How many murders committed per day in US?

Approximately 45 murders are committed each day in the U.S.


Thank God, we aren’t like those people in Iraq or Afghanistan, huh?

Yea, sure!

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  1. Rebecca H Says:

    Not to quibble with the point you’re trying to make here, but it’s easy to put up a post that says 45 murders a day are committed in the US without any kind of corroborating evidence. Where’s the proof? And how does this compare to other countries demographically?

  2. tizona Says:

    Dear Rebecca

    Crime in the United States
    by Community Type, 2006

    United States Total

    Population 1 Violent crime Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter Forcible rape Robbery Aggravated assault Property crime Burglary Larceny-theft

    299,398,484 1,417,745 17,034 92,455 447,403 860,853 9,983,568 2,183,746 6,607,013


    17,034 divided by 365 days = 46.6684931506849315068493 per day.

    17,034 divided by 366 days (leap year) = 46.540983606557377049180327868852 per day.

    Proof…………Lucky us, it drops during a leap year.

    Should you choose…look up “how does this compare to other countries demographically

    • A Says:

      I think Rebecca asked for PROOF, not more arbitrary numbers….

    • A Says:

      And yes, let’s thank “god” we don’t live in a place that encourages the killing of women who dare to speak their minds, or dare to try to stop a rape, or seek help from an abusive partner! We should be more like Iraq, and kill women for not being submissive! I think I’ll be happy to be an American and have the freedom to wear pants, thank you very much.

  3. Richard Francis Mc Donald Says:

    Is there data on the amount of murders committed on the USA’s election day, i.e., the quadrennial Tuesday after the first Monday in November? Thanks.

  4. dan domeracki Says:

    excellent information for graduate students

  5. Brett Says:

    Rebecca H,
    Is there a heart inside of your body or do you just not care because you are not related to any of these people. One is to many, wake up.

  6. d'alba Says:

    Lenine said “One death is a tragedy, 100’000 death is statistics”.
    If humans could feel pain for that many deaths, the emotions would be such that we would die…

    The fact that the USA is an extremely violent society is bot emotional and statistical. The problem is that the US (trough its army) is killing more world wide than its own statistics. In Irak only, the US army is directly responsible for over 200’000 deaths (big part of them being just innocent people, children, elderly, woman). Do you feel something about this statistic, does it make your hamburger any sweeter, what about the price of you gazoline. Remember, every single gallon of gas you purchase is tinted with the blood of the millons of people that the USA killed world wide in its short history (by world wide i mean in Japan, Europe, Africa, Middle Est, South America, etc..)

    • Brianna Says:

      You talk like you are not from America, if you are where is your loyalty to your country?
      The soldiers across the seas are merely fighting for what they believe in. They cannot help what other countries are stupidly doing. If they choose to fight in their streets & risk the lives of their innocent ones, well be it. If you are referring to World War Two when you say the Japanese, it would have been rather idiotic of us not to have bombed their country. If we would have simply stood by, our country would now be controlled by Japan. Sorry, but just because we are not ignorant people does not mean we are brutal murderers. Sure America has done things we probably should not have, but really what other country hasn’t? Japan bombed Pearl Harbor first, Germany messed with our allies (sorry we are loyal), people from the middle east has bombed our planes & killed many of our people. If you say that it is an injustice to fight back, what exactly do you believe in? If you are referring to the slaves by putting Africa as an example, they were enslaving each other & selling their own kind to the colonist. America was not the only country that acted in slavery either. China, Egypt, Rome, and many Muslim countries have once or are now practicing slavery. So if you would like any more statistics please go look them up. Now does America seem like such a barbaric country?

    • bingbing Says:

      Well said, Brianna.

    • Not Me Says:

      Perhaps someday Brianna may come to learn that the world is not the Hollywood world of heros vs. villains as the John Wayne movies have taught her so well…. Patriotism used to stand for something, with technology it has become irrelevant, and now it is simply a tool used by politicians to convince the public that wars are just, and the terrible consequences acceptable, if not desirable. Millions of people from around the world collaborate online, every day, in peace. Multinational corporations and organizations embodying dozens of nationalities and tens of thousands of people drive forward in achievement every day, every month, every year. Yet when it comes to religion and wealth of natural resources, suddenly we are instructed that there are political and ideological differences which are unresolvable save for aggressions and force. It is often said that wars are waged for politicians’ careers and bank accounts, while soldiers on the battlefield fight only so that their fellow soldiers and friends may live to see another day. Barbarism takes many forms, and one need not to have blood on their hands to be guilty of the sin.

