Seriously Bad Becomes Seriously Sad

A Seriously Bad ad for tampons in Australia is lookin’ like it’s going to be pulled from the air because of complaints.

The Advertising Standards Bureau in Canberra received a “large number” of complaints as soon as the ad aired on Sunday – the day after International Women’s Day.

“A large number of complaints have come in over the weekend,” ASB chief Alison Abernethy said.

“An unusually high amount. People are offended by the language and references to the beaver.”

No doubt PETA will get involved, in this blatant discriminaton against a beaver being able to enjoy having it’s hair and nails done!

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Sheldon Alberts: Geraldine Ferraro: Don’t call me a racist, you racist!!

If former Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro is worried she has offended Barack Obama by suggesting his political success is due to the colour of his skin, she isn’t showing it.

Ferraro caused outrage in the Obama camp by telling a California newspaper that the Illinois senator would never be winning the Democratic race if he was a white man or a woman.

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position,” she said. “And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

Facing calls for her ouster from a ceremonial role in Clinton’s campaign, Ferraro instead tried to turn the tables on Obama’s aides.

I have to tell you that what I find is offensive is that everytime somebody says something about the campaign, you’re accused of being racist,” Ferraro told Fox News Channel.

‘Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world, you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up. Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?’

She then explained why she thought Obama was “lucky” to be a black candidate running for president, a statement that would seem to fly in the face of White House campaigns going back to, well, America’s origins.

“If in 1984 my name was Gerard Ferraro instead of Geraldine Ferraro, I would never have been the nominee for VP,” she said.

Ferraro was Walter Mondale’s running mate in the 1984 presidential campaign.

So far, Clinton has only half-heartedly disassociated herself from Ferraro’s remarks, saying she does not agree with them.

But her campaign manager, Maggie Williams, issued a much tougher statement — targeting Obama for trying to make political hay out of the issue.

Here’s Maggie Williams’ statement:

“In January, NBC’s Tim Russert confronted Senator Barack Obama with a four page memo from his campaign characterizing statements they claimed the Clinton Campaign had made about race.  Asked in hindsight whether he regretted pushing this story, Senator Obama said: 


‘Well, not only in hindsight, but going forward. I think that, as Hillary said, our supporters, our staff, get overzealous. They start saying things that I would not say. And it is my responsibility to make sure that we’re setting a clear tone in our campaign, and I take that responsibility very seriously, which is why I spoke yesterday and sent a message in case people were not clear that what we want to do is make sure that we focus on the issues.’


We agreed then. We agree today.   Supporters from both campaigns will get overzealous.  Senator Clinton today reiterated that when asked about Geraldine Ferraro’s recent comments: “I do not agree with that and you know it’s regrettable that any of our supporters on both sides say things that veer off into the personal. We ought to keep this focused on the issues. That’s what this campaign should be about.  


Senator Obama’s campaign staff seems to have forgotten his pledge. We have not.  And, we reject these false, personal and politically calculated attacks on the eve of a primary.  This campaign should be about the leadership we need for a better future and these attacks serve only to divide the Democratic Party and the American people.”

Does anyone still think the Democratic race won’t get a whole lot nastier between now and the end, whenever that may come?

The National Post

Notice in the right side bar…Obama wins in Mississippi

Any snickering you hear is that of Michelle Obama

I honestly have to say…THIS on Hussein’s part, seemingly comes right out of the Islamist handbook..’How to win friends or blow them up’, written by Abu-mahoud Carnegie.

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350 Injured in Abu Dhabi-Dubai Highway Horror Crash…Wonder if any AQ, were there?

Breitbart TV

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Lefty American Expats Who Hate America: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

You know all those self-loathing Seppos who dramatically announce to all and sundry that they’re planning on fleeing the Evil Empire but never really get around to it?

Well there actually is a virtual support group for Americans living outside America who find so much to dislike about the USA that they’ve devoted a blog to it — it’s called The Exile. It’s got charming little pieces such as “Cheney Begs On His Hands & Knees: Bush sends his puppeteer Cheney to the Middle East to suck Arab dick for cheaper oil…” and “American Girls Are Diseased Sluts: Everyone knows that American girls are fat, ugly pseudo-lesbians who cannot hold a candle to Russian girls.

Oh, it’s also based in the freedom-and-democracy loving Russia, where journalists and bloggers who criticise Mother Russia have a rather alarming tendency to turn up dead, although the irony of that would certainly be lost on these self-indulgent wankers.

Today’s feature story? “20 Reasons Why We’re Ashamed To Be American.”

One of their biggest whinges? “[W]e’ve gone from globetrotting White Gods to globe-skulking buffoons-by-association. America has fucked up our action, and we’re out for a little payback.”

