Cute Little Hussein Obama…”If I’m not ready”…Why would Clinton want me as VP?


He dismisses the appointment of Condoleezza Rice and before her, Colin Powell, to positions of genuine power in George W Bush’s administration.

He has described them as “house slaves“, and doesn’t feel their presence has helped his cause in any way.

He puts them there in the service of power. They are quite powerless – powerless – powerless,” he says.

They are extensions of George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice is revered nowhere. She has influence over a nothingness.”

Well son, it’s like all the above…Besides someone has to walk their new cat, man.

OH, Hussein….Meet Harry Belafonte.

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Foreign Ministry Campaign Educates World on Hamas Human Shields


 Hamas bomb lab in Jabalya

Israel is again being forced to choose between protecting its own civilians and the lives of its soldiers and the risk of harming Gaza civilians who are being used by Hamas terrorists as human shields.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is hoping to raise international awareness of the issues involved through/via the release Monday of a series of photographs, video clips and information on its website showing how terrorists use civilians as human shields during attacks on Israel.

“The purpose of the civilian presence is to have them serve as human shields, exploiting the fact that the IDF avoids harming Palestinian [Arab] civilians,” explains the Ministry on its website.

Arutz Sheva

Brave filthy bastards, aren’t they?

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The Manolo, He Weighs In on Ukrainian Women’s Shoes

I’ve always gotten a kick out of this guy, believe it or not.

“Manolo says, many people in the blogosphere have been linking to this photo of the Ukrainian Army hotties. As one may see, for feetwear, anything goes, from the slingbacks to the wedge heels, although the preponderance are the sexy, stiletto heeled pumps.”

You have to follow the internal links: A big part of his wit is what he links to.

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HEY! Hussein…tell me again why you think a large number of Blacks are in prison? Oh, if to tough, ask Michelle.


North Carolina Police say this convenience store photo shows suspect attempting to use the ATM card of slain UNC student Eve Carson.


Fox News

Joke Of The Day…Courtesy Theo Spark and J.M.

A Taliban suicide bomber pulls the plug and explodes…………………..BOOM!!!

A short while later he finds himself on a huge white staircase leading towards the heavens, so he starts climbing up.  After an hour of hard climbing, he arrives at a landing where an old man in white robes with a long flowing beard is sitting surrounded by ledgers.

‘Excuse me sir’ he says ‘are you Mohammad?’

‘No’ replies the old man, ‘I am St Peter, Mohammed is further up the stairs’.

‘But this is wonderful news’ screams the bomber, ‘Mohammed is higher than St Peter! I can hardly believe it.’ With this he carries on climbing up the stairs.

After an hour or so of hard climbing he arrives at another landing. Standing on the landing is a serene looking man with long hair and a long white beard.

‘Excuse me sir’ he says ‘Are you Mohammad?’

‘No’ replies the old man, ‘I am Jesus, Mohammad is further up the stairs’.

But this is amazing news’ screams the bomber, ‘Mohammad is higher than Jesus! I can hardly believe it, martyrdom is wonderful!!!’  With this he carries on climbing up the stairs. After another hour or so of hard climbing he arrives on a huge landing. There, sitting on a magnificent throne is another old man, with flowing white robes, beard and long white hair.

Excuse me sir’ he says ‘are you Mohammad?’

‘No’ replies the old man, ‘I am God.’

But this is absolutely amazing news’ screams the bomber, ‘Mohammad is higher than God! I am so happy I can’t believe it, martyrdom is more than wonderful!!!’

You look tired my son’ said God ‘would you like to sit down and rest a while?’

‘Oh yes’ replied the bomber ‘I am very tired and would love a rest before I carry on, thank you.’

The bomber sits down and God says ‘You look thirsty my son, would you like a cup of tea?’

‘Oh yes please’ replies the bomber ‘I am most thirsty, thank you.’

With this God turns and snaps his fingers and shouts……………………..

‘Yo, Mohammad, two teas over here, and make it snappy!!’

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The Shelby Cobra is to Brutal for My Taste: Ferrari 512 BB

Regular readers know I’m a truck guy, but if I was a sports car guy, had more money than sense, and knew a mechanic named Mario, I’d want a Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer. Here it is in all of its 5.0 liter, flat-12, carbureted, fuel-guzzling, Gaia-raping glory.


Not that there’s anything wrong with Shelby Cobras, they’re just not my style. In high school, I was an Italian car aficionado, and drove a Fiat X 1/9 exactly like this one: Same year and same color. I loved that little car.


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All the typing concerning vehicles…Well, this is what I want. Have seen several here, the about to begin car show season in Pigeon Forge, TN.


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Have been trying to find something that exudes my entire being. Think I just found it…This is ME. Ummm, some may have come to this quite early. Hey, this just confirms it.

Billy Joel

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“Rice is already fourth in line for the Presidency…”


Well, Look what Drudge dredged up: An article by Hendrik Hertzberg suggesting McCain pick Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. Since my first pick, the Governor of Alaska, is now pregnant, I guess this might do, and not just because she’s a black woman – a two-fer – but because as a black woman she could eviscerate Hillary, or Obama… or both. Have to admit, I hadn’t thought of this.

I know what a lot of you are thinking: Condi makes nice with bad guys. Well, she’s the Secretary of State, and that’s part of her job; to be a foil for the president. It doesn’t mean she wants to rub shoulders with baddies, or that she likes them.

I’ll have to ponder this, but I have to admit it’s an interesting possibility. I sure as hell hope he doesn’t pick some cookie-cutter conservative white guy.

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Anyone Up for a Game of Marco Polo?


I can’t for the life of me figure out the circumstances under which that photo was taken. Major WTF?!

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Islam and Europe: Pat Condell’s View

Enjoy this movie from Pat Condell, named “Appeasing Islam“. He makes some very good points.

This is via the Jawa Report and Little Green Footballs.

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All Together Now


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International recognition – it’s what we live for.

Companion blog ThaLunatic – have a look; he’s just over there on the right – has what you might call a particular line of interest. Wollongong’s sex-for-development expert Beth Morgan fits very neatly into that parameter.

“Welcome to the club Australia. Nice to have you mates aboard the Scandal Express with the rest of the world.”

Thanks… I think. But don’t for a minute imagine that Beth was the first Australian ever to screw business partners.

Yea…the night group can rest easy, as it is left to the wonderfully capable hands of the day group.

It is a wonderful group of people that have assembled in little place on the web. It has exceeded my wildest dreams. Whether one believes in this word about to come up or not…WE ARE (that’s better…late night…sorry) all, blessed. Thank you for your time, effort and intellect.


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