Navy missile hits spy satellite…Have a nice God Damn day, Vladimir. Breaking News….

WASHINGTON – A missile launched from a Navy ship successfully struck a dying U.S. spy satellite passing 130 miles over the Pacific on Wednesday, a defense official said. Full details were not immediately available.

It happened just after 10:30 p.m. EST.

Two officials said the missile was launched successfully. One official, who is close to the process, said it hit the target. He said details on the results were not immediately known.

The goal in this first-of-its-kind mission for the Navy was not just to hit the satellite but to obliterate a tank aboard the spacecraft carrying 1,000 pounds of a toxic fuel called hydrazine.

U.S. officials have said the fuel would pose a potential health hazard to humans if it landed in a populated area. Although the odds of that were small even if the Pentagon had chosen not to try to shoot down the satellite, it was determined that it was worth trying to eliminate even that small chance.

Officials said it might take a day or longer to know for sure if the toxic fuel was blown up.


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EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – An Air Force fighter pilot died Wednesday after his jet and another likely collided during a training exercise and crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. The other pilot was rescued and is expected to survive.


F-15 fighter jets from Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

The single-seat F-15C Eagles crashed Wednesday off the Florida Panhandle, said Col. Todd Harmer, commander of the 33rd Fighter Wing, 58th Fighter Squadron. The pilots had ejected and were later rescued.The base has suffered a “great loss,” Harmer said in an e-mailed statement. He said, “We will continue to do everything we can to assist our families and airmen at this tragic time.”The cause of the collision about 35 miles south of Tyndall Air Force Base was not immediately known, but the Air Force will investigate, Harmer said. Weather in the area was clear.

DAMN! These two Air Force Bases, Eglin (40 miles West) and Tyndall (20 miles East) are on either side Panama City Beach, FL. Whenever down at my beach place, these men and women “war game” out over the Gulf of Mexico. Whenever ‘they’ see a bunch of lovelies laying on the beach (the guys, of course)…Give an ‘off the record’ wingtip salute. Beyond that, these brave and talented men and women, do our nation proud. There will be a ‘Missing man formation’ flying over the Gulf of Mexico. Rest in Peace, brave pilot. To the injured pilot…Get well, soon.


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Things to make you feel old: an A-Z Wiki of Obsolete Technical Skills

Things we used to need to know how to do, which have now become obsolete. What started off as a simple blog post about things like adjusting the tracking on your VCR, autoexec.bat editing, changing the gas mixture on your car’s carburettor, numbering your punch cards in pencil in case you drop your program, placing a coin on the tonearm of your record player to prevent skipping … has generated so much interest that it’s now become a Wiki project.

While I would argue that some of the skills which made the list are still useful today (maybe because Western Australia’s still a bit behind the 8-ball when it comes to ‘progress’, but I still percolate my coffee and there are just enough legacy dBase systems around here that a working knowledge comes in handy occasionally), it’s still a fun list to have a look at.

There’s also a related Wiki of “New Skills” that people have started putting together.

Both of these Wikis have only been going for a short time; they need adding to and expanding so if you have any ideas feel free to contribute.

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Black Raspberries Protect Against Cancer – New Study Finds Black Raspberries Help Barrett’s Esophagus Patients

Main Category: Acid Reflux/GERD
Also Included In: Nutrition / Diet;  Cancer / Oncology
Article Date: 15 Feb 2008 – 2:00 PST

It usually starts as reflux, but for 700 thousand Americans, it turns into something called Barrett’s Esophagus.* Now the black raspberry may be one of the weapons Barrett’s Esophagus patients have to stay strong and prevent the condition from turning into a deadly cancer.For more than 10 years, Danny Harris has struggled with heartburn after he eats. He learned his reflux has turned into something more serious – a condition called Barrett’s Esophagus. He also learned an interesting thing happened when he ate black raspberries.“I really didn’t have any flare-ups or episodes after I had taken the berries,” says Harris.Danny was part of a new study, led by a research team at Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. For six months he and other Barrett’s Esophagus patients drank a black raspberry powder and water mix. Turns out, the fruit helped many patients reverse the negative impact of the reflux acid. Nearly 4 in 10 saw a boost in a protective enzyme and 6 in 10 saw a decline in oxidative stress, which can cause cell damage.

“If we can feed something in the diet that may help us protect against these injurious agents, then that may potentially impact progression of this disease,” says Laura Kresty, PhD at Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

That’s important because 1 in 10 people with Barrett’s Esophagus develops a deadly cancer of the esophagus. Researchers believe the fruit’s combination of nutrients gives it super healing power.

