In our “if it bleeds it ledes” reality, not enough attention has been given to his actual principles, his actual history, his accomplishments. If I were given my ideal candidate, it probably wouldn’t be him, but if I’m given no other choice (which I may be, considering the Democratic offerings), he’ll do.

On the other hand, I could choose one of the Democratic offerings, most likely Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama speaks for himself, and what he has said is that he is a true-blue socialist who believes in “dialogue” (accommodation) with terrorists, despite their very clearly avowed determination to ignore “dialogue” and to pursue their agenda of conquest and genocide. In other words, he is an airy-fairy idealist who has no clue as to the disaster that his course of non-action would create. As for Hillary, it has been suggested that she might be the most uncompromising war president ever. But I think that’s wishful thinking. Hillary is the other side of Bill Clinton’s coin, not all that different in the long run. Ruthless, driven by the quest for political power, a user of the electorate’s best hopes, and ultimately dishonest in fundamental ways that go beyond what ordinary politicians subject themselves to. I believe, in the clinch, she would sell herself out to the political expediency of the moment, a trait she shares with her so-called husband. And frankly, I would love to see the vanishing backside of him for good and all.

I urge Americans to vote their conscience in this run up to the presidential election. But don’t throw away your vote. Choose, even if the choices are bad, because if you don’t, they may be even worse next time.

An item that will interest our blogmaster

Via Instapundit. This will interest anyone who owns a time share (which Mr. H and I do, two of them, in fact).

First off, I have to say I believe in time shares, if you’re not an RVer (recreational vehicle camping), or filthy rich with multiple vacation homes. We’ve had some great vacations using time shares in places like Las Vegas (Polo Towers, Jockey Club), Tennesee (Fairfield Glades, Pigeon Forge), Florida (Orlando, Tampa, don’t remember what they were called), South Carolina (Myrtle Beach, don’t remember them either). This is not an advertisement for these places, only a general observation that these were places that offered nicer-than-your-average-hotel-room amenities, as well as extra curricular activities like heated pools, sometimes tennis or golf, water sports, hiking, even (rarely) horseback riding. Mr. H and I have even stayed in a very nice place in Pigeon Forge, TN, our very own Tizona’s stomping grounds, and had a uniquely pleasant time (Dollywood has an American bald eagle habitat center that rescues and rehabilitates our endangered national bird). Time shares are international. Investigate them.

Lest I be accused of favoritism, let me also extol the delights of sea cruises. Our personal experience has been Holland America, but there is a fairly expansive array of cruise lines available, and they all merit an investigation in order to determine which one best suits your needs. I’m not here to advertise any one. I only want to say that if you think a sea cruise would be boring, let me assure you that they are anything but. Their whole existence is predicated on entertaining and feeding you, and that remains true down to the steward who services your cabin. They may seem like a tremendous expense up front, but remember that the price includes your sleeping accommodations (which you will sparingly use only for sleeping), all your food (which they will try to feed you in exotically exquisite meals, 24/7), and your entertainment (nightly variety shows, movies, deckside bands, and eager social directors with programs. And this doesn’t even address the onshore tours they may offer (believe me, I learned more about foreign bus rides, ruins, nude beaches, and banana plantations, than I ever thought I needed to know).

The thing is, this is a big, confusing, varied planet, with plenty of people and places you should get to know if you can. Online is great. It opens up opportunities. Take advantage. Why not? The doomsayers say we’re all going to die anyway.

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The Path to the Final Solution

Kafir Alalazoo has an excellent but horrifying post over at my favorite non-Tizona blog, The Jawa Report – and seriously, how can one not enjoy a group blog by Star Wars sand people? – about the reemergence of big time anti-semitism.

Though it’s worst in the Muslim world, Europe – always prone to this evil sickness – is again descending into the hell that is Jew-hatred. It’s not as bad in the newer Western countries, but it’s here too, especially in the cesspools of leftardism commonly known as college campuses.

