John McCain For President….

There are many words that can be said FOR, John McCain. These are but a few. Watch the video.

To those that choose to sit on their asses, because of John McCain (YEA YOU, PHONY REPUBLICAN’S, THE “I will sit this one out” PEOPLE)…YOU are stupid. You are also NOT fulfilling YOUR DUTY to make sure OUR COUNTRY remains, THE U.S.A.

You are willing to trade OUR NATIONS security for WHAT was that, again???

Victorious McCain turns sights on Democrats

“We’re the world’s leader,” he said. “And leaders don’t pine for the past and dread the future. We make the future better than the past. We don’t hide from history. We make history.”


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McCain Clinches GOP Nomination

OK…John…ready yourself for battle, God damn It!

OH…Just remember, John….IF your opponent is Hussein Obama…


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A Question

How can someone calling themselves “Einstien”(sic!) make so many spelling mistakes?

Well the rot started when labor got in (even though 22,000 people voted twice ,the question is who were they labor or liberal?? )and it wont end until they are gone just like last time ! mabey labor could dish out some of the bribe money they paid in nsw ? oh sorry that would be too honest for them ! now lets look at the great plan of labor ,stop spending and cut services ,well how bright ! what a brainwave to balance a budget they stole from liberal anyway trouble is they dont know how to handle it ,thats the difference liberal balanced the budget and labor just stops spending to do it ,wait till the unions start ,goodbye australian economy .but we could allways call on lemma to run things ,ha ha ha ha .or even bourke.

einstien of melb (Reply)
Wed 05 Mar 08 (10:08am)
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I Must be Sadistic…

…but this is really, really funny. To me at least.

Sammer replied to Ash
Wed 05 Mar 08 (12:08pm)

AB – Get well, plenty of honey is great as well.

Ash – I decided to be more adventurous and I did an all you can eat buffet at this Indian place here. I thought, lets be brave and try something spicy, so I went ahead and ate the hottest I could find, Vindaloo with some other food I hadn’t tried before.

Big mistake.

Hurt going in, hurt going out.

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Originally uploaded by El Cid1

Dear Rebecca, I did. Evidently I put the cables on the wrong end.

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I Say We Kill ALL the Kangaroos

In response to Spot’s post of course.


I’m sure the photographer would agree.

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Moses Munched Magic Mushrooms.

burning bush

Well, actually it was acacia extract, if you want to get technical.

Benny Shanon has written a theory in a journal called Time and Mind, wherein he postulates that the most likely explanation for Moses’ experience on Mt Sinai, during which he heard the voice of God and saw the burning bush, is that he was trippin’ on a narcotic hallucinogen derived from the Acacia tree.

Shanon, a professor of cognitive psychology has no proof, of course. He admits that. But he has done a lot of research. Um no, not archaeological. I’m talking chemical research. Of the self-ingesting kind. One article tentatively alludes to Shanon ‘dabbling’ in psychotropics. If you call 160 separate experiences all over the world ‘dabbling’, then I suppose it’s accurate.

Anyway, didn’t John Allegro say all this back in the ’60s with The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross?

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OK..Logging Out for a tad..maybe even…

….A long tad. Strong winds and rain, along with shallow rooted TALL trees (why you ask? Because the damn trees have are in a loose clay, shale like soil…AND rock).

 I shall wait for one of two things (and with my luck, both will occur)… One. The power to go out, downed lines, with or without the trees assisting. Two. One or more of those trees..flattening this house.

Fear to those that don’t give two shits about me…I will survive the trees falling, (should that happen) to come back and REALLY, piss you off…:).

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Hugh Hewett: The Only Response Necessary to Gloria Steinem

Per Hugh: “What an idiot Gloria Steinem is…”

This video is twelve minutes long. You need to watch the whole thing. Then, you’ll see why I love this guy, and think that if we here in the USA don’t elect him, we deserve whatever the fuck we get… and, “the fuck” is exactly what we’ll get.

Oh, and I disagree with Hugh. I find it necessary to respond to Gloria with a, “Fuck You, You Stupid Fucking Lefty Twat.”

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Provincial Reconstruction Team Helps Farmers’ Union Grow


Monday, 03 March 2008
Sgt. Kevin Stabinsky
3rd Infantry Division Public Affairs

FOB KALSU — Sixteen prominent Sayifiyah landowners gathered with members of the Baghdad-7 embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team (ePRT) at Patrol Base Whitehouse in Sayifiyah, Feb. 28, for a farmers’ union meeting.