    • ed Says:

      Brianna, if you’re so “loyal” why not jump in 1939 instead of 1941 after Pearl Harbor was bombed?

    • ed Says:

      as well. the us in in irac for oil nothing else the us soldiers don’t decide where they are the politicians do. God are you that naive? are you that brain washed? You’re typical. go watch americas greatest whatever. God help us!

    • stasi Says:

      we do not use that oil here for gasoline. Europe does!Most of our oil is bought elsewhere . we only buy 11% of our oil from the mid east! Check it out but I am with you on the killings!

    • A Says:

      And how many Iraqis kill their own people? IEDs do not discriminate, I’ve seen women and children blown up by al qaeda. Also, you forgot to mention it is perfectly legal to rape and kill women and children for being disobedient. In the US, that is a severely punished crime.

      Brianna, I thank you for your understanding, support, and patriotism.

  7. gil Says:

    Rubbish!!! others START it……we FINISH it! And THAT pisses off a lot of people. So stop with the blame America crap. Every country on earth has a higher standard of living than ever before….some countries actually have been brought into the 20th century do to American business, trade and aide…..So shut the hell up..You don’t know what you are talking about. American money, know-how and blood has flowed around the world for many decades. How much money, know-how and the sacrifice of others in the world have helped to enrich the US???? ZERO! Again, Shut up, get a job, and mind your own business….OH..if you don’t like America, you dont have to come here and if you are already here, you are MORE than welcome to leave!

    • (: Says:


    • godson Says:

      the iraqes never started anything with the u.s. we accused them of harboring terroist and having weapons of mass destruction which they never had. if anything america was the the terroist to Iraq wrongfully invading a country under the guise of Iraqie freedom. They would be fine and dandy if the the Iraq people ask for our assistance. The bottomline the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been a huge financial aswell as human waste of money and time and it is costing this nation dearly. America is no safer since the invasion infact we are more valunarable than before. Also gill there have been no country that the U.S. has historically help to bring into the 21st century as you so call it. We actually have fared better at destablizing and sabotaging nation case in point the failed coup attempt of Venezuela Hugo Chavez in 2002. A well known and well respected M.I.T professor by the name of Noam Chomsky said it best that America is the biggest terroist in the world. But with that being said it is not us the citizen who are enacting these crimes it is our outta control goverment and if we as American allow this to continue to happen than we might as well be pulling the trigger ourselves and that not what I think you or I want. So we must begin the regining in our goverment or face the wolves of revenge from the world.

    • eljeffee Says:

      god son is an idiot. I guess he missed the killing of 100,000 kurds by sadam . guess he also missed the invasion of kuwait . USA had just been attacked and when you attack the big guy you had better make it clear what side your on. all sadam had to do was state that he had no weapons of mass destruction.thus , no invasion. also like to point out that god son makes his or her points from the saftey of the USA not from some mud hut in Iraq. chomskey is a marxist socialist who is admired by all the other progressives. he also would not leave the safety of the USA

  8. jooey Says:

    somebody said US troops are killing women and children. Hey genius terrorists strap bombs to kids stick them up donkeys butts and push them at US troops. What about the million of people killed by Saddam. Oh I guess that was OK huh. Yeah call me heartless but I would have rather let the Muslims kill each other like they were doing between tribes before we showed up on the seen. How ever since we did get involved yes I’m sure some people were killed in cross fire. especially seeing as terrorists used women as shields. Oh and theres these really smart dudes who think they are martyrs for blowing themselves up on a bus full of their country men. brilliant. It’s gotta be a bummer when they find out that a martyr is someone who get’s killed for his beliefs by an opposing group for doing nothing wrong. not someone who commits suicide with intent to commit homicide. Read Fox’s book of martyrs if ya want to hear about real martyrs.

  9. Eli Says:

    Brianna, Japan was going to surrender prior to us killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. It would do you some good to learn a little bit of history. Watching Pearl Harbor the movie doesn’t count 🙂

    And Joey. Saddam was a tyrant, but we killed over a million Iraqis just in sanctions alone while Clinton was in office. ANd now, they don’t use children to attack troops nor do they use human shields that myth is a myth that has been used since Roman times.But we do use highly sophisticated weaponry that is so efficient that it takes out 100+ civilians at a time. I guess it’s ok though, you don’t have to see any of the dead bodies because our media is all corporate bullshit. Keep perpetuating the lie that USA is #1 and that our continuing support of Israels genocide of Palestine, as well as the thousands of Muslims we kill yearly isn’t the reason behind the Muslim world hating us. SOmeday you shitbags will wake up.

