Barack Hussein Obama Wearing Bracelet of Fallen Soldier

“She gave me this wristband, which I’m very grateful for,” Obama told the Green Bay audience, halting and lowering his voice from his normally upbeat presentation. “I meet mothers and family members all over the country who are still mourning their children but are also thinking about the young men and women who are still over there and wondering when it will end.”

Tracy Jopek of Merrill, Wis., gave Obama the bracelet at a rally Friday night in Green Bay, and Obama was still wearing it Saturday as he campaigned across the state before Tuesday’s primary.

“My son loved this country very much, I love this country, but I don’t feel that staying in Iraq will vindicate my son’s death,” she said. “And it’s not over for us until this war is over. I just don’t want any more soldiers to die in vain for something that we can’t solve.”


I sympathize with you, Tracy Jopek. I really do….BUT men and women have died and will continue to die, over the unsolvable. War is NOT a new thing. The only way “war” will stop… for humankind not to exist. BUT…you see my dear lady, it will then be left to lower forms of life on this planet, to fight and die over the unsolvable.

You would be most welcome to try Tracy….First you must convince peoples, that share the middle name of the person you hope to be “Commander in Chief”, that their way is not the right way.

Convince these people that running planes into buildings OR draining marshes OR digging up desert sands for the purpose of putting thousands and thousands and thousands, of humankind that you have just killed, is NOT the right way.


Jesus, had to get up from my nice comfy bed, JUST to put this attribution in…I”m either conscientious or stupid and I know which one I’m leaning toward


UPDATE – 27 September 2008 by spot_the_dog:  The bracelet makes a cringeworthy appearance at the first Presidential Debate.

13 Responses to “Barack Hussein Obama Wearing Bracelet of Fallen Soldier”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    “I just don’t want any more soldiers to die in vain”

    I don’t know the story behind either Ms Jopek or her son, but is she saying she believes her son died in vain? He did not die so that the rest of us would have an excuse to just give up, and I’m sorry that his sacrifice has been so politicised.

    And Obama, you could have just taken that bracelet in private from this grieving woman, thanked her sincerely for it and left it at that – instead, every day that you continue to wear it and show it off as some sort of “Peace Cred” bling you will be demonstrating not just to America and her allies but to her enemies as well just where your true loyalties lie.

    Go to Hell, Obama.

    (and well said too, Angus – useful phrase, isn’t it?)

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    The only way to honor the fallen is to fucking WIN!!!

    Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, this is Honor and Ethics 101: It’s not rocket surgery! © Spot -2008

  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    More on the story behind this in Time Magazine. And an anecdote that has just bumped John McCain up a notch in my previous estimation of him:

    Mrs. Jopek said she’s a “political junkie” who was once watching a press conference on television and noticed likely GOP nominee John McCain wearing a similar bracelet. McCain’s was given to him in August by the mother of Cpl. Matthew Stanley, also killed in Iraq, and the Arizona senator’s been wearing it regularly ever since. He takes a different message from the memento.

    “It means any political ambitions of mine pale in comparison to the sacrifice that nearly 4,000 family members have made,” McCain said of the bracelet in an interview with The Associated Press last fall. He said although political pundits said his determination not to end the fight in Iraq will kill his political career, “when you meet the mother of Matthew Stanley, then what difference does that make?”

    #1, Looks like at least someone out there still understands Honour & Ethics 101.

  4. Rebecca H Says:

    She said she’s a Democrat who will vote for Obama in Wisconsin’s primary Tuesday. Like Obama, she said she was against the war from the start and had a hard time watching her son go to war.

    I hope this isn’t another Cindy Sheehan in the making.

    I feel sorry for her, but lots of mothers’ sons (and daughters too) have died in war. If we quit before this one is finished, it will all have been for nothing. Paraphrasing Angus, the only way to make it mean something is to win.

  5. tizona Says:

    Dummies….You are very aptly nic’d. I really don’t give two fucking shits, other then this response, whether you fucking hate America or not.

    I’ll leave your comment to see if others here respond.

  6. tizona Says:


  7. Dummies Says:

    What is worng with you people? You’re the reason i hate america.

  8. Someone Says:

    [DELETED by spot_the_dog: No valid email address submitted. I’m tired of all you astroturfing sockpuppets.]

  9. milehiboy Says:

    sad that Barack Hussein Obama cou;dn’t remember the name of the soldier during tonight’s debate with out reading it again. I guess this gesture from him mother really meant alot to him??

  10. spot_the_dog Says:

    I noticed that too, mate.

    “I have a bracelet too…I have a bracelet too…”
    ~~looks down to check name on bracelet~~

    “See?…I’ve got a bracelet too…uh… from sergeant…oh, what’s his name…whose mother…Mrs. what’s his name…that she gave to me and asked me to make sure I am the next Presiden…so sergeant…uh… what’s his name’s name will never be forgotten…”


  11. spot_the_dog Says:

    And of course, he was me-tooing Senator McCain, who spoke most humbly and respectfully about Matthew Stanley and his mother who gave him HIS bracelet in August ’07.

    Obama acquired his me-too bracelet when this post was written, earlier this year – well after McCain had been given Matthew’s.

    As the Time Magazine piece I quote in my comment here back in February says,
    “Mrs. Jopek said she’s a “political junkie” who was once watching a press conference on television and noticed likely GOP nominee John McCain wearing a similar bracelet.”

    What a reason to give your dead son’s bracelet to a stranger – because you’re an admitted “political junkie” and you want to one-up McCain.


  12. Ash Says:

    At least McCain (the guy people claim has Alzheimer’s) knows the name of the fallen soldier who’s bracelet he wears. Not to mention he has a deep understanding and respect for the sacrifices the military makes in the interests of keeping the rest of us safe, and a deep respect for the men and women who put on the uniform.

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