Update on Faine’s attempt to “cleanse” Australia of conservative commentators

A few days ago, Ash summarised ABC host Jon Faine’s attempt to shut debate in Australia by “cleansing” the media of conservatives pretty well in her title: This Is Disgraceful. (A post that has so far received a lot of hits – good pickup, Ash!)

Today, Andrew Bolt notes that this issue has now been picked up by commentators in the USA, including the Wall Street Journal‘s James Taranto.

Do not let this suggestion by a host of “our” State-run ABC (Australian Broadcast Corp) that since we elected a Labor (Left-wing) Government by a 53%-47% margin, newspapers and other media outlets should “rethink” the “relevance” of their right-wing commentators because they kind of represent the thinking that’s out of step with the result of the election in a way — fade quietly away.

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5 Responses to “Update on Faine’s attempt to “cleanse” Australia of conservative commentators”

  1. Rebecca H Says:

    Good work, Ash!

  2. Ash Says:

    Someone at Andrew Bolt’s also mentioned that because the election result was 53%-47%, we should alter the media landscape so that 53% of commentators are of the Left, and 47% of commentators are of the Right.

    Which would mean an awful lot of sackings, probably starting with Faine himself.

  3. nilk Says:

    Heh. Works for me, Ash.

  4. Ash Says:

    Me too Nilk. More conservatives would have to be employed though.

    And we should extend it a bit, have 53% Left – 47% Right at every media landscape, instead of just having Left media and Right media.

    Wouldn’t that make the Left suffer greatly?

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    Western Australia would probably need to put “Right Wing Commentator” on the Skilled Migration List, we’d need so many to reflect our latest Federal voting percentages!

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