McCain’s Perfect Choice for a Running Mate: Governor Sarah Palin

While most of the pedantic, two-dimensional, inside-the-box-thinking, conservative political hacks are touting Tom Ridge for the slot (Not a bad guy, but…), David Freddoso notes a far superior choice has been proposed: The Republican Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

I believe this is a truly inspired idea. Gov. Palin ran as an anti-corruption outsider, and handily defeated a corrupt and entrenched Republican political machine. Plus, at 44, she would almost totally wipe the “age issue” McCain has off the slate, and since Obama is only two years her senior, there is no way they could attack her for her youth and inexperience: She has much more executive experience than Senator Obama has.

Not to mention the fact that, she’s a gorgeous woman who exudes mass quantities of charisma…


and has a super-solid family life.


Dibs on the eldest daughter! LOL!

This inspired choice would allow McCain to actually capitalize on his “maverick” persona, as Gov. Palin shook Alaska politics to the core: She’s a charming, charismatic woman, but she can also play with the big boys and kick ass.

What say ye?

UPDATE: Things are looking optimistic!

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UPDATE IV: A lot of people must like Palin.

UPDATE V: More coverage of Governor Sarah Palin and a theme song here.

UPDATE VI: Funniest observation on the announcement yet: “Put Obama and Palin on a basketball court one on one. Winner takes all!”

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UPDATE VIII: A well-rounded view of the selection of Sarah Palin for the Vice President Nomination can be found here.

UPDATE IX:  We got it!  YES!  Nude photo of Sarah Palin right here!  (C’mon.  You know you want to click.)

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216 Responses to “McCain’s Perfect Choice for a Running Mate: Governor Sarah Palin”

  1. Rebecca H Says:

    I agree. Having a female vice president totally takes the wind out of Hillary’s sails, and maybe Obama’s too. And she has the right bona fides.

  2. Mole Says:

    Now if they could just get her into a bit ob “blackface” a’la minstrels show she be a shoo in.
    Anyway I though you chaps had “the most ethical Congress ever” now Pelosi and co were in charge??

  3. tizona Says:

    Yes..Polls. The messianic aura of Hussein Obama and the Way these seem to be trending are frightening. Yes, still 9 months away, either could blunder himself out of the election process. McCain’s blunders magnified. Hussein Obama’s never to receive full coverage.

    Whomever McCain’s pick is, it had better be a damn good one. Hussein could pick Farrakhan or Osama himself and seemingly coast to victory, for this is the NEW way. The follow the messiah way.

    John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)

    Poll Date Sample McCain (R) Obama (D) Spread

    RCP Average 02/19 to 02/25 – 43.5% 46.7% Obama +3.2%
    LA Times/Bloomberg 02/21 – 02/25 RV 44% 42% McCain +2%
    AP-Ipsos 02/22 – 02/24 755 RV 41% 51% Obama +10%
    USA Today/Gallup 02/21 – 02/24 1653 LV 48% 47% McCain +1%
    CBS News/NY Times 02/20 – 02/24 1115 RV 38% 50% Obama +12%
    FOX News 02/19 – 02/20 900 RV 43% 47% Obama +4%
    Rasmussen (Tues) 4 Day Tracking 1700 LV 47% 43% McCain +4%

    Real Clear Politics

  4. yojimbo Says:

    Ms Suzie Multi-dimension from CNN interviewing Gov Palin.