    • bingbing Says:

      SOmeday you shitbags will wake up.

      No. Someday you might. It’s pieces of shit like you who are breaking down Western Civilisation.

      Don’t have kids. I say this for two reasons. One; you’re a moron, and we have enough of those already. Two; if the type of world you think you want ever comes into being, life won’t be worth living for your kids.

    • Marine Says:

      First of all, Eli you’re ignorant.
      I guess the the fire fights we (i) got into in Iraq, coming from a house, and us shooting back only to find out they had a family held hostage isn’t considered using “women and children” as shields?? Hmm…maybe if you took some time to actually SERVE your country, like myself, you’d be a little more enlightened.
      Also, Us bombing Japan wasn’t just for Japans sake, it was a wake up call for the WORLD…the U.S. isn’t a country to mess with…of course Japan was going to surrender, they’d resorted to kamikaze bombing, their leaders were “planning” to surrender only after they took as many U.S. lives as possible, just like Hitler was “planning” world domination. Get your facts straight and open your eyes before you speak, you just might see who your audience is.

      And the U.S. killed over a million people due to sanctions? It’s called Dictatorship, and Saddam took all that aid for himself and his regime. THATS why all those people died as a result of our aid. Not because we gave aid. Can you connect the dots you F-ing moron? Go back to France…i’m sure they’d take you. I seriously hate people like you, but i still serve my country so you have the opportunity to run your suck and write your dumbass remarks like you did.
      Semper Fi.

    • alona Says:

      actually they do use human shields. you want to tell someone to look something up, why dont you get your facts straight?

    • Tyler Says:

      actually they werent going to surrender.thier emperor surrendered after the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki.maybe you should learn some history!

  10. Cpl P Says:

    Gentlemen, I believe that was the last word….”Those that can, do, and those that can’t, teach”…Semper Fi my fellow Teufel Hunden….

  11. Timothy Says:

    How the hell did we get to the topic of Iraq? I think the conversation probably could have stopped at Dan Domeracki’s comment. This wasn’t a question of morals or politics. Just statistics.

  12. helena munoz Says:

    Tizona, I apologies for people like Brianna and Binbang. It is great to find somebody an intelligent, racional and well informed human been like you. (English is my fourth language, I am sorry for my grammar) I have an MS in sociology. you are writing facts.
    Thank you

    • bingbing Says:

      I’m also an English teacher (and part of the admin team for this blog). The following correction is not me being condescending in any way. I’ll use UK spelling.

      Tizona, I apologise for people like Brianna and Bingbing. It is great to find somebody who is an intelligent, rational, and well informed human been like you. (English is my fourth language. I am sorry for my grammar.) I have an MS in sociology. You are writing facts.

      Thank you.

      Yes. English can be a tough language. Try using Firefox. Its automatic spell checker goes a long way.

      Sorry, but do you actually read this blog?

      An idiom in common English language usage is, “read between the lines”. Since English isn’t your first language, I’ll explain what it means in this case.

      Fuck off.

    • Grow up people. Says:

      What exactly is wrong with Brianna’s comments? She is just speaking her thoughts just as we all are. I find nothing wrong with “BingBing”s either.

  13. TorontoGuy Says:

    Who is my enemy,who is my friend.”Sad that the line’s on a map often decide this,but who is deciding this for us. Men who work you like a puppet,patriotism…It’s a wonderful shield to hide behind,when your ordered to kill a stranger…Where I come from” We call it murder “…I am Proud to be known the world abroad as “A PEACE KEEPER”… I sleep well at night,do you???But why wouldn’t you,your the good guys.. =)

  14. chuck2251 Says:

    i would like to see a murders by age table..4 the u.s.

  15. JR Says:


    • yeah.. Says:

      This whole website is cluttered with senseless things that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic and so people are actually quite rude on here. Brianna Japan was NOT going to give up, don’t listen to the others. They DO use human shields, I lived over there for 2 years, I think I would know. The reason why the US is saying there are so many murders is because it is true. Have you heard of the drug cartel? yeah I would say it would be safe to visit some places in Mexico, but I wouldn’t be out at night. Also you can find trouble in any city.

