McCain is better than Obama for Australia

In contrast to the Obamamania which seems to be sweeping the globe, in Australia’s daily national newspaper, The Australian, Hugh White says that of the current candidates, it is John McCain with his strength and experience who is Australia’s best bet for the next President of the United States.

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As Hillary Clinton falters, it is likely the US will face a choice between Barack Obama and John McCain. Each seems capable of becoming a good, maybe even a great president.

But they are different people, suited to different times, and they would take the US in different directions. Which of them gets to the White House may therefore make a big difference for Australia, too. So whom should we hope will win? Personally, I’d rather have tea with Obama, but I’d rather the other bloke becomes president. […]

McCain’s record is not perfect, by any means, but it does show strength and determination, and it gives him immense credibility on national security issues […] On that basis he’d get my vote.


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12 Responses to “McCain is better than Obama for Australia”

  1. Rebecca H Says:

    As long as Obama retains his far-left socialist views, he will never be a good choice for the American people or the world.

  2. Calybos Says:

    You forget–we already had a president with “strength and determination on national-security issues,” and he completely botched the job and made terrorism WORSE.

  3. tizona Says:


    Let me take a wild ass guess here. You are a Barack Hussein Obama, voter.

    Let us sit down, with those that ‘say they want to kill us and our way of life’.

    As we know, the “president” you refer to, has been in power since The Grand Mufti, met and made his deals, with and for, Adolph Hitler.

    With a President Obama, ALL will be well, as all those concerned are misunderstood and ALL we need to do, is listen to their complaints about Israel and the U.S….ACT on their wishes for the destruction of both…and ALL the World’s problems, would go away.

    Ahhh, yes…Utopia is near. What a wonderful Earth, this will be.

  4. tizona Says:


    Gosh, so simple.

    All that is necessary is this man sitting down with this man, so ‘they’ may understand each other, come to an agreement and ALL will be fine.

    Yes, so simple.

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    #2, It’s not just Obama’s far-left Socialist views wich make him a bad bet for those of us outside the USA. His weakness, his pacifism, his seeming determination to disarm the USA, is really the big threat for those of us in countries which, to be frank, have a lot of money to play with and a secure way of life because and only because America, since WWII, has shouldered the burden of defense for us.

    We don’t need to spend huge amounts of our money (this goes for Europe as well) on our military and on defense because America takes care of so much of that. We know that if things ever go balls-up again like in WWII, America will come to the rescue (again!).

    A militarily weak America might make the moonbats in Australia feel all warm ‘n’ fuzzy inside… right up until the point where we get attacked by some hostile State who has an eye on our resources-rich continent, or the point where we have to start cutting some of our generous social welfare programmes to fund a military defense we didn’t really need before because we’ve always known we could count on America.

    Then watch us whinge!

  6. Aunty Belle Says:

    Hey all ya’ll Down Under–America is in deep water if we elect Obama–he is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, a Marxist who taught rebels how to threaten business and government. Alinsky wrote books, the more famous of which outlines his admiration for Satan, the “first rebel” who got what he wanted.

    Both Hillary and Obama credit Alinsky as their hero–gag!

    Obama has already filled his inner circle with other Marxists, including two who are Islamic sympathizers.

    McCain ain’t perfect, but he is in another category than the Hil-Bama folks.

    We are in for a bad ride, I fear.

  7. Aunty Belle Says:

    Oops–sorry for the typos–that’s “deep WATER” and “another category THAN the Hil-Bama folks.”

    – Fixed 🙂

  8. tizona Says:

    Welcome Aunty Belle.

    Do comment again. Have a great mix of people, some from the land of OZ. Some from Canada and believe it or not, some from the damn good, U.S.A.

    And yes, it could be a very bad ride.

  9. Aunty Belle Says:

    Thanky TIZ, fer that fine welcome.

    Oh, sure, Sugar Pie, I see now that ya’ll is from here AND there.

    On the ride–well, I ain’t partial to bad rides, and we got a few months, so mebbe we can educate some folks and steer clear by a whisker. Gotta try, right?

    I ain’t akshully illiterate (how would you expect an cracker woman to speak?)but I is akshully feisty when riled up over politics.

    Cherrio! (or, is that for Merry Olde Englond only?)

  10. David Says:

    Having watched a few more Oboma speeches tonight and judged them against the current politicians he is the most impreessive politican I have seen for decades.

  11. Shawna Says:

    Well i agree with David, plus he’s our prez now and he is gonna bring changes too the world because we dont need another Bush, since McCain voted with Bush about 90% of the time.

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