As security returns to the region, Coalition forces are focusing on restoring the agriculturally-based economy in Sayifiyah. Efforts include reviving the poultry and beekeeping industries, increasing the productivity of vegetable farms and creating new industries like fish farming and chicken processing plants.

All of these efforts were discussed at the meeting, the union’s third gathering.

“We’re here to restore the area to the farming community it once was,” said Mike Stevens, from Alexandria, Minn., ePRT agricultural adviser.

Enough seeds for 350 farmers were distributed to eight of the landowners whose primary business is vegetable farming. Tomato, cucumber, green pepper and eggplant seeds imported from Turkey and Spain will be given to the numerous farmers who work the fields, Stevens said.

He called it a self-starter, self-sustainability package that will help farmers gain bigger returns on their produce since the ePRT absorbs the initial cost of jumpstarting production.

Stevens said future investments will target the top five areas of need in the region: vegetables, poultry, irrigation, veterinarian services and herds of cattle and sheep.

A key point underlying the initiatives is increased profits for farmers. Under Saddam Hussein’s reign, Stevens said, farmers would receive supplies from the government to run their farms. In return, they owed the government up to 50 percent of their crops.

Now, under a democratic system of government, farmers will have the power to keep all their produce and set their own prices and areas of market. This will eventually strengthen the economy by allowing farmers to bring in more money.

Stevens said he hopes to build a strong farmers’ union, so they can pool profits to buy goods and services such as more seeds, animals and machinery.

Towards this end, part of the meeting focused on teaching the landowners democratic and capitalistic concepts. They were also encouraged to discuss their own issues to help work out solutions amongst themselves and the ePRT.

Some issues raised were repairing and procuring more tractors and distributing pesticides to kill insects that damage citrus trees.

Stevens reiterated the need for the farmers to work together and take advantage of the zero start-up cost being offered by Coalition programs to increase their collective profits.

Signs of progress are already materializing. Fadil Fawaz Hamed and other landowners have begun work to strengthen productivity. Hamed has 124 farmers working his vegetable fields.

“It is about strength in numbers,” Stevens said. Working as a group, the farmers can reduce the cost burden of fixing problems and collectively enjoy the benefits of solutions.

In the meantime, the group is focused on existing structures and restoring them to their former pre-war production levels before leaning into new ventures.

“We’re off to a good start,” Stevens said. “We can’t provide everything, but if people can work together we can promise to work hard to help them achieve their goals.”

Multi National Force/OIF

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Stupidest Statement Of The Week

“Asbestos was useful too once.”

This stupid, stupid statement was said in response to a post at Andrew Bolt‘s on the usefulness of plastic bags.

Bonus points to the guy who said they’re great for stashing filthy nappies. He was so right.

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I had a click over to the Global Incident Map, which shows the possibly terrorist related incidents throughout the world.

It was of no surprise to see that no one’s game to try anything in Russia or China.

And nothing in Australia either, but I’m sure that’s because they’ve now got a sympathetic government.

A Soapbox for Edmund…

Edmund, go nuts here buddy. About anything. We’re pretty relaxed here and an alternative point of view is always fun to read.

How about you start with why you seemingly support terrorists hiding amongst civilians?

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The Eagles…From Melbourne..Take It To The Limit

Australian Border Dispute: Hundreds to Die. Greens vs. Greens.

gerykanga1.jpg Article from: Herald Sun

A MOB of kangaroos is back on death row after proposals to move them across state borders were described as inhumane.

Hundreds of eastern grey kangaroos once more face being culled after attempts to relocate them from Department of Defence land in the ACT to New South Wales reportedly failed.

The ACT government has refused to grant export licences for the roos, The Canberra Times reported today.

As a result, the Department of Defence has abandoned plans to move the kangaroos from the former naval transmission station in suburban Belconnen, leaving a population cull as the only alternative.

ACT Environment Commissioner Maxine Cooper said that while the kangaroos at the site were considered overabundant, she had recommended against relocation because experts considered it inhumane.

“The advice I’m getting . . . is the amount of trauma that occurs to the animal in the first instance, too, is something they feel is unacceptable,” Dr Cooper told ABC Radio.

“What we’re dealing with is the difference between animal welfare and animal liberation.”

Animal welfare groups oppose culling kangaroos in the ACT.

There was an international outcry in 2004 when about 900 kangaroos were destroyed at the site of a dam supplying water to Canberra.

Former Wildcare president Steve Garlick said […] “We like to think that the ACT stands for Australian Capital Territory. It might not be too far away that it becomes Australian Culling Territory.”

Animal welfarists vs. animal liberationists: Stay tuned for howls of outrage…

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