Class: I’m Trying to Do My Part

1) Men ought to wear hats.

If you’re a cowpoke from Texas, a top-of-the-line George Strait Resistol; if you’re a city slicker, a nice fedora will do.

2) Men ought to wear suits.I go with the traditionally cut pinstripe, but a vest can add a lot to the right look.

3) Men ought to know their footwear (Why do you think I read The Manolo?)

Wingtip shoes don’t go with cowboy hats, so I have tastefully chosen simple, black Justin Ropers. With a fedora – and the right level of confidence – one could even pull off spats.


Oh, and a nice cologne is positively required: I happen to like Safari now, but I used to wear Polo.

Let this be a lesson.

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18 Responses to “Class: I’m Trying to Do My Part”

  1. spacecadette Says:


  2. bingbingloveshisblingbling Says:


    Weekdays: Black Hush Puppies (don’t care what you think I have to stand most of the day), business/dress pants, business/dress shirt. Have ditched the ties – all silk however.

    Weekends: DC sneakers, scruffy jeans, usually a T-shirt but sometimes a dress shirt (untucked) and either my brown soft baby cow leather jacket, or my brown ADIDAS motorcross jacket.

    And don’t forget the blingbling. Top of ear (yep, in the cartilage); silver sleeper with ball. Silver and onyx Bulgari cufflinks. Black and Silver muthafukn chunckyass Police diving watch. Silver Swatch signet ring. Piecing, watch and ring; all left side.

    Bvlgari Blu, Bvlgari Extreme, three different Polo Ralph Laurens in blue, green and black bottles (partial to the green one) and some crappy Burberry (used mainly for work).

    And a beard.

    Cop that. I’m doing my part, too.

  3. Ash Says:

    Business suits if I’m working.

    Skirts, nice shirts, simple jewellery and boots if I’m not.

    Naked if I’m home.

    Probably not all that classy.

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    Actually, Bingbing, a bit of bling is important.

    With my suits, I wear a gold Citizen Eco-drive moon phase watch. Nothing too fancy, but people notice a circa $400.00 watch. In casual attire, I wear either my Citizen Havihawk pilot’s watch, or my Citizen Hyper-Aqualand diver’s watch. That diver’s watch gives instant cred on any dive trips I take. And of course, I have an iPhone. Any musician without one is naked, IMO.

    I forgot to mention ties. You would not believe the massive collection I have: Hand made Italian Pancaldis (Which I’m wearing above) and Pavones, and even old silks from the 30’s and 40’s I’ve found at estate sales. People notice stuff like that. It projects an image of taste and success. Oh, and I tie a traditional Windsor knot: Nearly a lost art.

    Ash, I think naked is perfectly classy in the right situations. I might even take my watch off. LOL!

  5. thefrollickingmole Says:

    I just asked my other half how old she reconed the bloke in the picture was.

    35 tops was her guess.

    At what age did you stop getting asked for ID at booze shops?

    Me I have the fashion sense of a mole, in a bag, in the dark, in a costume shop. None whatsoever. My missus still laughs when she recalls what i wore on our first date…

  6. Angus Dei Says:


    I was still getting carded fairly regularly well into my late thirties. That was taken two years ago, so I’m 48 there.

  7. Ash Says:

    For some reason, I get carded all the time.

    I hate it.

  8. missredi Says:

    Very nice, sir beef. very classy indeed. i agree, men ought to wear suits (i am ambiguous on the hat thing, however. maybe because i detest baseball caps) jeans are good too, as long as they fit properly.
    i only wear skirts (am a big fan of the twin set) and dresses. perfume only on special occasions.
    last time i got carded i was 45 😉

  9. bingbingloveshisblingbling Says:

    How’s this for eclectic?

    Angus. What is it with the names of the shit we wear? The citizen eco-drive moon-phase? You patrotic greenie-obsessed fucking liberal. The havihawk pilot? You fucking warmongering muslim-bombing hawk. The hyper-aqua… land. You sitting-on-the-fence eco-conservative (don’t worry, I ordered another shipment of hyphens).