“They’re really strong antioxidants. They’re also a good source of multi-vitamins and minerals,” says Kresty.

A larger study is likely the next step to see if black raspberries yield more positive results for patients with Barrett’s Esophagus.

*National Institutes of Health, “Barrett’s Esophagus”

Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center

Medical News Today

MSNBC uses Osama picture for Obama! To God Damn Funny..

Live Leak

This post idea, stolen from… The Last Of The Few

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Michael Moore’s Wish: Bring Fidel Castro to the Oscars

Breitbart TV

What a fat Commie bastard.

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Michelle Obama Clarifies ‘Proud’ Remark

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Michelle Obama says she’s always been proud of her country, but for the first time that includes its political process.

The wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was in Rhode Island Wednesday, where she tried to clarify a controversial remark she made earlier this week.

On Monday, she told an audience in Milwaukee that “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country.”

In an interview with WJAR-TV on Wednesday, she said she was trying to say that she was proud of how Americans are engaging in the political process. She also told the station she’s proud of America and wouldn’t be where she is if it weren’t for its possibilities.

Sure. Uhuh. Yep. Yessiree Bob. Anyone want a bridge?


Fox News

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Never Forget: Thanksgiving of 2003


The top left photo, by the way, is of the non-plastic turkey leftards still haven’t figured out is real. Tim Blair has untold gobs of fun with that.

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OBAMA’S ADVISORS are alarming people from Jerusalem to Beirut to Baghdad.

A MUST READ at….Instapundit and written by Glen’s very able and superior substitute, Michael Totten

Really have to watch those folks with a middle name of Hussein, people.

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Chris Matthews Crucifies Flustered Obama Backer. Since when did Chris stab a Lefty? Gosh no wonder everyone dislikes him…lol. BUT I will say, Chris did a damn fine job, Jesus!

Chris Matthews

Strangely Funny

I received an email from a friend:

Hey Ash,

Just flew back from Adelaide. I didn’t know that when you look at this site on the Internet while waiting in the QANTAS lounge, they’ll take you off the flight and question you.

The things you learn, hey?

Are we still on for brekky on Monday?


The friend in question is of Egyptian descent.

That, combined with the website she was looking at, which is merely an Arabic language countdown to 00:00:00 and does absolutely nothing, means she completely deserved to miss her flight!

Arabic countdowns in airports? Stupid. Everyone’s entitled to think the worst of your motives in that situation.

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This email is doing the rounds at the moment, but I don’t care.

We apologise for giving you free doctors and free medical care and medications, which allows you to survive and multiply so that you can demand apologies.

We apologise for helping you to read and teaching you the English language and thus we opened up to you the entire European civilisation, thought and enterprise.

We feel that we must apologise for building hundreds of homes for you, which you have vandalised and destroyed.

We apologise for giving you law and order which has helped prevent you from slaughtering one another and using the unfortunate for food purposes.

We apologise for developing large farms and properties, which today feed you people, where before, you had the benefits of living off the land and starving during droughts.

We apologise for providing you with warm clothing made of fabric to replace that animal skins you used before.

We apologise for building roads and railway tracks between cities and building cars so that you no longer have to walk over harsh terrain.

We apologise for paying off your vehicle when you fail to pay the installments.

We apologise for giving you free vehicles, petrol, boats, firearms, fishing gear and other non traditional methods that you now use to carry out your traditional ways of hunting.

We apologise for giving you free travel anywhere, whenever. We apologise for giving each and every member of your family $100.00 and free travel to attend an aboriginal funeral.

We apologise for not charging you rent on any lands when white people have to pay.

We apologise for giving you interest free loans.

We apologise for developing oil wells and minerals, including gold and diamonds which you never used and had no idea of their value.

We apologise for developing Ayers rock and Kakadu, and then handing them over to you so that you get all the money.

We apologise for allowing taxpayers money paid towards daughters wedding ($8,000.00 each daughter)

We apologise for giving you $1.7 billion per year for your people, which is $48,000.00 per aboriginal man, woman and child.
We apologise for working hard to pay taxes that finance your welfare, medical care, education, etc to the tune of $1.2 billion each year.

We apologise for having to approach your taxpayer funded aboriginal affairs department to verify the above figures.

For the trouble you will have identifying the uncle toms in your own community who are getting richer and leaving some of you living in squalor and poverty. We do apologise. We really do. We humbly beg your forgiveness for all the above sins.

We are only too happy to take back all the above and return you to the paradise of the outback, whenever you are ready.

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Video: Kidnap Rescue of a young man, in Iraq…


 Multi-National Force – Iraq  Newsletter.