Watch this video, heavily edited to fit within YouTube’s ten minute maximum time limit:

Now, go read Kafir Alalazoo’s entire post, especially the comments below the fold, to see the virulently insane evil that we’re up against. Do it now! I’ll wait…


Now that you’re back, it’s my turn.

Jew hatred is exactly Satanic. The Enemy of All Mankind has been waging war against God’s people from the beginning, and is truly hell-bent on seeing that The Almighty’s promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel does not come to pass. It is ironic that many ultra-leftist Jew-haters in the West profess to be atheists, because they have been completely pwn3d by The Father of Lies, and are, in point of fact, serving him. It would be funny… except for the fact that it’s abjectly evil.

Last century, this Satanic plot was most horrifically manifested in the neo-pagan Nazi movement, which was responsible for the deaths of circa six-million Jews in the Nazi death-camp machine. After that experience, the entire West was so collectively shamed that the United Nations and the western countries created the modern state of israel, and the rallying cry was, “Never again.” Again, how ironic that the UN is a sewer of Jew-hating national leaders today, and how utterly evil and profoundly not funny this is.

This century, we have the resurgence of the once impotent paleo-pagan Islamic countries, due in large part to the petro-dollars that fund the Saudi regime and it’s efforts to Islamize the West. The West is selling them the rope to hang us with, and the leftists – mired in the abjectitude of their ignorance – couldn’t be happier about it.

As we learned with Naziism, the only way to defeat this evil disease is to wage merciless all-out war on it. Merciless all-out war is not laser-guided munitions. All-out war is carpet bombing and firestorms, complete with all of the attendant gruesome civilian casualties. Yes, it’s deeply tragic, but an evil ideology is not crushed by killing only the true believers: You have to kill enough of the people in their society that the ideology is totally and completely discredited. It worked with Germany and Japan last century, and it will work with Iran and any other Islamic country this century. Or rather, it would work if any Western leaders had the stomach for it… which they don’t. At least, not yet. We’ll see how things go when – not if – a nuclear weapon is detonated in a European capital.

Of course, as we Christians/Followers of The Way know, evil will not win. In fact, even Satan knows that he’s already lost because of the innocent blood of The Lamb of God that he shed in a much earlier manifestation of this. very. same. plot.

That won’t keep The Deceiver from taking as many with him as he can however.

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Willie Nelson: Twin Towers Were Imploded Like Condemned Vegas Casino Buildings

Hey Willie….See you’re still singing this hit song of your’s. How’s them walls, today?

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Iranians inaugurate space project

muhammad.gif           Iran’s first satellite…picture source cannot be identified. Hope you understand.

The test-launch for the country’s first low-orbit research satellite was shown on Iranian state television to cries of “God is Great” from the announcer.

The space centre, at an unidentified desert location, includes an underground control station and launch pad for the satellite which will be named Omid (Hope).

“We need to have an active and influential presence in space,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a televised ceremony before the launch.

“Iran took its first step very strongly, precisely and wisely,” he said. “Building and launching a satellite is a very important achievement.”     BBC

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Lawmakers: Good Will Gestures Lead to Terror. THIS should be a DUH!…BUT..


( Israeli lawmakers Monday called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to end talks with Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) in the wake of a suicide bombing in Dimona that left one dead and more than 20 wounded.

“Perhaps after Olmert releases prisoners with blood on their hands and enjoys his photo-op with Gilad Shalit, he will also find the time to visit the bereaved families and promise them that Israel will arrest the terrorists yet again,” Meir Indoor said bitterly

Kadima Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit said bluntly, “We have to guard our own border, without worrying about what anyone else thinks or does about it. Whether the Egyptians guard or don’t guard the border is not our problem. Our problem is our border and we have to protect it – sometimes by force if necessary.”

THEN…of course, The Left speaks…

Left-wing Meretz party Knesset Member Ran Cohen claimed that the blast proved the need for the government to negotiate with Hamas.