    Suzie: Good of you to come
    Gov: My pleasure.
    Suzie: Gov, a hypothetical question on the minds of many people.
    Gov: Shoot.
    Suzie: President McCain dies shortly into his term of office. What assurances can you give the public that you have the requisite experience.
    Gov: No problem. I sat on the City Council and was two time Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Not an easy job with a whopping active population of 6,500. I did have that massive 23 man police force to help though.
    Suzie: Hmm, I see. Well you are the Gov of a large state now!
    Gov: Yes, yes I am. Not easy trying to get 40 Reps and 20 Senators to agree on something in onloy 120 days.
    Suzie: 120 days?
    Gov: Right. By law we can’t meet more than 120 days or the year unless we vote for a special session.
    Suzie: Hmm, well that give you plenty of time to travel and expand your political horizons doesn’t it.
    Gov: Well yeah, but we spend a great deal of the summer hunting and fishing.
    Suzie: Oh! You like to ….kill things. I was really talking about building foreign policy experience. You’ve met most of the Foreign Ministers from NATO and the EU?
    Gov: Well…..
    Suzie: Traveled to Europe, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel?
    Gov: Well….
    Suzie: Have you even worn some silly ethnic costume even if was just on the last day of October?
    Gov: Well… But Obama doesn’t have much more experience than I do!
    Suzie: Well yeah, and that scares a lot of people bleepless.
    Gov: Good point.

    Red meat.


  5. Ash Says:

    She seems like an excellent choice, but would the Republicans have the guts to put her up as McCain’s running mate?

  6. Angus Dei Says:

    Yojimbo: LOL!

    Did you invent that interview? It’s brilliant!

    I, however, think she would handle herself spectacularly well… but, I’ll admit to being a fanboy.

  7. saltydog Says:

    I only have one serious problem with the Alaskan governor: No one who has had four children has any right to look like that.

  8. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    Organise a Sarah Palin/Gina Elise ticket and if they win, green card be damned, I’m on the next plane.

  9. Angus Dei Says:


    One of the reasons I posted the family pic was because, when I saw her official portrait, I figured she was a typical politician with a well-planned and perfectly-timed “designer child.” When I saw that she had four children – and their spectacular age range – I practically fell out of my chair.

    She’s obviously a one-in-a-million woman.

  10. yojimbo Says:

    If you really want a conservative with youth, experience and some punch:

    Senator DeMint from South Carolina
    Congressman Duncan Hunter from California(my choice for President anyway. His son has done multiple tours in Iraq. He is also from Saltydog country so how could you go wrong.)

    Either one of thses guys would shred the VP candidate from the Dems in any debate.

  11. Alan Sparks Says:

    Sorry gents but she has 5 kids now. She is an excellent governor as well.

  12. J. Pelkey Says:

    I think it would be a geat choice. And open up Alaska to more oil for us too get away from the ARABS. If it is is done right and by AMERICAN OWNED OIL COMPANIES it would work, BUT if it is an oil Company Owned or Controlled by ARABS “HELL NO”. Sarah, You’ve got our vote… McCain/Palin For REPUBLICANS… jop

  13. Bobbo Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator.

    Reason: Defamatory.

  14. Ash Says:

    What a pleasant comment Bobbo. Your mother must be exceptionally proud.

  15. Mike Says:

    comment deleted by spot_the_dog because this idiot sockpuppet has used more than 20 randomly-generated fake email addresses and different screen names to flood this blog with his insane ramblings.

    As we told you before, idiot: stick to one screen name and use a valid email address, or get yourself deleted.

  16. Jim Says:

    comment deleted by spot_the_dog because this idiot sockpuppet has used more than 20 randomly-generated fake email addresses and different screen names to flood this blog with his insane ramblings.

    As we told you before, idiot: stick to one screen name and use a valid email address, or get yourself deleted.

  17. mark Says:

    comment deleted by spot_the_dog because this idiot sockpuppet has used more than 20 randomly-generated fake email addresses and different screen names to flood this blog with his insane ramblings.

    As we told you before, idiot: stick to one screen name and use a valid email address, or get yourself deleted.

  18. greg Says:

    looks like you were on to something!

  19. Ash Says:

    I think so, Greg. And judging by the fact that we currently have 187 people looking at this post, the support would be there for a McCain/Palin ticket.

  20. Joe Says:

    1. ABC is reporting they have talked to Palin and she is STILL in Anchorage and she said she has no plans to attend the convention.

