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Red State, Blue State

Here’s one for Angus.

Excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal today contrasting the outcomes of economic policies in Texas and Ohio.

It concludes:

So tomorrow the eyes of America will be on these two states moving in different directions. Ohio has an economy burdened by high taxes and work rules that impose heavy costs on employers. Texas embraces free trade, keeps taxes low, doesn’t impose unions on business and has tooled itself for 21st century global competition. Ohioans may not like to hear this, but for any company considering where to locate a new plant or move an existing one, the choice between Ohio and Texas isn’t even a close call.

The challenge for our national economy in a world of competition is to become more like Texas and less like Ohio.

–link via Bolta, who comments, “How odd: free trade and low taxes create jobs.”

UPDATE:  Tim Blair – “It’s War!”

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Gaia nil, Pilot 1. Make that: 131.

A Lufthansa pilot managed to save himself and a plane full of passengers during an aborted landing at Hamburg airport.

Watch the video here. Unless you’re planning to fly soon yourself. Say, anytime within the next twenty years…

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Iran defiant over new UN nuke sanctions

Iran's U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Khazee addresses members of the Security Council before the Council approve sanctions against Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, at the U.N. headquarters in New York Monday, March  3,  2008  (AP Photo/David Karp)

AP Photo: Iran’s U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Khazee* addresses members of the Security Council
UNITED NATIONS – The U.N. Security Council imposed another round of sanctions on Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, but Iran defiantly vowed Monday to continue its nuclear program despite the nearly unanimous censuring vote.
The resolution authorized a third set of sanctions targeting individuals, companies and equipment that could be used in Iran’s nuclear program. It was adopted on a vote of 14-0, with Indonesia abstaining. (Really?)Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Khazee said just before Monday’s vote that his government would not comply with what he called “unlawful action” against Iran’s “peaceful nuclear program.” He said the Security Council was being “downgraded to a mere tool of the national foreign policy of just a few countries.” (We feel the same, Dude!…Just not the same ones, your asses think)Iran cannot and will not accept a requirement which is legally defective and politically coercive,” Khazee said. “History tells us that no amount of pressure, intimidation and threat will be able to coerce our nation to give up its basic and legal rights.” (Yea, right.)The six nations at the forefront of efforts to ensure Iran does not develop an atomic weapon program — the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany — said the resolution sends “a strong message of international resolve” about “the proliferation risks of its nuclear program.”

*Asterisk…With a name like Kahzee, were I you, I’d change the Mohammad….Kama, sounds really, really good.


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Grandma’s Got a Gun

Danish journalist Terkel Svensson and a group of other reporters in Crawford Texas near President Bush’s ranch seem taken aback that a little old lady would dare warn them off her property with (gasp!) a gun in her hand.

CNN’s Ed Henry hyperventilates that this was nearly an international incident,” leading his story with the breathless “A Danish journalist came this close to getting shot Saturday by an elderly woman packing a pistol.” […] He reports, “Next thing you know the woman is outside, no more than a few dozen feet from the journalist, demanding that he leave. “Suddenly she comes out and she says, ‘Get off my property. You’re trespassing.'”

And? So? She didn’t shoot them; she didn’t even raise her gun. She simply exercised appropriate caution when going to confront a strange man standing outside her house. Of course in an ideal Lefty world, she would have hidden, cowering, in a back room and waited until the police arrive to “take care of things,” no doubt.

Armed with the photos of the “incident,” Terkel crowed, “I will show the photos to my wife and children, they thought I was on a safe trip.” No doubt we’ll soon be reading in the international press that constitutionally-aware Texas grannies are more of a threat to civilisation as we know it than Hamas terrorists, and that Texas is no safer than Waziristan for brave roving reporters.

See CNN’s “Gun incident near President Bush’s ranch” and Confederate Yankee’s take on this.

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Yo, Edmund…Here ya’ go, baby….Dichter: Human Shields for Terrorists are Also Terrorists.

( “We are creating an atmosphere of ghost towns with our own hands, with our own policy,” Minister for Public Security, Avi Dichter, told the cabinet Sunday. “The terrorists, unlike the IDF soldiers and the citizens of Israel, are a perishable product, that is to be stopped and killed,” he said. “In a state of war with a terror entity we must not shirk from hitting terrorists who try to carry out a terror attack from within an envelope of civilians. Civilians who provide a human shield for terrorists are terrorists, plain and simple.”

‘They fire at anyone who is a Jew’

“The daring and smart IDF activity, by Givati [Regiment] and armor together with the Shabak east of Jebalya, is not bringing an end to the Kassams and Katyushas,” Dichter said. “Not [the ones being fired] at Sderot, not at Ashkelon, not at the Gaza perimeter communities and not at Netivot. I saw with my own eyes a city beginning to suffer and to wilt. The Katyusha salvoes spread all over my city, from Kfar Silver in the east to the sea in the west; from the Shimshon neighborhood and Givat Tzion in the south to Barnea in the north. We must not broaden the Gaza roulette. We must stop it now.”