    • Jesse Says:

      You are an idiot. If you look at statistics, the majority of murders committed here in the United States are committed by minorities, such as Mexicans. Go down to Los Angeles or up to Oakland, try Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, hell, even Oklahoma City and Chicago. The majority of crimes in all of these cities are committed by Hispanics, except Chicago, where blacks are responsible for most of the crime. Also, the Latin Kings, the largest Hispanic gang in the country, was founded in Chicago in the 1940’s. Maybe if people that weren’t American left this country, it wouldn’t be so violent. As Mexicans move here, all they do is make the U.S. more like shithole Mexico.

  16. Mike Says:

    Ok, assuming 45/day is accurate, how about you divide that 45 by 305,000,000 (2010 Census)?!
    How’s that for a ratio? .00005 % yearly.
    Not bad I’d say…

  17. sorajaz Says:

    you know what? There has always been war. And there will always be war! That is a sad fact. The world you idiots live in. simply doesn’t exist! The muslim nation has been threatening us for decades. you act like 9/11 never happened. when a war starts you cannot control what happens how long it lasts or the outcome. WAKE UP!!!

  18. AllanL Says:

    The United States, alone, has been responsible for the deaths of ten of millions of people in the last 60 years. I know of no other country with such a dismal record. But I am sure that the ignorant can find one or more.

  19. Jeremy Says:

    Brianna, I think you do have a lot to learn. Patriotism is a good thing, but only to a point. The citizens of the United States should not allow themselves to be brainwashed by right-wing media propaganda and the pledge of allegiance.

    For example, we probably did have alternatives to NUKING Japan. The move was a display of power and sheer animosity. There may have been another way.

    All of the arguments being made here are stupid and one-sided. For instance, 9/11. I’m so tired of hearing that from flag-wavers that really have no clue what the actual event entailed or who was really behind it.

    Is it really a valid excuse to invade sovereign nations that ended up having little or nothing to do with it? Ironically, Osama bin Laden was found in the ALLIED country of Pakistan, not Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I’m not claiming to have all the answers, or that we shouldn’t be at war. I just wanted to point out that these same ignorant arguments (on both sides) are regressive and indicate that their makers have no real political understanding and are content to spew out the same crap they hear on Fox and CNN every day.



    • Col. Milquetoast Says:



      Of course, that’s exactly what I’d expect an oblivious sheep to say.

    • steve Says:

      You should take your own advice.

  20. Michael Says:

    In response to Sorajaz, you say that the muslims have been after the Americans for years. Yes, time for another history lesson. The Americans trained and funded Mr. Osama Bin Laden back in the early 80’s in his war with the Russians, watched him turn Afganistan into a parking lot, and then left him in the rubble of what was left of the country. Gee, wonder why he got a bit ticked off. Having said that, in no way shape or form do I condone his or any other terrorist actions. What I am saying is sometimes the Americans cause their own problems. The monster was created, he got out of control, and then the monster had to be destroyed.

  21. Steve B. Says:

    Where is the data as to who is committing the murders and how did this go from murder in the USA to all this tripe about 9/11 etc. We are a violent nation but if you look closely you will find most murders are made by people of color trying to control a spot. drug dealers, gang bangers or other crimes. Yes there are other murders but they usually have a motive and are the result of someone feeling like they have no other choice not like what we see today as the first choice. When you come from countries where life isn’t precious what do you think will happen here.

  22. Maxmill Says:

    I’m sorry but i must say most of you jump to conclusions or are not living in a real world. I will try to contradict no one, but will simply put in my 2 cents. The world we live in is not full of butterflies and flowers. There’s war. There’s death. There’s sickness. WE cannot stop these things because despite the fact that we live in a free country were we elect a representative to voice our opinions, we still don’t hold the power to change the things we really care about. Marine, I thank you for serving your country with a heart of pride, and i believe what you saw there was probably truly terrible. But you (and others on this blog) have simply generalized the situation there as everyone there is an angry terrorist waiting to kill us all. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that people like that don’t exist, just not that EVERYONE there is like that. The fact is, our country starts wars left and right, for things that the public doesn’t know about. Some of them are truly for the purposes they say, others are for reasons hidden from the public, and possibly for no reason at all. But we are not the only country that does this, and we are not to blame for the whole worlds problems. I love my country, despite the fact that we have our bad moments (like any country). What we all need to learn is that we don’t need to simply have “country pride” or “religious pride”, but have world pride. This is all our world that we live on and we need to see that were all human and all have problems. That’s all i have to say, argue if you will.
    p.s. I am a junior in high school and managed to join this conversation without yelling (putting in all caps) or calling anyone names. Learn to try and talk more reasonable than others, not just louder than others.