    2. I think she’d make a great national candidate. But she’d be a terrible candidate for McCain. Here’s why: how can you attack Obama on “lack of experience” or “no foreign policy background” when the person who pick as one heartbeat away from the Presidency is just as lacking? Effectively, you set up the Dems to be able to say that the GOP is being hypocritical. Now, if the Republicans are willing to walk away from those campaign strategies, she’s a great choice. She’s female (which undoes some of H-Clinton’s work at unification), she’s young and energetic, she’d mostly appeal to the conservative base that McCain is luke-warm with and she has a superb record on ethics and reform that would be extremely appealing. But again, if she’s on the ticket, the Republicans are in-effect, deciding to give Obama a pass on his experience, credentials and foreign policy expertise.

    3. My primary concern about her as a candidate generally is: is she ready for prime time? I can speak from personal experience–it’s a very different thing when suddenly you’re the focus of attention, every word get’s parsed for “mis-statements”. Dan Quayle had far more national experience (with the media and campaigning) than she did and look how much of a fool he was made out to be. Carly Fiorina (no idiot she) ended up being quoted as supporting “choice.” It’s really tough being under the spotlight and having to watch every word you say. Going from Alaska (and let’s admit it–the government of Alaska gets a lot less attention and focus on detail from the press than, let’s say….mayor of NYC or a Senator or governor of California) to a national ticket is a HUGE jump.

  21. Hank Highway Says:

    What a breath of fresh air……Excellent choice……Can’t wait for them to take office.

  22. foodgeek Says:

    Well played Senator McCain. I think we raving republicans needed a bit of a shake. This choice defines McCain’s range of thought in a different way than just “more of the same” as the dumocrats would charge. Politically brilliant! Oh, did anyone catch the FOX kids this morning talking about the campaign trying to get to the “18 million cracks” referring to Hillary’s female constituents? I almost spewed coffee outta my nose!

  23. JohnJohn Says:

    Good Call! Nicely done!

  24. Jim Says:

    Well, you guys were right all that time. She’ll be an awsome vice president .

  25. WOW MAN Says:

    Wow Sarah is hot. And her daughter will be a Hot one also.

  26. Mike Schinkel Says:

    From someone who thinks it will be a disaster if McCain is elected I have to say this was a good choice for McCain. I’d also have to say if it were not for her being part of the Republican machine that has been in charge too long and the fact that she is “solidly Pro-Life” that I’d even support her. But then that latter fact is probably why those writing this blog like her so much.

  27. Office in Miami Says:

    Its a good move for the republicans to grab sarah. If nothing else secures Hilary’s votes its this.

  28. Jack Says:

    Great call. Holy cow!

  29. Tim Says:

    Nice call way back in February! You guys get the medal for the early dark horse choice!

  30. Andrew Lee Says:

    Looks like you got it right!

    I don’t think it wipes the age issue of the board, but it does show that he will have a youthful successor.

  31. joe Says:

    I think people are overblowing the “women will vote for women” concept. Believe it or not, most people still vote their belief in ISSUES.

    Besides, choosing Palin eliminates McCain’s best anti-Obama strategy…the experience issue.

    The pick, while intriguing, strikes me as a desperate, reaction move.

  32. falcon9x5 Says:

    “much more executive experience than Obama”? Come on…

  33. Angus Dei Says:

    Easily: Obama has exactly none, zero, zilch, nada. Palin’s the governor of the largest State in the Union.

    Being a representative or even a senator is NOT an executive position.

  34. tizona Says:

    Mike Schinkel

    You raise a valid point, but it is one of the reasons, not THE.


    You also raise a valid point, but the fact remains that she will be briefed on all matters concerning what faces this nation and personally, anyone person (in particular the female of the species) to have had 5 children, run businesses, conduct a marriage as an equal, being a Governor of a U.S. State and many other aspects of her young life, picking up on what she needs to know, should God forbid something happen to McCain, she has what it takes to handle what she is given and swears oath to do, if elected.

  35. Tony Says:

    She named her kids: Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig…

    She clearly has some mental problems and thinks she is so special that her kids must have unique names.

    And do we want an airheaded former beauty queen the be the President when McCain kicks?

    I hope this transparent ploy backfires for McCain but he’ll still probably win because he’s 100% white and not just 50% like Obama.

