Barack Obama

It’s becoming more and more clear.

A vote for Barack Obama is a bad idea.

I’ll outline my reasons.

Point One: 

He’s an apostate of Islam. That doesn’t necessarily mean he no longer believes many parts of the faith, but it does mean that when Iran, Syria, Lebanon or any number of other countries start to do what they do best, wreak havoc against Israel and the West, Barack Obama may not have the courage to stand up to these countries and may instead attempt to sit down and try to sort the deep-rooted hatreds out, which is a plan destined to fail.

Also as an apostate of Islam, there’s every chance that followers of the Islamic faith may view him as a traitor to the religion, and plan his death. Of course, this is something that is dreamed about by idiots all over the world, except it’s supposed to be redneck, racist Christians who are going to take a shot at Obama. In fact, the US is so bad that the Secret Service is even setting Obama up for assassination. This of course, was revealed by independent liberal media, and we know we can believe them!

Point Two:

A great many of his followers are traitors against the US. For example, the wonderful City of Berkeley is for Barack, as is San Francisco. With friends like these…

Point Three:

Mrs. Michelle Obama. She is not the type of woman who should be First Lady of the United States. She only felt proud of her country, the United States, one of the world’s greatest countries, because her husband just happens to be running for President. Of course, she weaseled out of that with the help of the mainstream media.

Not to mention, she did her damndest to restrict her Princeton thesis from being read. This could be because she wrote in it that:

“My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘Blackness’ than ever before. I have found that at Princeton, no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my White professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really didn’t belong.”

That kind of victimhood just doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House.

Here’s a tip lady: I don’t care if you and your husband are black. I just don’t. I know you won’t believe me, because all us big bad whiteys say that while we’re keeping the black man down, but it’s true. I. Don’t. Care. I care about your policies and how you will deal with both domestic issues and international issues.

Point Four: 

Spin. I hate Spin. If you’re so good Obama, and so worthy of being President of the United States of America, why is it you need spin to make your point?

The only good bit about Obama is that he’s such a nice guy!

UPDATE: As a late entrant into the fray, we have this article, asking if Obama can really deliver on his promises.

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2 Responses to “Barack Obama”

  1. tizona Says:

    VERY good show, Ash. Bravo.

  2. saltydog Says:

    Go beneath the bromides about change and you’ll find that Obama is a dedicated, old-fashioned collectivist and there are no changes he would make that are new. Everything he proposes is founded in the failed socialist philosophy that has been a disaster to one degree or another everywhere has been tried. My primary objection is what it always is: they want to make slaves of us all to their visions.

    As for Mrs. Obama: Like all those who opt to be a victim, her whole self is determined by what others think, whether it is the black victimhood or what feelings she divined from some white person. No independent thinker and self-possessed individual determines their own self-worth on what some others think of them.

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