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I do believe, this is for you Mrs. Hussein Obama. “Tear Down This Wall,” and Other Moments of Which *I* am Proud


In May, the world watched Chinese students stand up for American-style rights, even unveiling a strangely familiar statue. In June, the world watched as these liberty and freedom loving students showed that they knew what price needed to be paid to achieve what they craved.In November, the Wall did indeed come down.

By the end of the year, the Iron Curtain was shredded.

1990 started with the arrest of Noriega in Panama, Marion Barry arrested in D.C., and Hazelwood on trial.

The Soviet Union collapsed, German Reunification was underway, and the Sandinistas were voted out in Feb.

With freedom breaking out all over the planet, I found myself again in the Mid-East by the end of this year, to help Kuwait kick a bully out of their sandbox.

I think pride in the country doesn’t come from what the government or the military or even our heroes do; I think it comes from realizing that every day, in every thing we do, we are making our country into something new. If you don’t believe in where we came from, how can you expect to get to someplace worthwhile?

The Line Is Here



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Spam Comments

We’ve got 666 spam comments. Something about that, just seems… unholy.

That said, I don’t need porn, sex toys, links to websites which are no more than ads for viagra, viagra itself, free cars, free lottery tickets, lottery jackpots (would kinda be nice…), or pictures of Lindsay Lohan having sex.

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NOTAM indicates possible date for satellite shootdown. Remember Skylab, anyone? — UPDATE: It worked.

via Slashdot:

“Amateur satellite watcher Ted Molczan notes that a “Notice to Airmen” (NOTAM) has been issued announcing restricted airspace for February 21, between 02:30 and 05:00 UTC, in a region near Hawaii. Stricken satellite USA 193, which the US has announced plans to shoot down, will pass over this area at about 03:30. Interestingly, this is during the totality of Wednesday’s lunar eclipse, which may or may not make debris easier to observe.”

** Memo to the bloke with his finger on the trigger, from a concerned West Australian: Please, be careful this time; we’re still getting over that whole Skylab thing.


For some Skylab nostalgia, see the June 23, 1979 issue of Time Magazine, Skylab’s Spectacular Death.

And if you’re planning on hosting a Falling Satellite Party (dress code: hard hats), add this song to your playlist: “The Ballad of a Balladonia Night” – a cheerful song to commemorate the fall of Skylab by the famous Australian Christian singing group Family.

UPDATE: Another worried blogger wonders, “Will a Spy Satellite Fall on My Head? Will My Insurance Policy Cover This?” I suggest he ask the good people of the Balladonia, Kalgoorlie and Esperance.

* * *

4_64_satellite_military.jpgUPDATE: 21 February — It worked.

WASHINGTON — A missile launched from a Navy ship successfully struck a dying U.S. spy satellite passing 130 miles over the Pacific on Wednesday, a defense official said.

It happened just after 10:30 p.m. EST.

The USS Lake Erie, armed with an SM-3 missile designed to knock down incoming missiles — not orbiting satellites — launched the attack at 10:26 p.m. EST, according to the Pentagon. It hit the satellite as the spacecraft traveled at more than 17,000 mph.

Because the satellite was orbiting at a relatively low altitude at the time it was hit by the missile, debris will begin to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere immediately, the Pentagon statement said.

“Nearly all of the debris will burn up on re-entry within 24-48 hours and the remaining debris should re-enter within 40 days,” it said.

The use of the Navy missile amounted to an unprecedented use of components of the Pentagon’s missile defense system, designed to shoot down hostile ballistic missiles in flight — not kill satellites.

The operation was so extraordinary, with such intense international publicity and political ramifications, that Defense Secretary Robert Gates — not a military commander — was to make the final decision to pull the trigger.

The government organized hazardous materials teams, under the code name “Burnt Frost,” to be flown to the site of any dangerous or otherwise sensitive debris that might land in the United States or elsewhere.

• Click here to visit’s Space Center.

UPDATE #3:  Western Australia Premier Alan Carpenter tells us the satellite’s demise is a “genuine issue” for the state.

GAK! Oh God, NO!

I’m scared.

So very scared.

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Cool Bananas

This wall made from 7200 bananas is on display at NYC’s Deitch gallery until Feb 23. It’s part of artist Stefan Sagmeister’s exhibition “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far.”


Can you guess that it’s kind of a slow afternoon here in Perth?

UPDATE:  The same bloggers covering this NYC Art Exhibition are also covering the 2008 NYC Toy Fair.  Now that looks like it’d be more up my alley!

–via Make zine

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