  36. Steve Says:

    She actually has 5 children and choose not to include the child with down syndrome in her “family portrait”. Wow, sounds like a great lady and I don’t think the Hillary voters will go for a pro life zealot. He could have chosen several women who could really appeal to those voters but Palin isn’t one of them. Overall a very poor choice!

    Steve, you dolt! The child with Down’s Syndrome wasn’t in the photo simply because it hadn’t been born yet. Would you have preferred her to be holding a photo of the ultrasound? – Ash.

  37. tizona Says:

    It is NOT Obama’s lack of experience that bothers me as much as his two-faced campaign, playing every side of the Black/White issue. A wife who just found out, she was “proud of “her” nation” (to include himself that for 20 years attended and listened to a racist black minister) He would be briefed as Palin would…in fact as McCain would and Biden as well.

    As a younger person, I thought everyone of my then “bosses” was an asshole. Then I got my promotions. I became THE asshole. I learned my crafts and duties and carried them out to the best of my abilities.

    Which were damn good (not brag but when you are thrust into a leadership role, one leads) in every endeavor I took on.

    Much to long, in brief as the Native American adage goes (paraphrasing) ‘one never knows until one walks a mile in my shoes (OK moccasins)’

  38. Mr. Koolaid Says:

    McCain picked her for “star” value. He’s now “hip and cool” with a young, attractive running mate. I believe it was a reaction move which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the long haul. The McCain camp now has a “trophy wife” whom they can show off and dazzle crowds with. Woohoo!

    Pure marketing genius. Wow the politically uneducated sector of America with beauty. But at the end of the day what will America get? A re-packaged, stale Bush-era agenda.

    Keep your trophy wife. I’ll roll the dice with Obama.

  39. tizona Says:

    Brace for the Left and/or Rightists Extremeis. Some as above have their own perfectly good opinions (read Steve).

    Some with name issues, which seem to equate to “house ownership issues”. Both of which lacks depth of thinking (see Tony)

  40. Matt Says:

    I agree she is a perfect choice for McCain!

    It seems like Sarah Palin has her own issues. Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant and she is under investigation by the Alaska AG for ethics violations in the termination of s State Trooper that happens to be her ex brother in law.

  41. tizona Says:

    Mr. Koolaid, is aptly nic’d, no?

  42. Raquel Says:

    Tony and Steve,

    Don’t be dorks. The baby wasn’t born yet – check out the date of the blog posted.

    Here’s why they chose the name Trig.

  43. Angus Dei Says:

    That trooper was caught DUI driving a police cruiser, and he also made verified threats against the governor. That rightly infuriated Todd Palin, who contacted the authorities to ask WTF was going on. The McCain camp obviously looked into this story and decided there was nothing against Sarah in it.

    I didn’t know her daughter was pregnant. Do you have a link? In any event, stuff like that happens even to the best of parents.

  44. Ped Says:

    You just had to voice what every red-blooded virile American Male was thinking (as long as she is of the age of consent in her home state, of course.)

  45. Rudy V. Says:

    The oldest daughter is a HOTTIE!!! GRRRR!! MMMMM!

  46. Tizona Is Ignorant Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator.

    Reason: Stupid Rant Adding Nothing To Debate.

  47. Tizona Is Ignorant Says:

    I think if Pailin promises a Playboy spread with her and her daughter (when shes 18), people will vote for McBush. 🙂

  48. Jeremy Says:

    Sen. Obama is not a messiah. He is our next President. You see, some of us know how to uphold the Constitution and maintain separation of church and state.

  49. thund3rbox Says:

    Dude, you called it way back in Feb! Nice work!

    As an Obama supporter, I’m a bit flummoxed at McCain’s choice. Young, at first glance inexperienced (yeah, yeah, so is Obama apparently), obviously at the opposite end of the political spectrum from me, but maybe that was the point of the his choice to match youth with youth.

    Though, I’ve always thought someone that with executive experience (someone with experience as governor) is MUCH more suited for the white house than someone with legislative experience (it is after all the EXECUTIVE branch.)

