House to Debate Contempt Charges for Bush Advisers

WASHINGTON —  The House is poised to bring contempt of Congress resolutions to the floor Thursday against former White House Counsel Harriet Miers and Chief of Staff Josh Bolten.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, contends the two did not comply with subpoenas issued by his panel, which is seeking information about the firing of U.S. attorneys.

Conyers and his committee are taking this stand “with great reluctance,” he said in a statement Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, it is a step that is clearly necessary to preserve the role and constitutional prerogatives of Congress as an institution, in addition to getting to the bottom of the U.S. Attorney controversy,” the statement says.

Miers and Bolten could be arrested and prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia if they are found to be in contempt of Congress.

Such action could lead to a stalemate, however, because the Bush Administration says it won’t prosecute Miers and Bolten.

“If the House had nothing better to do, this futile partisan act would be a waste of time,” White House Press Secretery Dana Perino said. “Unbelievably, it is being considered in place of legislation to make us safer, address concerns in the housing market, improve health care conditions for our veterans, reauthorize No Child Left Behind or open new overseas markets for U.S. goods and services, among other bills.”

See what OUR Left does with OUR Taxpayer Dollars?

John Conyers, is fourth from the left, with these Islamics. In what is called…READY? The Islamic House Of Wisdom

Damn near time, for another Civil War!

SO PISSED, I forgot…Fox News

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MP Dennis Jensen on the ‘stolen generations’ and why he abstained from the vote

Dennis Jensen was one of the Liberal MPs who abstained from the vote yesterday on Kevin Rudd’s sorry. Read on for his explanation. In it, he confronts Rudd with the truths of the “stolen generation” – and of the plight even today of Aboriginal children like them.

You might think Rudd must know all this already, but Jensen points out that this new saviour of the Aboriginal people never before this day showed great interest in them:

He was the mandarin (appropriate term there, I think), who was in charge of the bureaucracy during the term of the Goss Labor government. What policies came out of that period to reduce the plight of the Aboriginal people?

Well, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he has seen the light subsequent to becoming the Member for Griffith and coming to this place. So, I searched Parlinfo, for Rudd’s speeches in Hansard.

For the search term “aboriginal” I got 2 hits – one about a local primary school and the other his speech in response to Howard’s aboriginal initiative last year, in which he supports Howard.

For “aboriginals” – 0 hits. For “ATSIC” – 0 hits. For “native welfare” – 0 hits.

So much for his genuine concern on the plight of the Aboriginal people of Australia.

But read it all: Read the rest of this entry »

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Picture is from Dminor’s Link…How Sweet, eh? What this picture represents, is A LIE!


Had your FGM, sweetheart?

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Prepare for the Wrath of Allah.

Editors risk Muslim fury with cartoon reprint.

From the article:

At least 17 Danish newspapers printed a controversial cartoon of Prophet Muhammed today, vowing to defend freedom of expression a day after police foiled a murder plot against the cartoonist.

A spokesman for Copenhagen’s largest mosque, the Amagerbro Mosque, told reporters that there are no protests planned. “We recognise the right to freedom of speech, and although many in my congregation have expressed their intent to boycott any newspaper which reprints these cartoons, we have all agreed that any form of violence would constitute an unecessary and disproportionate response.”

 OK, I might have made that paragraph up.

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Mal Brough on The ‘Lost Generation’

In today’s The Australian, former Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough warns of a new “Lost Generation” of Aboriginal Australians.

* * *

ON the same day Canberra hosted the symbolism of an apology to the Stolen Generations, the man who led John Howard’s intervention into Northern Territory indigenous communities used a Sydney forum to warn of a new “lost generation” of Aboriginal Australians.

“I don’t hold a great deal of hope,” Mal Brough said in a devastating critique of the reality of Aboriginal life.

Speaking at a dinner for Quadrant magazine in Sydney, the former indigenous affairs minister said he could take people to Aboriginal towns today that were rife with child abuse, disease and appalling housing.

Before he lost his Queensland seat in the Coalition’s election defeat, Mr Brough was the driving force behind the Howard government’s $1.6 billion intervention into communities in the Territory. “If I’d had my way I would have gone into every state, certainly Western Australia,” he said last night.

In his concession speech on November 24, Mr Brough implored the new Labor Government to continue the intervention, designed to tackle endemic child abuse.

Mr Brough said he did not want to detract from Kevin Rudd’s apology. But he rejected the policy of reversing a key measure of the intervention to reintroduce the permit system, which limits access to communities for members of the media and other outsiders.

“It is apartheid,” he said of the permit system. “The only reason they are in place is race-based. I have heard NT police say permits help keep baddies out. Why then do 45 out of 45 towns in the NT have sexual abuse problems?”

