This Song is Dedicated to the Memory of Brianna Denison, Her Family and Her Friends

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Let’s Get It On…..

Golden Eagles are Fucking Big

Really fucking big.


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Russia says U.S. may use satellite blast as test….Really?

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Saturday a U.S. plan to shoot down an ailing spy satellite could be used as a cover to test a new space weapon.

The ministry said there was insufficient proof that Washington’s decision to fire a missile at the disabled satellite was to prevent a potentially deadly leak of toxic gas as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere.

“In our opinion, the decision to destroy the U.S. satellite is not as harmless as it is being presented. Especially as the United States has been avoiding talks on restricting a space arms race for quite a long time,” the ministry’s information department said in a statement.

DAMN! Can’t slip anything by these Russian’s huh? No wonder they won the race to land men on the moonski and The “Cold Warski”. Invented or discovered….base ballski, drag racingski, popcornski, mass murderski, gulagski, disco danski….


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Corvette Versus Truck: mmmNo Contest

This is why I drive a truck, and not a sports car.


Not quite that big a truck, but more than big enough.


“Go ahead: Make my day.” – Harry Callahan

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Iranians urge Dutch to ban film

Geert Wilders

The Iranians want Geert Wilders’ film banned

The Iranian government has intervened to try to stop the screening of a film in the Netherlands about the Koran.

 The Iranians say that the film, by the Dutch member of parliament Geert Wilders, is offensive.

The Iranian justice minister, Gholam Hussein Elham, wrote to his Dutch counterpart, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, calling for a ban.

Mr Hussein Elham said freedom of speech should not be used as a cover for attacking moral and religious values.

‘Freedom of expression’

Mr Wilders says his film will show the Muslim holy book is an inspiration for murder.

But the Iranian justice minister says it is an unnecessary attack on what Muslims regard as the holiest of things.

He said the motivation behind the film was satanic and urged the Dutch government to stop its screening.

Mr Wilders has already been advised that he may have to leave the country for his own safety.

But the government has so far refused to intervene, saying the issue is one of freedom of expression.

In 2004, the Dutch film director, Theo van Gogh, was killed by a Muslim extremist in an Amsterdam street after bringing out the film Submission.

It dealt with the issue of abused Muslim women and included scenes of nearly naked women with Koranic texts engraved on their bodies.


Gholam Hussein Elham. WOW!  That’s the same middle name that Obama has…Well I’ll be.

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Anthropogenic Continental Drift: An Incoherent Truth

Industrial Nations Threaten Globe Again

A new menace to the planet has been discovered and validated by a consensus of politically reliable scientists: Anthropogenic Continental Drift (ACD) .

Science is Unquestionable

The continents rest on massive tectonic plates. Until the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the mid 18th century, these plates were fixed in place and immobile. However, drilling for oil and mining for minerals has cut these plates loose from their primordial moorings and left them to drift aimlessly. “The potential for damage is truly catastrophic,” said Hans Brinker, a spokesman for the International Panel on Continental Drift (IPCD).

“The continents are adrift due to the ruthless capitalist exploitation of the environment for profit. Unless immediate steps are taken to halt all oil and mineral extraction, we can expect a massive surge in earthquakes and volcanos by next Tuesday.” The representative seemed close to tears during his announcement, a clear indicator of the severity of the threat.

Stop Anthropogenic Continental Drift Now! Please, think of the polar bear children!

Read the rest of this alarming report here (and the comments too – some of them are priceless)


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WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC!!! The people and child you are about to see, make Neanderthals seem, modern.

The link I’m about to give you, is to a child. A 12 year old child. Beheading a man.


What kind of sick fucking society, lets a child do this?

So, so, so wrong.. Read the rest of this entry »

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Campus Killer Didn’t Fit Profile of Mass Murderer…But you see, within lies a clue..

DEKALB, Ill —  If there is such a thing as a profile of a mass murderer, Steven Kazmierczak didn’t fit it: outstanding student, engaging, polite and industrious, with what looked like a bright future in the criminal justice field.

And yet on Thursday, the 27-year-old Kazmierczak, armed with three handguns and a brand-new pump-action shotgun he had carried onto campus in a guitar case, stepped from behind a screen on the stage of a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University and opened fire on a geology class. He killed five students before committing suicide.*University Police Chief Donald Grady said, without giving details, that Kazmierczak had become erratic in the past two weeks after he had stopped taking his medication. But that seemed to come as news to many of those who knew him, and the attack itself was positively baffling. “We had no indications at all this would be the type of person that would engage in such activity,” Grady said. He described the gunman as a good student during his time at NIU, and by all accounts a “fairly normal” person.