    Oh, and for those knuckleheads making inappropriate remarks about Gov. Palin’s daughter. Grow up. Show some civility.

  50. Pete Says:

    Thanks to google, I’m here too. Was maybe going to hold my nose and vote for McCain if (I wasn’t in too bad of a mood) come November, but now… Definitely voting for Palin! Can you imagine a menopausal 47 year old female with control of the red button when McCain has a stroke in 2011!?!? Let the world tremble!

  51. Angus Dei Says:

    It is impossible for lefties to be either civil or funny. Obviously, that is because civility and humor require higher brain functions than those found in the medulla oblongata.

  52. DrZibbs Says:

    She is lookin’ good.

  53. asdf Says:

    “Gov. Palin ran as an anti-corruption outside”… but now finds herself the subject of a corruption probe. Regardless of how the investigation ends up, this just doesn’t pass the smell test.

  54. Sven Ruda Says:

    Now that’s a MILF!!! Too bad she’s taken.

  55. Kyle from Westchester County NY Says:

    Governor Palin brings a refreshing view of the republican party to the American people. As a 27 year old conservative in NY and a Marine Corps Iraqi Freedom vet I am impressed to see this choice for a running mate. The governor has a proven social conservative record, she has proven that she can make “REAL CHANGE” while in a true leadership role as a governor and stand up against corruption and “typical politics”. At face value I believe this will help in having woman take a second look at our party. We typically align with the stronger family values that mothers can relate. We all as Americans on both sides of the isle want similar things, economic prosperity, health care, good schools, and a safe country. The difference is in how we plan on doing it. Adopting “socialist like” policies and moving towards policies similar to those our friends on the other side of the pond have adopted, do not work. John McCain was not my first choice, Governor Palin was not my first choice, but they both will move this country in a better direction then the opposition. Good job in your selection sir, congratulations governor, and god bless America.

    Plus Governer Palin sure is beautiful!

    Thank you for your comment and especially, thank you for your service. God Bless America! – Ash

  56. tim Says:

    as worried as the obama-philes are about this selection indicates to me that John McCain has made an excellent choice

  57. Brent Says:

    I think this was a very smart choice … but ONLY in the short term.

    In the short term, it takes all of the attention away from Obama and his very effective speech last night. If McCain would have picked Pawlenty or Romney, the media would have yawned and then kept talking about the inarguable success of the DNC convention.

    Regardless of whether or not you agree with their politics, there is no denying that the Dems ran an incredible convention that even bests the 1992 Clinton convention, which took a young, unknown, scandal-ridden, inexperienced guy with no foreign policy experience and an unpopular wife and turned him into a winner.

    Instead of talking about that, Palin will dominate the news cycle for the long weekend and people will actually tune in to the RNC convention in big numbers now to hear her speak.

    But I say “short term” because I think Palin will prove a very poor choice for McCain in the long run. I’m no Romney fan but his Detroit roots and Mormon religion would have virtually guaranteed McCain victory in three swing states: Michigan, Colorado & Nevada. Those three states would have guaranteed McCain victory in the fall. Palin, on the other hand, only helps McCain in two states he would have won anyway.

    And it takes away McCain’s central argument about Obama’s inexperience. Palin has been Governor for less than two years and prior to that was mayor for two years of a town of less than 10,000. She has no foreign policy experience, which is less than even Obama. She will be demolished by Biden in their debate. And Hillary has already swayed most of her disgruntled supporters to support Obama with her speech this week. All Clinton needs to do now is to come out hard with a statement against Palin and say she is against all of the ideals and policies that Hillary and her supporters have been fighting for. That one statement will kill the idea of McCain stealing any ex-Hillary supporters.

    Finally, you need to look at what kind of team a ticket makes. Whether or not it should be this way, the fact is that image is more important than substance when it comes to the VP pick. When you look at Obama and Biden, they look good together. Biden is a lot older than Obama but looks good for his age and Obama looks ten years older than he did just two years ago. And I don’t care what your political affiliation is – those images last night of Obama’s young black daughter playing with Biden’s young blond granddaughter after Obama’s speech … that is the American dream personified. And that hits people in a subconscious place that is more effective than any speech or political ad. Now look at Palin and McCain. She makes him look even older and he makes her look even less qualified. They do not compliment each other. They exacerbate each other’s weaknesses.