    / You’re Police chunky silver n black diving watch. Fuck you, you cheap-ass thin hypocrite… trying to tell everyone how to live. Why don’t you suck Beckam’s cock? Anyway, it only cost $200. You’re damn earring, cheapass silver, wait now, surely it isn’t stainless steel? And your grammar sucks, too. You’re damn half-windsor knots that your dad taught you? What’s with all your bling anyway, you fucked-up Eminem wannabe?

    Oh, and your cufflinks? For French cuffs? Fuck you and fuck France.


  10. nilk Says:

    Hmm. For work.. either jeans, cargoes or workshorts and whatever top suits at the time. Usually a tshirt – nothing goes with a safety vest anyway.

    That’s for the warehouse. On set is as above without the safety vest lol.

    At home… Bogan City, so whatever I feel like. Comfort over style.

    Going professional? Business suits – skirt or trousers, jacket, stilettos and a briefcase.

    Going out? A nice dress, stilettos.

    Sometimes stockings, sometimes makeup.

    Perfume: Samsara by Guerlain. Eau de parfum only. None of that cheap toilet water crap.

    And I last got carded at 30. Of course, that was the last time I went out lol. I have been accused of looking in my late 20s/early 30s, so I’m not complaining.

    And guys should look after themselves. I find them soooo much more appealing when they do.

    Very smart, Mr. Beef. 😉

  11. Angus Dei Says:

    I love French cuffs… sniff. 😉

    Actually – Wait for it! – I have a pair of gold nugget cufflinks from Chlie with a matching tie tack, AND the same trio in Mikimoto cultured pearls. Yeah, I’m a snob. LOL!

  12. spot_the_dog Says:

    PAJAMAS!!!!!!!!!! Well, right now anyway. (just put the exclamation marks on my tab)

    Actually for the last 15 or so years my work attire was: Work-issue navy blue cotton shirt and trousers with company logo, navy blue cotton Drizabone with zip-out flannelette lining for cold/wet days (again, with lovely company logo), navy blue wool work socks, tan leather steel-capped boots. No jewelery ‘cept the watch my parents gave me for high school graduation. And definitely no French cuffs or pearls.

    As for the hat thing, do hard hats count?

    For in Perth (including working from home these days) it ranges from sorta “smart casual” to what I would call “daggy but comfortable.” Sailing gear consists mostly of Sperry, Line 7 and Henri Lloyd. My sisters in the States and my ex still choose most of my non-sailing, non-work wardrobe, LOL! What a dag I am…

  13. spot_the_dog Says:

    P.S. are you wearing nail polish, Angus?

  14. Angus Dei Says:

    Good eye spot!

    My natural nails, through some oversight of God, are paper thin and wear out faster than they grow, so I actually wear acrylic nails to play the guitar with. Weird, I know, but they work great: I’m never paranoid about breaking them, and if I want to do guy stuff like work on one of my motorcycles, go fishing or hunting, or whatever, I just peel them off and put a new set on when I’m done.

  15. missredi Says:

    a sign of a true man not afraid to wear acrylic nails.. lol
    i bet you arent afraid of wearing a pink shirt when it suits 😉

  16. Angus Dei Says:

    You should have seen some of the stuff I wore back in my rock band days.

    Remember all of the different versions of Converse All Star high-top sneakers? I had a pink pair, a shiny gold pair, a camo pair; just a bunch of them. Pink shirts? I’ve had several of those, and my tie collection contains just a bunch of 50’s era ties about an inch wide. Used to love those: I’d tie them and put the tie inside the shirt under the second button. Used to love that look. LOL!

    Carded at 45?! Wow, that’s amazing.

    I’d never get carded with a day’s growth of beard now… because it’s almost totally white! I started getting gray hair in college, just like my dad, who had snow white hair before he was sixty.

  17. nilk Says:

    #12 Spot, hard hats are hot!

    So yes, they count lol.

  18. bingbingloveshisblingbling Says:

    Don’t tell anyone, but I love French cuffs, too. Why o why did the French have to invent them. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, it was actually Belgium.

    Noticed the nails too and figured the must be for the guitar.

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