 * equals THE CLUE.

Fox News

An act such as, including other educational institution massacres, brings no solace to loved ones affected. But the act of killing oneself does mean that those that grieve are not reminded everyday, that there sits in a prison, a foul being with a smirk on his or her face.

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Marines. The Few. The Proud. The Bad Ass.

Last month, Tizona’s featured the new US Marine Corps ad with the Silent Drill Team. Seeing as it’s Saturday night (here in Oz at least), we give you this one. And as always, my deepest respect, thanks, and admiration for all of our serving and returned military men & women.

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Warning to Moonbats

Poster FUCT


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Letters To The Editor

I picked up a copy of “mX”, a free commuter newspaper on my way home from an adventure yesterday. Some of the “Letters to the Editor” were disturbing, to say the least.

“So the people of Australia have apologised to the stolen generations, of which my father is one, for the pain and suffering inflicted upon them.

After this apology, my nine-year-old will still be derided by her Greek teacher and English classmates for identifying as an Aboriginal Australian, though she is a 5000th-generation Australian.

She and her classmates will still learn about European, Asian, Middle Eastern and American cultures, but learn nothing of the culture of her ancestors.

The only reference to her ancestors will still be dot painting in art class.

The significance of the dots will not be explained nor the fact they are as relevant to a southeast Australian as Pharaohs are to kilt-wearing Scots.

The Colosseum and the Pyramids will be described as engineering feats and the boomerang and woomera will be dismissed as toys.

The symbiotic relationship her ancestors had with a continent they ruled for more than 100,000 years will still be described as primitive and the agricultural processes (that are killing our country) employed by her classmates’ ancestors will still be lauded as marvels of ingenuity.

Yes, an apology to the stolen generations is long overdue and I’m sure it will become the focus of Aboriginal studies in schools for the next 100 years.

But if you really wanted to apologise to the Aboriginal nations of Australia you would acknowledge all of the atrocities you and your ancestors have perpetrated against our land and our people.

You would educate the population on the unique genetic traits of my people.

You would try to preserve the little bit of each indigenous language that survives.

You would learn the real names of the animals and plants that inhabit your immediate environments. (I believe it’s called “Josh”. – Ash)

If you think what I have written is crap, go back to your own country.”

– David, Melbourne

  • Well done Dave. You just derided the family histories of your kid’s teacher and her classmates, while whining about them doing the same thing to your daughter.
  • None of the culture of your ancestors you believe existed back before white settlement exists because you all lost track of it, and now you’re making it up as you go along.
  • Here’s a unique idea: try teaching your daughter this stuff about her ancestors yourself.
  • Now, what atrocities have I perpetrated against you and your ancestors?

Next Letter:

“Definitions of sorry include “feeling or expressing sorrow” and “regret or a sense of loss over something done”.

You don’t have to be personally responsible or guilty to feel sorry.

Any Australian who says he or she is not sorry should watch the movie “Rabbit Proof Fence”, which tells the stories of actual members of the stolen generations.

I watched that movie in Canada in a theatre full of Canadians and there was not a dry eye in the house.

You would have to have a heart of stone to understand what these victims of ignorance endured and not feel sorry.”

– Sergei, Frankston South

So this is what being bukakked with stupid feels like! I don’t even have the heart to tell this guy I’m sorry he’s a complete moron.

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A Survey

Please take a moment to consider these crucial issues in life.

1. Regarding windscreen wipers, you

  • turn them on as soon as possible, as high as possible
  • use them as required, no more, no less
  • make a point of using them the utter, bare minimum and check other drivers to see what they’re doing.

2. Regarding having someone scratch your back

  • it’s the next best thing to sexual intercourse
  • you can take it or leave it
  • just the thought of dead squames accumulating under your fingernails creeps you out.

3. In bed at night you prefer to wear

  • pyjamas
  • any old clothes
  • a smile
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Addendum to the Rebecca H…Post…..



Power Line


A Google News search on “Brzezinski Damascus” reveals again today that the Obama/Clinton delegation to Syria remains a deep secret confined to readers of the New York Sun, Power Line, and Martin Peretz………………………..Not So Fast, Guys! We had it, also.

UPDATE: Michael Rubin writes: “Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki was there at the next day (Feb. 14). Did they overlap?”

Someone should ask Obama whether his foreign policy adviser brought back any useful insights into our common interests with Assad. Assad had a busy week; here he is the following day, with Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki. Do you suppose Assad was able to pass on any insights he’d gained into the foreign policy views off the front-runner for the Democratic nomination?

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