But, have any of these expatriate lefties have actually renounced their embarrassing US citizenship and handed back their embarrassing US passports? Well, no. They admit, “No. We like our passports. They allow us to travel to most places. Nope, we don’t wanna turn them in, sir. Instead, we’d rather tell you why we’re embarrassed, while at the same time enjoying all of the advantages that U.S. citizenship still affords us, few though they may be.”

So, it’s obviously excruciatingly embarrassing to be an American but it would be even more excruciatingly inconvenient to stop being American.

As an expat/dual-citizen myself, the only time I’m even slightly embarrassed of my American side is when moonbats like these evacuate their bowels all over Teh Interwebz. If nothing else, though, I give these wankers maybe a one-trillionth of a poofteenth more credit than I give the ones who are always “threatening” to leave but never quite have the guts to do it. I just wish they’d have the full courage of their convictions and renounce their US citizenship for good.

–via Jon Ham

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UPDATE: Coalition forces identify AQI leader, associate killed in Mosul raid

This is from 1 March…just got the newsletter…Point is…Just remember these people…Seems Hussein Obama has sucked…oh yeah…all the air from the world.

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The terrorists killed during an operation Wednesday in Mosul have been positively identified as Jar Allah, also known as Abu Yasir al-Saudi, and Hamdan.

Abu Yasir al-Saudi was the Southeast Mosul Emir for al-Qaeda in Iraq and led a foreign terrorist facilitation network in the city. He conducted numerous attacks against Iraqi and Coalition forces, including the improvised explosive device attack Jan. 28 that killed five Coalition soldiers. Within the Mosul AQI network, Abu Yasir al-Saudi worked for an alleged AQI military leader detained by Coalition forces Feb. 18, who had reportedly moved north from his role in the Bayji network to help rebuild leadership in Mosul.

After spending time fighting in Afghanistan, Abu Yasir al-Saudi arrived in Mosul in August 2007, assuming a position as an AQI cell leader in the southeast region of the city. He had arrived with a group of foreign terrorists. He was then appointed as a key operational leader responsible for orchestrating, as well as participating in, attacks conducted by his AQI foreign terrorist network throughout the city. Operating from east Mosul, Abu Yasir al-Saudi was also believed to be responsible for attempted attacks against security checkpoints, including reports of a 5,000-lb vehicle-based improvised explosive device that, if detonated, would have resulted in the death of hundreds of Iraqi civilians.

Abu Yasir al-Saudi, a Saudi Arabian national, was a close associate of numerous terrorist leaders, to include the AQI senior leader for the northern Iraq networks and the overall AQI senior leader, Abu Ayyub al-Masri.  

“Abu Yasir al-Saudi’s death is a significant setback to al-Qaeda in Iraq’s efforts in Mosul,” said Navy Capt. Vic Beck, MNF-I spokesman. “Iraqi and Coalition force operations are degrading the AQI networks in Mosul where we have captured or killed 142 al-Qaeda terrorists since January.”

During the operation, intelligence reports led Coalition forces to an area where the wanted terrorists were believed to be operating. Coalition forces confirmed their location and directed a precision helicopter strike, killing the two terrorists and destroying their vehicle. Once the area was secure, the ground force confirmed that Abu Yasir al-Saudi and another wanted terrorist, Hamdan, were killed during the strike.

Hamdan, also a Saudi Arabian national, was a close associate of al-Saudi and part of his network of foreign terrorists in Mosul. Hamdan was involved in coordinating the movement of foreign terrorists into Mosul, and led a regional anti-aircraft ring.

“Jar Allah and Hamdan were barbaric terrorists who will never again threaten innocent Iraqi civilians with their indiscriminate violence,” said Beck.  “Iraqi and Coalition forces will continue operations to hunt down al-Qaeda leaders and operatives, disrupting their operations and improving security across Iraq.”

Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Seven more Deadly Sins, sir, coming right up.

Never thought much of the original set of Mortal Sins (nor the Holy Virtues). The new set is even worse. Sad to see the Church  hopping on the environmental bandwagon. Burning carbon? Then burn in hell! Popping that contraceptive pill? It’ll be your joints popping when demons break you on the wheel. Don’t clone that sheep! Limit your success! No capitalism (they call it social injustice, but capitalism is what it boils down to: the rich get proportionally richer than the poor, hence the ‘gap between rich and poor’ appears to widen; conversely, with socialism, everyone gets poorer but the gap does shrink, hence ‘social justice’).

So here’s my entry (in no particular order except the first one):


  1. Dishonesty                                                                        
  2. Cruelty                                                                              
  3. Irrationality                                                                     
  4. Parasitism                                                                        
  5. Negligence 
  6. Ignorance                                                                          
  7. Irresponsibility                                                                


  1. Honesty
  2. Kindness
  3. Reason
  4. Self-sufficiency
  5. Diligence
  6. Knowledge
  7. Responsibility
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Just got in from running errands…One of which was to gas up. While sufficently PISSED, thought I’d vent. Beyond that, WE, the sane…MUST do something about this AND I tossed in a few other things.

