Deal with it.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, when the nominees for president in the Democratic and Republican parties will most likely be chosen. Unexpected things do happen, but let’s assume we will know tomorrow (Tuesday, February 5), who’s running for president.

The Republican nominee is likely to be John McCain. A whole bunch of crap has been spun about him. A man who came through hell (although there are conspiracists now trying to discredit that — troofers of another stripe), but he’s supposedly not conservative enough, bad-tempered, unstable, too enamored of illegals, blah blah blah. In our “if it bleeds it ledes” reality, not enough attention has been given to his actual principles, his actual history, his accomplishments. If I were given my ideal candidate, it probably wouldn’t be him, but if I’m given no other choice (which I may be, considering the Democratic offerings), he’ll do.

On the other hand, I could choose one of the Democratic offerings, most likely Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama speaks for himself, and what he has said is that he is a true-blue socialist who believes in “dialogue” (accommodation) with terrorists, despite their very clearly avowed determination to ignore “dialogue” and to pursue their agenda of conquest and genocide. In other words, he is an airy-fairy idealist who has no clue as to the disaster that his course of non-action would create. As for Hillary, it has been suggested that she might be the most uncompromising war president ever. But I think that’s wishful thinking. Hillary is the other side of Bill Clinton’s coin, not all that different in the long run. Ruthless, driven by the quest for political power, a user of the electorate’s best hopes, and ultimately dishonest in fundamental ways that go beyond what ordinary politicians subject themselves to. I believe, in the clinch, she would sell herself out to the political expediency of the moment, a trait she shares with her so-called husband. And frankly, I would love to see the vanishing backside of him for good and all.

I urge Americans to vote their conscience in this run up to the presidential election. But don’t throw away your vote. Choose, even if the choices are bad, because if you don’t, they may be even worse next time.

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