Five Reasons Men Stop Having Sex…Is she hot, or what!!!


His partner lacks a sense of sexual adventure (68 percent) or doesn’t seem to enjoy sex (61 percent). Consequently, he has become bored with sex and the lack of newness. Funny enough, though, these men conveniently ignore the fact that they themselves are not bringing any originality into the bedroom. Instead, they are choosing to blame their partner for a lack of adventure and sexual enjoyment.

He’s interested in sex with others, but not his wife (48 percent). Men indicated that they were sexual beings, or would like to be. The majority masturbated, which is often an indicator that a person does not have a sexual disorder, per se. So what’s the problem? In many cases, familiarity breeds contentment, which makes for boredom.

He’s angry with her (44 percent). These men felt criticized, controlled, undervalued, and/or insignificant by their partners. As a result, they shut down as she became more and more of a “bully.” This cycle was ongoing: She’s critical. He shuts down emotionally. She gets even more critical. He becomes even more withdrawn. … Regardless, in this war of the roses, no one’s showing any kind of love.

His lover has put on a significant amount of weight (38 percent). Somehow, “There’s more of me to love” wasn’t the response he had in mind when he once gasped, “I can’t get enough of you!” Ironically, a man putting on weight was irrelevant to this turnoff. But if his lover put on weight, he no longer viewed her as attractive. His own obesity, however, did diminish his libido.

*He prefers watching porn online (25 percent). Between the variety, no performance pressure, no emotion, no foreplay, no talking, and no criticism, he’d rather connect with the Internet. A major danger in this: His fantasy world is replacing his actual sex life.

* My motto…Rather DO, then WATCH.

Fox News

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8 Responses to “Five Reasons Men Stop Having Sex…Is she hot, or what!!!”

  1. saltydog Says:

    You did say they interviewed men for this “study,” didn’t you?

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    My motto: there’s more than one reason to stay on good terms with your ex. 😉

  3. TimH Says:

    Spot The Dog, you wouldn’t be talking about the famous ‘comfort f**k? (As my brother called it) No really, he did, it wasn’t me, really….

  4. Ash Says:

    #3 No, he’s talking about having someone to collect the mail when you’re on holidays, someone to borrow a car off while yours is at the mechanics and just having a great mate around.

    (I have a bridge…)

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    And Scrabble. Don’t forget Scrabble.

  6. TimH Says:

    #6 yeah, okay, all that and scrabble too.

  7. Ash Says:

    Scrabble is an excellent game for two old friends, isn’t it Spot?

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