Paid $3.13.9/Gallon U.S. Ridiculous, NO. Outrageous, you God damn right it is.

The enemies within:

The Left. Your day is coming AND to all of your various subdivisional piss-ants. Trust me, it is. 

The Enivo Screw Head Anarchists. No drilling in Alaska. No nuclear power. No,wind farms that could obstruct views, ask Teddy, the drunken murderer of the U.S. Senate.

The Code Pinkers.

Government and the subcategories within:

A. The Democrats that lean very much Left.

B. The Republicans that are NOT, Republicans.

C. You, in and on the government payroll, that are Leftists and sit on your asses, behind scads of paperwork, rules and regulations and tell ME what to do. The only good thing IS, you, if you pay taxes, are wasting your own money in addition to MINE. I DID NOT ELECT YOU! You wretched Leeches.

P.E.T.A. Wind farms kill birds

C.A.I.R. Hamas- Hezbollah U.S.A.

N.O.W. Which should be C.O.W.

Islamists, within the U.S. and your Mosques, the buildings of hate and radicalism

The A.C.L.U. Run by Leftist Jews. I bow to Jackie Mason and him taking the first shot and NOT just verbally.

Oil Corporate greed monsters, that manipulate the market.

The elitist ass-hats, that THINK THEY know theirs is the ONLY path.

Leftist professors of “higher” learning.

The “higher” learning institutions that have been corrupted by and with their own inconceivable stupidity, blindness, dishonesty, smugness and your platform of socialistic, communistic indoctrination in favor of totalitarian utopia.

The Mainstream Media, that hide behind “freedom of the press” to get your propaganda out and delude “we the people”, that affects and infects the minds of the dumb, and/or the ‘I don’t give a damn, people’. Unfortunately, there are a plenty.

IF, I’ve missed any..feel free to add, to either group.

The enemies outside:

The Muslims that do NOT and seems never WILL stand up to those among you, that are willing to destroy everything in sight, including YOU. YOUR SILENCE MEANS CONSENT!

Radical Islamists. Were it up to me, I’d raze every damn country/nation that hides you and allows you your vile, filth spewing feces to continue and to hide behind your whipping, stoning and honor killing women and children.

Muslims and dictatorial oil producing nations. This means YOU Hugo. Your last name to me, would mean WE Chavez up your ass.

All those that bow and cower to the demands of Radical Islamic thought, word and deed. Can anyone say EUROPE?

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My Experiment

I’ve been looking into this whole “media-bias” business when it comes to reporting political business, so I thought I’d do a little experiment on the scandle of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (DEM). So I’ll link to the articles, and next to it I’ll say when they mention he’s a Democrat.

NY Governor Linked to Prostitution Ring, Yahoo News. Mention: Paragraph 2;
NY Gov Spitzer Expected To Resign, US News. Mention: Spitzer is never identified as a Democrat;
N.Y.’s Spitzer Linked to Prostitution Ring, LA Times. Mention: Page 2, Paragraph 2;
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Faces Mounting Calls For His Resignation, The Guardian. Mention: Paragraph 3;
Spitzer Resignation is Unlikely, The Wall Street Journal. Mention: Spitzer is not identified as a Democrat in the free excerpt;
Cash Triggered Spitzer Probe, Associated Press. Mention: Paragraph 6;
Spitzer Cancels Public Schedule Today, The Business Review. Mention: Paragraph 5;
Sex Scandal Forces N.Y. Gov. Elliot Spitzer to Weigh Resignation, USA Today. Mention: Paragraph 2.
NY Gov. Spitzer Under Pressure To Quit Over Sex Case, Reuters. Mention: Paragraph 3;
New York Republicans Demand Eliot Spitzer’s Resignation With Threat of Impeachment, Fox News. Mention: Paragraph 1

This article from ABC News is especially disgraceful, as it goes into an in-depth view of the Republicans who have been involved in sexual scandals. However, in three pages, Spitzer is never mentioned to be a Democrat, in fact, the closest the article came was to say that Spitzer borrowed funds from his father to run (unsuccessfully) as a Democrat for the role of Attorney-General.

Who would like to put up a bet that if a Republican was to be involved in this disgraceful business, it would be mentioned in every headline, and just to hammer home the point, once per paragraph in every article?

Update: Welcome to our visitors from The Last of the Few. Pull up a seat, place your orders with the friendly waitress, and your drinks will be on their way shortly.

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Detective Paco, has arrived. This detective would make Sherlock Holmes, look like a rank amateur..


The above is……A 1939 Packard 12, 1707 Formal Sedan

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You Men Know NOTHING About Cars

Now, THESE are cars!


Feel free to buy me absolutely any of them!

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