  23. Okean Says:

    Hello people,
    there’s an opinion that US supports radical muslims. The announcing killing of Osama Bin Laden right now (on the 2nd of may) is an end point in the ‘war on terrorism’, the main idea is to say: there’s no bad man now there, “let’s support those forces in our interests”.
    Supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt an other countries of the region, pronouncing returning of Israel to the former borders and bombing Lybia with direct air support of al-Qaeda forces there in Lybia – is a new world order and new age of outer policy of US.
    What is it against and why is it so?

    It’s against China, first of all. A new economic leader in the world, that US cannot stand of. US will be supporting revolutions in countries of ‘Big South’ that will stop Big Far East (China, Vietnam, India) – those, who can even come close to the economy and military power equal to US.
    There’s a first and direct US interest in spreading terrorists and unstable regions all over “Big Far East” and even Europe. It’s really great to make fighting Pakistan and India – to stop India’s economy growth. It’s good to envolve China in inner or outer conflict.
    That’s what US is trying to do supporting appropriate forces all over those regions.

    I’m not saying you people are bad or something. I’m just trying to analyze processes taking place in the world. I’m trying to find out wether someone cares about what’s happening and where it goes to or just takes everything ‘as it is’.

    Let’s discuss it?

  24. Scott Says:

    I live in Australia, 6 per year, aren’t you glad we don’t live in one of those country’s like the united states where it happens almost in every state each day. It’s because the gun laws are so goddamn loose

    • Okean Says:

      Agree with both of your replies.
      I like the way US propaganda works: many americans really think they are living in the best country in the world…

  25. Scott Says:

    United states is a civilly violent developed country

  26. Bruce Says:

    I live in Australia too – and I am sure if our population was 305,000,00 we would have a high murder rate too – it’s simple…… the more people the more crime!

  27. Common Sense Says:

    It is crazy how people here in america can back, and feel prideful of actions that our elect politicians are committing. I have a lot i would like to say and if i really spoke my mind i could complete a book on my thoughts, but i will be very brief. The only militaristic actions i would ever condone from the USA, are those committed in Europe during WWII. Pearl Harbor, 911, the war on terror, communism, socialists, are not justifiable enough to destroy countries, and leave them in peril for generations of human life. We live in a state of “we are the best” and “no-one can tells us what to do” while other countries look at us as bullies. America should use heir money and resources as the #1 nation to aid in constructive and not destructive ways. For example, how can you win a war on “terror”, terror it self is not a group of people and it is not an entity you can just bomb/shoot away. terror is a way of thinking, and as long as humans are humans terror will exist, so instead of killing thousands and millions, america should reach out in ways that displays human-co-existence; i bet people in this country believed that once we kill Osama then the war on terror will be won; it simple brainwashing point and case, only thing you are doing is angering future generations that will pledge to commit terror because America bombed their village, or killed their loved ones; the war on terror is really fueling more terror, as we simply committing terror. And to be honest Afghan, and Iraq are just wars initiated to rob those countries in order to support this counties consuming habits, how is it possible that our oil prices go down/stay even while prices in Europe and other countries are skyrocketing; investigate this fact. Hitler proved that propaganda and media can be the best tool in controlling masses, and Americans daily allow themselves to be brainwashed. Why don’t we watch more jersey shore, listen to fox news, and worship Kim Kardashian, while others starve next door. I am sick of people saying “oh hes a communist” , “he is a socialist” and can hate someone for their beliefs. Religion itself is a huge lie, it is the most oppressive tool ever created to brainwash. I am an atheist, but i have done many charitable things in my life and i am only 22, i don’t need to go to church and donate my money to collection, i rather go out and personally hand someone my money, and talk with the person i am giving it to. Jesus never talked about, bishops, popes,priests,cardinals etc.. all he ever said was be kind to your neighbor. yet radical religious people are the most hating individuals in the world, much blood has been shed over religion in history.
    I apologize for my rant so i will end it here…maybe i should start a blog, but for now i will leave you with this rant and pair of questions, and a statement. Ask yourself one thing why was U.S.A government attempting to censor the internet? and why are world leaders always involved in some for of a secrete society? why do humans believe their the only living entity in the unforeseen universe?. Lets work together to create World Peace or at best a world co-existence as humans will always kill and will always hate; Americans being right at the top of the list. True co-existence can only start in the USA so lets reach for goals such energy and food for all mankind.