Arutz Sheva

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#23 of my Top 100 Pet Hates

Junkfood Science is an interesting little offshoot from and well worth a look. Today’s article talks about the deliberate under-nutrition of children in the increasingly blinkered and unbalanced quest for perfect-weight kids. Now, one can’t argue that some children – and their parents – out there could afford to cut down on the cream buns and get off their bottoms to do more exercise, but to see this kind of over-simplistic attitude “there are still overweight children so they must be eating too much” and therefore restricting their calorie intake to unhealthy levels, is yet another example of the way a reasonable idea can be taken too far. 

Fact is, we all come in different shapes and sizes. When you see a breast-fed infant over the 90th centile in weight, you start to understand the role genetics plays.

I feel sorry for all the normal children out there denied that occasional treat at the tuckshop, when mum’s too tired to pack them a lunch – meaning it’s hamburger time! But of course, these days, all must suffer in an effort to protect a few, who in any event probably go home after school and chomp down mum’s fat-laden fry-up.

Now I feel like bacon and eggs, and all I’ve got is Special K. Bugger.

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Dick Smith.. and the perils!

Tim Blair recently had a thread about Dick Smith supporting David Hicks.

‘Twas a fine thread, and covered many of the foods Dick Smith provides.

So let’s Fisk it:

Asparagus – don’t eat it.

Biscuits – Cracker – not a huge fan.

Biscuits – Sweet – Tasty, but not great.

Cereal – Bush Foods Breakfast – Yeah, not great.

Canola Oil – Nah, whatever I use does me.

Cream Cheese Spread – Can’t eat dairy…

Muesli – Bush Foods – Can’t eat.

Salad Dressings – Bush Foods – can’t eat.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – can’t eat it.

OzeChoc – Never heard of it.

Peanut Butter – Most family members can’t eat it, and good luck being tastier than Krafts!

Soup – OK, but I prefer to make my own.

Toppings: see Soup.

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Turning Green

Depleted Cranium has some very good points for people who want us all to turn Green.

Money Quotes:

“Putting a solar panel on your roof might make you feel good but that’s about all it does. Saying “someone has to start” or “if everyone would do it” or “every bit helps” does not count for much when you know that everyone *will not* do it and “every little bit” helps a very very little bit.” 


“The key, in the end, is to find ways to keep a robust and healthy economy while promoting good environmental policy. Doing so will increase standards of living, decrease poverty, increase environmentally positive projects and benefit all aspects of life and ecology.”

Via Andrew Bolt, who is easing back into work after his first week back from holidays.

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Super bowl blahds

Did anyone else think the Superbowl ads lacked the punch of past years?

I liked this one though.

(Haven’t figured out how to embed videos yet).

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Keating Explained

As most of our American friends know, we Australians have a former Prime Minister named Paul Keating. And he pops up in the media every now and then to remind us that we can’t forget about Keating. The Great Keating gave us “the recession we had to have”.

And courtesy of a poster at Andrew Bolt‘s, I know have the perfect description for him, to help you guys understand him.

“The US had Jimmy Carter; We had Paul Keating.”

Oh, and definitely head over to Andrew Bolt‘s for some good reading.

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I’m on Hitler’s Side

Boy, he must really be pissed off today.

Via Instadumbshit Instafuckwit Instapundit (hey, I like Glenn, but his moniker is just too much fun to lampoontang lampoon. Seriously, how long before someone calls me Dingus Dei?).

This is some seriously funny shit.

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Super Bowl Ads + The Gerbil Cannon

Okay, I was feeling kind of sorry for myself because although we got the Super Bowl live here in Perth, it was on a public broadcaster and of course we missed one of the best things about it: the ads. It’s not fair!

But fear not, fellow Aussies, Spot_the_dog fetches, not just slippers and newspapers but the American Super Bowl ads as well.

And if those aren’t enough, here are 10 of the very best Tech-related Super Bowl ads from years gone by.

But wait! There’s more! Free for a limited time only I also bring you one of my all-time favourites, the Gerbil Cannon ad.

There. Don’t say I never done nothin’ for youse.

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