I’ll Say!

Mel Gibson’s Scottish accent in the movie Braveheart has been voted the second worst in cinema history.

No shit. The only accent I’ve heard in a movie that was worse was the “Australian” hunter/documentary star in “Shark Attack 2“.

Besides, Scottish accents are far nicer than anything Mel Gibson’s ever sounded like!

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8 Responses to “I’ll Say!”

  1. tizona Says:

    Hey, The Gay Caballero that did my voice sucked… :).

  2. Ash Says:

    Yeah, but that was a Propaganda Skit, not a movie, Tiz 😛

  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    How come Australia is about the same size as the (contiguous) United States yet has hardly any accent variation?

    And why do deep Southern US accents sound so much better on women, yet tend to just make men sound kinda dumb?

  4. Ash Says:

    Have you ever been to Tasmania Spot?

  5. Angus Dei Says:

    I don’t give a warm rat’s ass, I fucking love that movie. Probably one of the best dramatizations of a real life hero ever, after The Right Stuff, which is in a class all by itself.

  6. spot_the_dog Says:

    #4 Nope, but I’ve heard Tassies speak and they’re not all that different to my uncultured ear. Not as different as, say, someone from Louisiana vs. someone from Baltimore or Boston. Queenslanders speak a bit more slowly, and some affected Melbournians go all posh with some of their vowels, but that’s about all I notice… Then again, I’m a furriner.

  7. Ash Says:

    Tassies are definitely different, but you’re right, it’s not as extreme as in the US.

  8. missredi Says:

    Ha! the scots don’t give a rat’s ass about his accent in the film… they just love the film. dont care about its inaccuracies… they just love that it was banned in england!

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