Arutz Sheva

OH, by the way… Edmunds Website…It’s a Wordy, too.

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OK…Important…Rock, Country or Country Rock…Can’t embed the Damn thing…The Eagles have requested it NOT be…Shitheads!

Hey Sir Angus…Can you be jammin’ on this one?

How Long…Yep, this is a WTIZ repeat, SO?!

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LOOK! Tiz the Three Stooge Bots. Curly, Larry and Mo’EFFER…

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Canadian Memo Recounts Meeting….Hussein Obama is starting to stink, like rotting fish..In this case, Tiz a great “stink”…

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Barack Obama’s senior economic policy adviser privately told Canadian officials to view the debate in Ohio over trade as “political positioning,” according to a memo obtained by The Associated Press that was rejected by the adviser and held up Monday as evidence of doublespeak by rival Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The meeting was first reported last week by Canadian television network CTV, which cited unnamed sources as saying that Goolsbee assured the Canadians that Obama’s tough talk on the North American Free Trade Agreement is just campaign rhetoric not to be taken seriously. The Obama campaign and the Canadian embassy denied there was any inconsistency between what the candidate was saying publicly and what advisers were saying privately.

Hussein Obama…The City of Chicago, becomes you…or did you become the City?

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Banana Republic Battle Royale


The obviously retarded dick-tater of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez – who is a Mongoloid Idiot, by the looks of him – is saber-rattling his miserable ass off and amassing tanks (Venezuela has tanks? Who knew?) at the border with Columbia, a US ally. This has prompted speculation that the US would intervene.

It is interesting that Chavez is doing this just after introducing Cuba-style draconian food rationing: Nothing like the specter of war to get people’s minds off their empty bellies, huh?

So, not satisfied with having totally ruined Venezuela’s economy through his butt-fuckingly stupid socialization programs, Chavez now aims to get his military reduced to buffalo-chip cinders, and many of his citizens slaughtered in the process.

This shit-wit has an IQ in the negative number range, and he’s a thoroughly evil megalomaniac to boot… but lefties like Sean Penn and Cindy Sheehan love the guy, proving their utter fuck-tardiness.

There really, actually are some people who desperately need killing, and Chavez is one of them.

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Support Needed

Tim Blair reader Peter M needs support.

His sister was recently found to have an abnormal pap smear. Pap smears are a great indication if there is a problem, but they’re not all that helpful if there is not.

I went through the exact same thing last month, and so I know how worried Peter’s sister must be. There are slight differences, but it still sucks.

So please, put your support behind Peter. He needs his mates.

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Water usage at 1930’s levels, proposal to stop building roads and “phase out” private vehicles… Welcome to Progressive Australia.

‘We’re saving water, but bills to double’


“CONSUMERS are more passionate than ever about saving water but instead of being rewarded for their efforts, prices are set to double in the next five to 10 years.”

[Spot sez: Passionate? You sure it’s nothing to do with those draconian water restrictions? Or the fear of being murdered by over-zealous eco-fascists whilst watering?]

“Last year, Melbourne had the lowest per capita water consumption since 1934, while Sydney consumed the same amount of water it did in 1974, despite 1.2 million additional residents.”

[Spot sez: Whoo-hoo! 1934! You win, Melbourne — Sydney’s progressives only managed to throw it back to 1974. ]

“But despite efforts to save water, bills will balloon during the next decade.”

[Spot wonders: What if we manage to get water use down to pre-Federation levels?]

Wake up, people! This is what self-proclaimed progressives have done to you. Who wants a 1934 standard of living in a first-world capital city? You want 1934? Here’s a newsreel of Melbourne in 1934. Now go build some dams and let us garden like it’s 1999.


And, via Andrew Bolt, in other progressive news:

“The car is doomed,” Monash University associate professor Damon Honnery said, discussing the findings of a soon-to-be-published research paper, Mitigating Greenhouse: Limited Time, Limited Options, written with Dr Patrick Moriarty.

Federal and state governments should stop building new arterial roads… Instead, governments must focus on phasing out cars

“People are going to have to fundamentally change the way they think about travel and make much more use of non-motorised travel such as cycling and walking.”…

The big emission cuts needed in the transport sector require a near-total shift from the private car to public transport, the paper argues.

Dr Moriarty also believes there must be big reductions in air travel. “An overseas trip might become a once-in-a-lifetime experience rather than an annual event,” he said.

Bloody hell. Water usage legislated back to 1934 levels, no new roads, cars phased out, overseas holidays reduced to “once-in-a-lifetime” … If we’re not careful, our progressive policies are going to “progress” us right back to the 1800’s.