Mr Brough said if animals were forced to live in the conditions that many Aborigines endured “the RSPCA would go in and charge the owners and the owners would be on A Current Affair tomorrow night”.

“What is it that is preventing us as a country from actually dealing with this?” he asked.

“East Timor has its president wounded and we have 90 police on the ground the next day and 120 soldiers.”

In contrast, Victoria had taken months to send any police to the NT as part of the intervention.

Mr Brough said it was “sad” that some people had turned their back when Brendan Nelson gave his response to the apology in parliament yesterday. The Opposition Leader was criticised for raising the horrific cases of abuse still suffered by children in Aboriginal communities.

“What Brendan Nelson said today was the truth,” Mr Brough said. “Nothing he said today was wrong and nothing should have been offensive.”

Mr Brough chronicled some of the appalling conditions existing in Aboriginal Australia. In one community health workers recently found 300 rat bites on children, caused by a fight between two community organisations who had rat baits over who should put them out.

In another town with 90 males, 15 faced charges of sexual assault against eight six-year-olds. Most of the alleged offenders were aged between 10 and 15.

Mr Brough said political correctness was one of the major problems confronting those who wanted to bring about change. He said Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson had made many of the same warnings years ago that he had made as minister, yet Mr Dodson was not ridiculed.

He said one Aborigine had told him that many of the problems dated back to the welfare policies of the Whitlam Labor government. He said it had given “sit-down” money and had created a welfare dependency with no expectations of doing anything in return.

* * *

These statements are nothing new to people familiar with Mr Brough’s 2007 Deakin Lecture. In one part of that talk, he tells of an Aboriginal woman who says of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and child abuse, “Their mental capabilities will be such that the culture of their forefathers will be lost forever, never to be regained. My plea is, please understand my story. Save at least one half of my generation from total physical and mental annihilation.”

People dress up self-determination, they dress up land rights, they dress up all sorts of nuances of arguments. Really in their heart they are saying that the right of a child to be born and to be safe and to have an education and to have an opportunity in this country is somehow below that of these other niceties that don’t even reflect anything of what occurs in their life.

When is the right of a child going to be more important than any other single thing we do?

–Mal Brough, October 2, 2007

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Courtesy of our dear friend, MentalFloss. Everyone smile and wave to Floss. God Damnit Swinish, you have spinach between your teeth…LOL.

Tim Blair

Click on the links MentalFloss has put in…Thank you.

Imad Muganiyah:

Mughniyah has been implicated in many of terrorist attacks in the 1980s and 1990s, primarily American and Israeli  targets. These include the April 18, 1983 bombing of the United States embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, which killed 63 people including 17 Americans. He was later blamed for the October 23, 1983 simultaneous truck bombings; against French paratroopers and the U.S. Marine barracks. The attacks killed 58 French soldiers and 241 Marines. On September 20, 1984, he attacked the US embassy annex building. The United States indicted him (and his collaborator, Hassan Izz al-Din) for the June 14, 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847, which resulted in the death of US Navy diver Robert Stethem.[7]

He was also linked to numerous kidnappings of Westerners in Beirut through the 1980s, most notably that of Terry Anderson. Some of these individuals were later killed, such as U.S. Army Colonel William Francis Buckley. The remainder were released at various times until the last one, Terry Anderson was released in 1991.

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Beefmom Wins the Bronze!

My mother is one of the most famous breeder-owners of Lhasa Apso show dogs in the United States, and this year – for the third time – she was invited to the Westminster Kennel Club’s big to-do in New York City. This is the fucking Olympics of dog shows, in case you don’t know, and she is always happy just to get to go: “I love to wear my mink in New York.” 🙂 That’s Beefmom.

Well, this year – the third time being the charm – she finally finally got an Award of Merit with her bitch Girl Friday. For the dog-show-clueless, Best in Breed is the Gold Medal. If a dog (male) gets it, then the Silver, Best of Opposites goes to the best bitch (female), and vice versa. Two Awards of Merit are given, one each to a dog and a bitch: It’s really like half way between a Silver and a Bronze, because both are the second best of their sex at the show.

This is really, really fucking cool. My mom rocks.


Not mom’s dog, but she looks a whole lot like that. I’ll post some “official” pics later… once I peel Beefmom off the ceiling.

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Miss Elise goes to Washington.

Gina Elise, the beauty + brains of Pinups For Vets, visited Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington DC this past weekend. Regulations prohibited her taking her camera inside, as I understand, but she does have a few external shots here.

Gina receives an honourable mention from the Boston Herald in this article, and maybe Herald deserves some sort of honourable mention too. The Pinups For Vets campaign has been pretty much a grass-roots effort; mainstream media in the US doesn’t seem too interested in the story of a determined young lady who’s doing her part for the troops at home and abroad.