  58. Dean Driver Says:

    I think McCain decided that he HAD to have a woman as VP to woo the female vote, and Palin was the only one who agreed to go to the dance with him. And I agree with all those who say that that McCain just threw away his best card — lack of experience.

  59. Bob Freck Says:

    At least she has big cans.

  60. Pedro Borbon Says:

    Sarah’s the perfect choice…her bio says she’s an excellent flutist…I’ve always had a hankerin’ for a gal with nice lungs and a hankerin’ for woodwinds…wonder if she plays the sax, too?…would’ve made a GREAT running mate for my main man, Slick Willie!

    I don’t think she’ll pass muster with Larry Craig or Mark Foley, though…and you won’t get a rise out of Rush Limbaugh, either.

  61. Wolf Says:

    I can not believe that you’re all falling all over yourselves because of her beauty. She has less than 2 years of office experience for a state that has a smaller population than Columbus, OH. Before that, she was a mayor of some small town. THIS is the experience you want running the country when McCain drops?

    The Republican party assumes that you’re either rich or stupid. I can’t believe that you’re falling into the trap of “I’ll vote fur her cuz she sure is purty!””

    No experience. No thank you. No McCain.

  62. Jer Says:

    I read she actually has 5 children. Last on has Down’s Syndrome. She knew before the birth but went on to have it as she is totally pro life.

  63. Joe Says:

    Where is Ashton Kucher? We are all being Punked by McCain, right?!?!

  64. Mike Says:

    So everyone got here doing Google Image search and saw the lovely family pic? I did =)

  65. Rollercam Says:

    Now if SHE were the GOP choice for President, I’d return to voting Republican.

    Open a US phone book and randomly pick a name: It’d likely be a better choice than either McCain or the Obamanation.

  66. Sean Says:

    She’s pro aerial-gunning for Alaskan wolf hunting. Horrible..

  67. phuknut Says:

    5 way with all the Palin girls. yummmm

  68. Really? Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator.

    Reason: Rant Adding Nothing To The Debate.

  69. googler Says:

    Pretty sure McCain already had the creepy old man demographic locked up, so why Palin? Why not the Olsen twin that wasn’t with Heath Ledger?
    Creepy old man line: I’d like to drill for oil in HER wilderness!

  70. cjterps02 Says:


  71. Gatorman81 Says:

    “Plus, at 44, she would almost totally wipe the “age issue” McCain has off the slate”…..

    WHAT?!? It’s the complete opposite. McCain’s age is now more of an issue than it ever was. This woman is not even close to being ready to be president. She was mayor of a town that’s smaller than some schools and is Governor of a state with a tiny population. Anybody who is VP is only a heartbeat away from becoming president. She would probably be a great choice sometime in the next 15 years or so, but not now.
    What a terrible idea, wow! It really makes me think my future vote for McCain is gonna be a mistake… If I vote at all… cause there’s no way I’m voting for Obama.

  72. Angus Dei Says:

    How old was JFK again? How much executive experience did he have? 43 and zero, though he had much more time in elective office than Obama, and just a tad more than Palin.

    So, I question the wisdom of sitting out an election over your misperception of the fundamental facts.

  73. spot_the_dog Says:

    Angus! MATE! Just woke up and saw all the hits flooding in here – are you our Top Political Blogger this year or what?!?

    You predicted McCain’s Veep choice more than 6 months out – good on ya, mate! Now, don’t go gettin’ all precious on us… remember where you comed from ‘n’ all 😉

    P.S. Any tips on who’s gonna take the upcoming election here in Western Australia?

  74. KNAB Says:

    I like yojimba’s sophomoric rant on Palin’s “lack of experience.”

    Being a governor of a state trumps community organizer, state legislator, absentee Senator, and used car salesman.

    Does the truth hurt? Just a little bit?

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