Per The Beef of God: Feminine Perfection

This is what a real woman is supposed to look like:


First of all, she’s not eighteen, she’s twenty-eight. Second, she’s not a stick figure, she has all kinds of wonderful compound curves… er… everywhere. Finally, you can tell just by looking, she’s no idiotic “vegan” and wouldn’t be afraid to eat one of my venison hamburgers with a side of my beer-battered onion rings! I’m betting she goes for dark beer. I’ll stock up on Shiner Bock (The “National Beer of Texas”).

I’m sick and fucking tired of this “size zero” fixation pop culture has. It’s not healthy and it’s not natural.

Katarina is a natural, curvy, comfy, cuddly babe.

That is all.

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Onion News Network’s…Today Now

Australian Parliament Gets Rowdy as Pols Drag in Cardboard Cutout of PM

You Tube

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Obama Addresses Supporters in Toledo, Ohio…

Carty Baby. Mayor of the Great city of Max Klingerville (Toledo, Ohio, USA, Northern Hemishpere, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy)…Your Hero Hath Arriveth.

Did you make sure and disarm the Secret Service that guards your HERO? You know, THEY could frighten people with those weapons, they carry, Carty.  

Eye Catchers…Courtesy of J.M.

American Digest

Pop Star Prince, Forty-Nine, to have Hip Replacement Surgery


This is amazing to me. Prince is within twelve months of my age (As are Donnie Osmond and Michael Jackson), and he’s damaged his hips so badly with his acrobatic dancing on hard stage floors that he needs hip replacement surgery!

I’m a fair-weather runner, so I have to ramp up again after every winter, but by the summer I’m back to running six to eight miles every single day with no hip or knee problems. Guess I’m glad now that my previous rock star career didn’t pan out… not that I would ever, ever have been able to do the wild splits Prince did back in the day.

Via Ann Outhouse Althouse, who’s subbing for Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit (I really detest Outhouse, and I can’t for the life of me understand why Glenn would let her into his place… then again, they are both maggot law profs).

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Nader Announces He Will Run for President

Gee ‘o Shit…This should stir the pot…Hey Ralphie…Welcome to the fray. Hope you didn’t make yourself a target.

 Oh if you did…Have your people look to the Socialists first… :).

Fox News

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Mighty Morphing Power Women Set to Bach

Via Jonah Goldberg at the NRO Corner, one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen: Famous film beauties morphing from one into another.

The music is the Bach Prelude in G from the First Cello Suite, BWV 1007, which is on my, “to do” list. It actually fits on the guitar perfectly in the key of C. It’s not even very difficult to play. I get a lot of requests for it. Not sure about the recording, but it sounds dated due to the low sonic quality, so it could be Pablo Casals. Then again, it could be lo-rez Yo Yo Ma.

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Kevin & Obama: The Ear-Booger Connection

Some of the similarities between Kevin Rudd’s shallow-but-successful campaign and Obama’s have already been noted, to the extent that some folks are wondering whether the same team of Seppos who spun for Kevni are now in the hire of Obama.

I give you exhibit #38:


Coincidence? You be the judge.


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