Triplets born to teenager – again

I thought 24 year-old grandmothers in our remote aboriginal communities was shocking, but this?

Not yet 17, she has SEVEN children all under three years old.

22 Responses to “Triplets born to teenager – again”

  1. Sandi Says:

    Bugger! I put the link in, even remembered to close it, and it doesn’t appear in the post. That’s why I don’t post much. Seem to bugger it up somehow, or they just disappear into the ether.

    Here’s Your “bugger” Sandi …:)

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    (fixed by links ‘R’ us)

  3. tizona Says:

    LOL…Spot is right on top of it. Damn good man, Spot. I put the damn thing in comments.

  4. tizona Says:

    Fer cryin out loud…I put your link in comments…LOL.

  5. tizona Says:


    Just thinking (bad to do) but this young girl keeps popping them out, Christ they’ll be in a mansion soon.

  6. tizona Says:

    Understatement of the year…Some Argentines are arguing that perhaps what Pamela needs is more advice on contraception.

    I suggest an aspirin….just ONE…held tightly between, the knees.

  7. Sandi Says:

    Thanks, Spot. Any clues about how, where, why I’m going wrong?

  8. Ash Says:

    #8 Um, Tizona, that may not work…

  9. Sandi Says:

    #7 That’s some welfare system they’ve got there, Tiz.

    Anyone here like to calculate how many kids, at this rate, she could pop out during her childbearing years? I can’t be bothered, so I’ll accept any answer.

  10. spot_the_dog Says:

    Someone want to work out what a single mum with 7 kids would be getting here in Oz? Let’s see, that’s $35,000 worth of baby bonuses. Multiple Birth Allowance — This is a fortnightly payment of $121.94 for triplets. Parenting payment, family benefits… Oh, bugger it. Someone else do the sums. Centrelink payments for parents.

    # Family Tax Benefit Part A – for parents or carers to help with the cost of raising children.
    # Family Tax Benefit Part B – for single income families or sole parents.
    # Parenting Payment – for parents or guardians to help with the cost of raising children.
    # Child Care Benefit – for families to help with the cost of child care.
    # Child Care Tax Rebate – additional help for families with the cost of child care.
    # JET Child Care Fee Assistance – for help with the cost of approved child care for people receiving income support and who have an activity agreement.
    # Baby Bonus – for help with those extra costs after the birth of a new baby.
    # Maternity Immunisation Allowance – for fully immunised children or those exempt from immunisation.
    # Multiple Birth Allowance
    # Pensioner Education Supplement

  11. spot_the_dog Says:

    #11 You and I had the same thought

  12. tizona Says:

    Ash…Why? Will the aspirin fall out when she’s doing other things?.. 🙂

  13. tizona Says:

    Damn good post, Sandi…everyone is awake, now.

  14. Ash Says:

    #14 Allow me to just say that some positions can be done with the knees together.

    I read the Kama Sutra once…

  15. spot_the_dog Says:

    No no no no NO sex talk! I’m still recovering from SwinishCapitalist linking “Julia Gillard” to “Happy Ending” :-0

  16. tizona Says:

    16 Ash That book, is more looking at pictures, then it is a ‘bedtime’ story. We know where things go, we just need to find out how and what it looks like…. 😉

    Most times when the knees are together…kneepads are required…lol.

  17. tizona Says:

    18 Ash…Why did you have to pick THAT candy bar, for that lard ass? I like snickers. I mean we got some left over moonpies that would certainly fill the bill, from that last gig job we did in conjuntion with PACO Enterprises, Inc.

  18. Mole Says:

    D just brought a car sticker for our car. “Good cowgirls keep their calves together”, think this lass might need the same advice.

  19. Angus Dei Says:

    Just say, “blow?”

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