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I Hate To Be Crude, But…

I think Hill’s been chillin’ with Bill a bit too long…

Hillary Clinton

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Gaia, why do you torture Al so?

Mother Gaia,

Is Gore not your Prophet? Your mouthpiece? Are you not the ventriloquist and he… well, okay. Let’s not pursue that line of argument.

Has Al not spread the word of Global Warming? Has Al not made a film seen by quite a few concerned people?

Al has been your loyal servant, Gaia. Why do you mock him so severely?

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This Couldn’t Be More Wrong

Andrew Bolt has a blog item up today, comparing the physical appearance of the Italian football team to that of the French football team. The Usual Suspects have turned up and said (pretty much) “This is proof that Andrew’s racist and teh Eye-talyans are racist and only peeps of Eyetalyan blood can be part of teh Eyetalyan sport teams or government!!!11!1!!1!”


As some commenters at Bolta’s have pointed out, there are a lot of Armenian, Austrian and German (amongst other countries) people living in Italy, and none, read: not one, of them is excluded from anything because of their blood. Fucking NONE.


jarrod replied to Ben
Mon 03 Mar 08 (12:20pm)

If we are all the one nationality why should skin colour divide us? In the case of the French photo they are French nothing else. They all abide by the same laws as any other Frenchman/woman and have the same rights.

Italian culture appears to be adhering to homogeneity rather than heterogeneity. This causes nationalism and intolerance towards others – whilst excluding them from what Roland Barthe would say, Italianess.


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Gloria Steinem: Spoiled, Pampered, Elitist… Bitch-Whore


Look at those hands: Nice and soft. Check out the nails: Nary a chip or crack. This constantly complaining scold has never had to do a day’s worth of hard work in her life. She’s never been deprived, depredated upon, or discriminated against. Yet, for over four decades we’ve had to listen to this miserable piece of shit piss and moan about what sexist societies we have here in the West.

Of course, if this disgusting old hag was really a feminist – versus the emasculist chicken-shit she actually is – she’d be risking life and limb in the Arab world, where women are treated far worse than we in the West treat our pets.

You know why you don’t see cowardly elitists like Stienem campaigning against female genital mutilation and the abject subjugation women suffer in the Moslem world? Because then this yellow-bellied pile of excrement would actually be risking incarceration – or worse – in a third world prison hell-hole… like the one John McCain was in in Hanoi. You might remember the popular name of that place; it was called, “The Hanoi Hilton.”

While in the Hanoi Hilton for several years, McCain was regularly and routinely tortured. We’re talking real torture here, not waterboarding, which street performance artists can even handle. No, I’m talking about being viciously beaten with blunt, hard objects until you suffer broken bones and pass out from the pain. Real torture, not the leftard imaginary kind.

No, she won’t gut it up for her Moslem sisters and go on to become, “Gloria of Arabia” because she’s a gutless fuckwit and a major league fraud. She wouldn’t last five seconds under the kind of torture McCain endured with honor.

Just listen to this – man, I’m so tempted to break my c-word ban – despicable cowardly bitch-whore:

““Suppose John McCain had been Joan McCain and Joan McCain had got captured, shot down and been a POW for eight years. [The media would ask], ‘What did you do wrong to get captured? What terrible things did you do while you were there as a captive for eight years?’” Steinem said, to laughter from the audience.

Emphasis is mine, just so you know she was facing an audience of fellow travelers in the alternate-reality-based/parallel-universe community.

“McCain was, in fact, a prisoner of war for around five-and-a-half years, during which time he was tortured repeatedly. Referring to his time in captivity, Steinem said with bewilderment, “I mean, hello? This is supposed to be a qualification to be president? I don’t think so.””

I don’t wish death on anybody, but I think she’s past her expiration date, kinda like Jimmy Carter. Of course, this noxious gas-bag continues spewing her oral effluent.

““I am so grateful that she [Clinton] hasn’t been trained to kill anybody. And she probably didn’t even play war games as a kid. It’s a great relief from Bush in his jump suit and from Kerry saluting.””

Hey Gloria, bitch-whore, listen up you utter waste of human protoplasm; if not for all those kids who played war games as children and then geared up as adults, you wouldn’t have been able to live your spoiled, pampered, tragic waste of a life, you dumbass BB-brain.

OK, enough of her warp-minded horse shit. I want you all to consider something very important right now. Are you listening? Do I have your full and undivided attention? This miserable, stinking piece of crap said all this (And more)… while campaigning for Hillary Clinton!

If Hitlery doesn’t have Stienem herself apologize for this, then anyone who votes for her is a traitor!

Yeah, I want Obama to kick Shrillary and her sisters out of the race on Tuesday.

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