PS: Pinups For Vets has made it to youtube.

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Nancy Pelosi is Insane

This is hilarious proof that Nancy Pelosi suffers from deep seated psychological problems, not the least of which is denial about the US successes in Iraq.

Ask any criminal psychologist what rapid blinking indicates. And no, it’s not, “her contacts were drying out.”

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Bill Clinton campaign chief backs Obama…Scary. The Hussein Wave, Rises.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The man who served as national manager of former President Clinton‘s 1992 campaign plans to endorse Sen. Barack Obama, an aide to Obama said Wednesday.

Obama’s campaign planned a 1 p.m. conference call Wednesday to announce the endorsement by David Wilhelm, who later became chairman of the Democratic National Committee, according to an aide who spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement would be made public later in the day.

Wilhelm planned to tell reporters that Obama can build a coalition of Democrats, independents and Republicans needed to win the general election.

The rest to be found at Yahoo/AP

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To and For All…I receive a weekly newsletter from: Medical News Today. It has absolutely SCADS of links relating to damn near every ailment that affects, humans. Should you choose, register (yea, I know) to receive this yourself.

Subject:   Weekly Medical News Newsletter – 11 February 2008

Dear Subscriber,Welcome to the latest Medical News Today Newsletter. Here are your medical news links from the past 7 days (below).THESE are a FEW of the links, in the Newsletter…..SPONSORED LINK


** ABORTION News **

Actions Taken On Women’s Health Legislation In Tenn., Okla., Mo.

McCain Reiterates Opposition To Abortion, Says He Would Appoint Strict Constructionist Judges To Supreme Court

Antiabortion Group Files Suit Against S.D. School District For Denying Requests To Hold Meetings In School

Kansas Supreme Court Blocks Grand Jury Subpoena Of Abortion Provider Tiller’s Records

California Challenge To Federal Abortion Law Undecided After Three Years, San Francisco Chronicle Reports

Washington Post Profiles Romanian Abortion-Related Film

Tiller Attorneys Begin Compiling Medical Records To Grand Jury For Examination

NOW Chapter Criticizes Obama’s Present Votes On Abortion-Related Bills As Illinois Senator

FDA Should Reinspect Chinese Plant That Makes Mifepristone, Editorial Says

Actions Taken On Women’s Health-Related Legislation, Proposals In Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia

Huckabee Criticizes Romney For Changing Positions On Abortion-Rights, Other Issues

OK, OK…I shortened the fucking list…HAPPY NOW?…LOL.

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To be fair AND honorable…YEAH, ME…:).

Received this reply to my email…..From:

Carleton S. Finkbeiner, Mayor, City of Toledo

And a reply to him from: Lt. Colonel Piccoli, U.S. Marine Corps.

Subject:   Statement from Mayor Carty Finkbeiner re. Marine Corps.

Thank you for your thoughts.  Your message will be conveyed to the Mayor.  Attached is the Mayor’s Statement to the Media and a statement from Lt. Colonel Piccoli, U.S. Marine Corps on this issue.Statement from Mayor Carty Finkbeiner -Regarding U.S. Marine Corps.

February 10, 2008 Frank Szollosi can play politics with anything.  It is what he does best.

Today, I spoke with Major Jeff Brooks of the United States Marine Corps. I conveyed my sincere regret for the failure to communicate within the administration and any inconvenience that caused the U.S. Marine Corps. 

I also conveyed, as my staff did on Friday, that we would make available abandoned buildings for Marine training outside of the CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT (CBD).

I concluded by reviewing my belief that the CBD, particularly on a weekday afternoon, was not available for military staging operations.  10,000 – 14,000 men and women would have been departing their offices in downtown Toledo on Friday afternoon with a major military training action unfolding – including the use of weapons being discharged with blanks.

My interest is not only in supporting the U.S. military wherever and whenever such support is sought, but also protecting the health, peace, and tranquility of Toledoans in every way possible.

For those who disagree with my priorities in terms of safeguarding Toledoans, we may disagree, but you have my respect.

Statement from Lt. Colonel Piccoli – U.S. Marine Corps
February 11, 2008

Although our planned training event for Company A, 1st Battalion, 24th
Marine Regiment from Grand Rapids, Mich., did not occur over the weekend in the Central Business District of Toledo, Ohio, we greatly appreciate the commitment of the city leaders and the support of the citizens of Toledo to assist us with future training opportunities in the Toledo area.

As the Marine Corps has done in myriad cities in the past, which includes Columbia, S.C. (2003), New Orleans (2004), Savannah, Ga. (2005), and Hampton Roads, Va. (2006), we’ll continue to work very closely with community leaders, law enforcement personnel, members of the media and private citizens to ensure our training does not adversely impact them.  Such training, coupled with governmental and civic support, enables the U.S. Marine Corps to meet the country’s expectations as the nation’s premiere force in readiness.

