Son of a… what do you think THIS means?

Read the whole thing and speak your mind:

What in the world are advisers to both Senators Obama and Clinton doing in Syria in the middle of a presidential campaign — and why are the two campaigns so unforthcoming about the details of the visits?

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5 Responses to “Son of a… what do you think THIS means?”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    I have no earthly idea what to make of that, but I was reading about it on The Corner this AM.

    I do know this: It’s bad. LOL!

  2. tizona Says:

    Reading and getting ready to sign, should either of them win, THE SURRENDER TERMS the chinless Ophthalmologist (Assad) and Ahmadinejad have drawn up…That’s what they are doing there!

    Israel…if one of these to NOT so friendly bozo/bozoette “allies” win, commence nuclear attacks immediately. If Olmert can’t or won’t “push the buttons”…Duct tape his ass to a wall…SOMEONE will. Of this I have no doubt….Try Netanyahu.

  3. Mikey Says:


    I thought only Canada had losers running around pretending they were the government. You know, separatist politicians insisting on their own seats at international conferences, opposition members ‘inspecting’ the situation in Afghanistan, that sort of thing.

    I guess it’s not a uniquely Northern pathology after all.

  4. tizona Says:


    Not by a long shot…’unique’. Not sure whether this falls into a pathological area or not…BUT what I’m about to illustrate, does fall into:

    Cognitive Think and Reason…In order from the highest to lowest:


    These two AND their ‘advisor’s’ fall into one of those three. I haven’t quite made up my mind, which one.

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