Hire Veterans USA

Thanks to Instapundit and yes, even Daily Kos, for this link. If you can hire a hero, do. If not, donate, as I plan to.

Normally, I wouldn’t suggest reading Kos at all, but this particular article is well worth the read.

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17 Responses to “Hire Veterans USA”

  1. tizona Says:

    Excellent, Rebecca H. I just donated.

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    Kind of on the same track, 3 or 4 years back there was an organisation publicised on the Web where you could get addresses of Americans serving overseas and send them care packages. There were descriptions of the units and lists of things each small group (usually 10-40 people) would find useful. You sent them to an APO Box in the US and they went on from there. I sent a “guy” type package, my ex sent a “gal” type package, and we also sent a bunch of cheap-but-cute soft toys (koalas, kangaroos, etc) because they said things like that were good for handing out to local kids. We got so many personal thank-you notes, even though the website said not to expect any.

    Now I can’t remember for the life of me what that programme was or where the website was – and I don’t know whether that programme still exists. I think there was also a way you could order & pay for a phone card over the ‘Net and have it sent to a serving US soldier. Do any of you all know what I’m talking about, or where I would find something similar? Especially in light of our IDIOTIC Prime Minister’s latest stunt of kicking sand in the Yanks’ faces by prematurely withdrawing our troops, I’d like to do something like that again. Cheers.

  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    Thanks for that, Ash! I’ll look into those – from memory, the one we went through a few years ago was started by a mother who had 2 sons serving herself. If I can’t find the same one, I’ll pick one that looks good.

  4. Ash Says:

    No worries Spot. I think I saw the same organisation on Foxtel once, but I can’t remember what it was called.

    As for the stuffed toys, they give them to the kids, and the kids are significantly more likely to come up to the troops and tell them if they know of any wanted men or bombs and such, which is why the toys are so valuable.

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    We did a good deal with a tourist-type shop; they had “beany baby” type (not name brand) Australian animals and when we told the proprietor what they were for they sold us a dozen for what must have been close to cost for them. Maybe I can find some wombats this time around, LOL!

  6. Ash Says:

    That is a pretty good deal Spot. For wombat toys, you can’t go past Swanston St here in Melbourne. It’s got the biggest row of tourist type shops I’ve ever seen, and all dirt cheap.

  7. nilk Says:

    Spot, you’re thinking of Anysoldier.com? Or perhaps Soldier’s Angels.

    I always wanted to adopt a soldier, but could literally never afford to. I now have a mate over in Iraq, and we’ve been putting together some serious care packages to send over. Of course, they’re not just for my mate, but his team as well.

    No reason to forget the rest of the crew.

    Even email is appreciated, I’ve found, because it shows that we’ve not forgotten those in harm’s way.

    You can also Adopt a Sniper if you wish.

    Hire Veterans is fantastic, as it shows ways to look after our heroes after they come home along with looking after them while they are away.

  8. Ash Says:

    Thanks Nilk, I was thinking of Any Soldier. One of these days I need to adopt a soldier, because it’s an excellent idea. Small price to pay for the protection and freedoms they give.

  9. spot_the_dog Says:

    I’ve just looked at all the links, and I’m almost certain it was anysoldier.com. I’m glad to see they’re still around. The others all sound good too, but I know from experience that anysoldier works from Australia, so I’ll most likely pick someone from there. I feel so embarrassed that Rudd is pulling our boys (and girls!) out just to make a petty political point — the Yanks need to know that at least ordinary Australians still support what they’re doing.

  10. Ash Says:


    Gaze in awe at the power of the Interwebs! You ask, and the Interwebs provides!

    Rudd’s decision to pull out is so wrong, I think, on so many levels.

    I supported the war from the outset, but many people I know who didn’t don’t want to pull out, on the “We broke it, we fix it” principle. We went in there for various reasons (those who say it was just WMDs are wrong) and we should stay there, not only for support for the US and the rest of the Coalition, but because it’s the right thing to do.

    However, I can’t believe that the Government would tell us all of the reasons why it was necessary to go to war. They couldn’t do that and not put our national security in danger.

  11. spot_the_dog Says:

    The Interwebs ROCK! In ye olde steam-powered days, you used to thumbtack a hand-lettered request to a physical bulletin board and go back every day to check and see if anyone had responded!

  12. Ash Says:

    The Interwebs is awesome! It gives you Liberals (the party, not the “movement”… although they make me want to move) our dear Andrew Bolt to read.

    Sadly, you over yonder clearly listen to him more than we here do.

    As for ye olde steam-powered days, I used to live a 2 minute drive from this. Ye olde whistle at 3 am got very ye olde.

  13. Ash Says:

    The Mystery of On Topic to Off Topic:

    How does it go from veterans and their support to steam trains in less than ten comments?

  14. spot_the_dog Says:

    #13, I’d love to see a year’s worth of blog stats from AB’s site with a breakdown of where his hits come from. I know a lot of Sandgropers who read him regularly, although they never comment because that’s not really their style. And I’ve seen links to his columns in emails which have traveled far and wide. For a Melbourne columnist, he has an incredibly wide readership.

    #14, When I’m more awake, it would be fun to sort of diagram some of these threads that go wildly off-topic to illustrate just how they get from point A to point Z. But, time for bed now I’m afraid – can’t keep my eyes open much longer.

  15. Ash Says:

    #15 I’d love to see where his hits come from. He’s got to get them from all over the place.

    Regardless of what is said, they can’t be all that terribly widespread. Most I imagine, are Australian.

    In fact, I spent several years working in a mostly left industry – and many of my colleagues would talk about how Bolta is destroying Australian society… sure guys, yeah, real sure.

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