  28. amswitzer Says:

    In Canada, there were 598 murders in 2011, compared to 19,034 in the USA. Assuming that the US’s population is 10 times that of Canada, then if Canada had the same murder rate, there would have been 5,980 murders in Canada. So the US is at about 52 murders per day, while in Canada, it’s just 1.6 per day. Again, accounting for the difference in population, all things being equal, Canada’s would see 16 murders per day while the US sees 52.

    By the way, the crime rate in Canada in 2011 was at its lowest level since the early 1970’s.

  29. A Loon Says:

    When someone slaps you and …
    a. you slap that person back; its a natural reaction.
    b. you do nothing; its a unnatural reaction.
    c. you smile back and convince the slapper why its wrong to abuse others; you’re a loon., a saint.

    I’ll like to be called a loon too, like you “Common Sense”, because loons change lives, not destroy lives. Jesus was a loon, so was Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and many other peace loving souls.

    You cannot overcome violence with violence. Violence only begets violence. You can subdue violence with violence, but for how long? Once the other parties get strong enough, or think that they are strong enough, the dance will begin again.
    Like what another famous loon said, “Let’s give Peace a Chance”.

  30. The real “INFAMOUS” role model of scandals and corruption- Part 1/3 « iLook China Says:

    […] to the Tizona Group, “approximately 45 murders are committed each day in the […]

  31. Terje Jirovsky Says:

    I am writing from Sweden, a country in northern Europe, about the size of California with a population of 9 millions.
    Here 31 police officers have been killed in the line of duty since 1900, in 112 years! All murderers except one has been convicted. Yes we have weapons in Sweden and we are a hunting nation but handguns are rare, no automatic weapons for private use. You must think again if you want your kids to grow up safe. I have a revolver cal 22 (only singel shot…) 2 shotguns incl a Remington semiautomatic and 3 rifles.- 6 weapons is maximum….

  32. antiusa Says:

    The f****ng yanks just love killing, whether it’s people or animals they don’t care, it’s a control thing and the disgusting gun culture. The native indians were slaughtered because the white American didn’t agree with their way of life or beliefs.
    Then they turned on the black Americans and tried to suppress and control them. My god why did the communists think they would go unnoticed. No they didn’t go much on them either but got their arse kicked in Vietnam. While we’re on about Vietnam, remember all the chemical weapons the Yanks used. They don’t seem too keen on anybody else possibly using them, funny that. Now it’s the Muslims and another war they cannot win.
    One guy on here said America was in Iraq for the oil, he is dead right.
    Bush and Blair lied to the world about weapons of mass destruction, if anyone wants to find weapons of mass destruction, head to America I guarantee they will have plenty.
    I for one couldn’t give a flying f**k if America completely disappeared of the face of the earth.
    No I am not black, communist, muslim or native indian

    • Adam Pierce Says:

      Well here we go….. antiusa Thank you for saying something about the Native Americans. As for the rest of you let me tell you this. The United Stats a.k.a. The white man is an infectious cancer that has destroyed this planet. We take and consume everything because we are better than you…. NOT!!! We are a modern day God King Xerxes. Tell me we are not go for it . But you tell me how many countries is United States not in 45 out of 195 yeah your right were not. We are worse. Things will never change there will always be somebody in control and we are the biggest on the planet and you know when your the biggest there is always some one bigger. It is time for a great change.

    • DaleTesch Says:

      I’m a yank…I don’t love killing…Take it easy man…Peace out.
      You can hate our government….but don’t hate us….

  33. bill lawless Says:

    the war going on is right here in usa.there are 100,000 gang members in chicago.politicians can you focus on the real war.90 palestinians were killed in a week and the averages say in that same period 325 americans were murdered here.i do not want my tax money supporting syria,palestine,iraq ,or anyone afghanistan we are training thier military and those same people are killing the people training them.theres a ton of money being wasted in other places that could be used here.i think our government would rather worry about people smoking weed than protecting the people paying thier salary.

  34. DaleTesch Says:

    The emperor of japan attempted suicide but was saved by a blood transfusion from an American G.I.

  35. James Says:

    The people in Iraq and Afghanistan can’t help it . Look who there leader was .? Look who is running those countries teaching them to be like who ? Oh that right the united state of America so were exactly like them . Those are good hard working people over there it’s that one group the Taliban and there every where so why don’t you look into the facts before you make stupid comments genius .

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