Hugh Hewett: The Only Response Necessary to Gloria Steinem

Per Hugh: “What an idiot Gloria Steinem is…”

This video is twelve minutes long. You need to watch the whole thing. Then, you’ll see why I love this guy, and think that if we here in the USA don’t elect him, we deserve whatever the fuck we get… and, “the fuck” is exactly what we’ll get.

Oh, and I disagree with Hugh. I find it necessary to respond to Gloria with a, “Fuck You, You Stupid Fucking Lefty Twat.”

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2 Responses to “Hugh Hewett: The Only Response Necessary to Gloria Steinem”

  1. Rebecca H Says:

    That was hard to sit through. Just think JMcC has been to Hell and back, and then compare him to those two latte-light twits on the other side.

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    Exactly. If every registered voter was forced to watch that, McCain would beat any Democrat opponent with circa 90% of the vote.

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