The U.S. Marine Corps stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Toledo as we move forward together well into the future.

THIS, if I didn’t post it earlier was my email to the mayor (if I did post this earlier…to bad, so sad…lol).

To:   <>
Subject:   Do Your Police Carry Weapons?

Please Carty, disarm them immediately…Should they respond to any emergency (to include, Fire Department and Rescue) PLEASE do NOT let them go out with sirens BLARING. They could “frighten people”.OH, just in case…Marines..

Have a great day, Carty.

P.S. What Would Max Klinger Do?

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Is this the future of the US?

Mere English-only speakers need not apply.

Thanks, J.C. Penney. Your stuff has been crap for years, so I didn’t feel bad about not shopping there before. If this is your policy, don’t expect me to ever darken your doors again.

via Instapundit

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Calling Kevni Krudd: How to Say Sorry

I have an edumacational message for Australia’s Prime Ear-Booger Eater:

This is how you say, “Sorry!”


Seriously, this whole episode is so abjectly stupid, that there’s nowhere to start criticizing it intelligently… if I were intelligent, that is.

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Iraqi Air Force Sensor Operators Keep Watch Over Iraq


KIRKUK — Iraqi Muslims making their annual pilgrimage to Mecca in December were being watched. Their every movement was being carefully scrutinized and recorded by unseen men. The watchers plotted prime ambush points that would be the most dangerous to the pilgrims and made sure to note and analyze them.

The “watchers” were Iraq’s own Air Force keeping a vigilant watch over their fellow countrymen. Flying over a mile above their heads, the crowd probably didn’t even notice the Cessna Caravan circling or the impact it had on their pilgrimage. Onboard the aircraft was an aircrew made up of pilots and most importantly, mission sensor operators.

Iraqi mission sensor operators are Iraqi Air Force officers who operate television and infrared cameras on the Cessna Caravan, an intelligence gathering aircraft used by the Iraqi Air Force.

“I photograph the people,” said Iraqi Air Force Capt. Ali, a mission sensor operator with the Iraqi Air Force’s 3rd Squadron. “We photograph them to protect them from missiles and other harm.”

The sensor operators did well in protecting the pilgrims, as none of those participating in the Hajj this year were attacked.

“Before, they had attacks, and some people were kidnapped and killed (during the Hajj),” said Ali. “This year we did our job well, and they were very safe. They weren’t hurt.”

To bad, …..Hussein…. Obama that is. It’s called FREEDOM Obama. Something you would still be negotiating. That and where the “mass graves” still would be placed.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

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From The Lair of Blair

When will those evil Jooooooooooooooooos stop killing innocent Palistinian animals?!

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“Sorry Day” — February 13th, 2008 (Updated)

australia divided by kevin

“Sorry Day” — February 13th, 2008

UPDATE: More at Andrew Bolt’s

Stolen farce #3 – Saying sorry as we still “steal”

Rudd releases his apology. It lies.

Nelson cut while telling truth

Rudd’s latest sorry – to heckled Nelson

The sorry we needed

More sorries now needed


UPDATE 2: I’m sure the little children in this report are sleeping much better tonight.

UPDATE 3: Compare the Kevin’s “Sorry” to John Howard’s 1999 Motion Relating to Reconciliation

UPDATE 4: The Morning After — more news stories of a nation divided pour in. Read the updates here.

UPDATE 5: Andrew Bolt’s Editor-in-Chief receives a Message of Reconciliation from the Compassionate Left.

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Just too good to pass up….Sir Hawk of Iowa…via The House that Blair built…

Mr. Timothy Blair

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Impressive News Items

Muslims are plotting evil against Western society.

In other news:

  • Sky reported to be blue when clouds not present.
  • Steak is tasty when cooked properly.
  • Sharks may bite if you swim with them.
  • Cats are furry.
  • Dogs may bark loudly if not debarked.
  • Communism doesn’t work in practice.
  • Greenpeace are idiots.
  • Money is able to be exchanged for goods and services.
  • Mainstream media may be biased.
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Hillary Memorial Tribute 1: She’s Now the Underdog

Of course, being a hack blogger, I lost the original article link, and Google doesn’t help, but take it from me: People are starting to call Hillary the underdog now, after Obama’s impressive and crushing sweep of the Potomac races.

So, here’s a little tribute, now that we’re learning that this dog won’t hunt.



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Pop Quiz


What is the most worrying element of this photograph?

Photo courtesy of ZombieTime.

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Cultural Differences.

On the one hand, Japan.

On the other hand, America.

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Proof of Alien Lifeforms?


Well, he does have the antenna and ears…

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