Some Gigs ARE Better than Others

No, really…


My favorite “local” gig is at Cibolo Creek Ranch, a high-zoot resort for the rich and famous, as well as people who just have a lot of money (It’s a 130 mile round trip, which is nothing out here). I only get out there a couple of times a year, mostly because a few other local musicians who have been around here longer than I have ins to the place. So…

I had a blowout on the Ranch on the way in to the gig. Fortunately, the photographer was five minutes behind me, and she gave me a ride to the office. Unfortunately, her Honda Element was too small and packed with camera gear for me to put my stuff in. Fortunately, the hotel and events manager had a ranch truck handy, and so we went out and got my stuff.

I had been wanting to get some face time with this guy, and since it was a five mile ride back to my truck, I had my chance. This guy, it turns out, has managed hotels on Saipan, Guam, and three Hawaiian Islands… I’ve been to all of those places, and we hit it off great.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to change the tire before the gig, so we left my truck out on the ranch, and went back to do the shindig. I played really well… considering my stress level: “Am I going to have any light left to change that tire in?!” Fortunately, the gig was short.

Unfortunately, the HM had to schmooze with the guests; fortunately, the General Manager was available. Nobody ever gets face time with this guy! He was kind of distant at first – typical white person typical hard-ass cowboy – but then he asked… about my vehicle. Cowboys. like. trucks. We hit it off too, and both of them made sure they had my contact info before I left. Yesssssss!

Unfortunately, I had to change the tire wearing my suit (Well, the pants anyway), and it’s a disaster. ARG!

And I need new tires… at $450.00 a pop (Pun intended). Fuck. More beer.

12 Responses to “Some Gigs ARE Better than Others”

  1. Americaneocon Says:

    Well, glad you made it to the ranch gig! LOL (with the beer, at least)!

    Have a great Easter!

  2. Ash Says:

    It’s great you got face time with those guys. Hopefully it really helped Angus.

    Only $1800 on tyres? How’d you get off so cheap?!

  3. Ash Says:

    I should mention, a man who can change his own tyre… nice!

  4. nilk Says:

    Ash I thought every man could change his own tyres.

    Hell, everyone should be able to do so. I used to be able to lol. I can still change a fan belt and a fuel line if necessary. Too wussy these days for the tyres.

  5. Ash Says:

    Nilk, you just know who got that job with the Fuckwit of the Universe around. You just know it.

    Thus, any man who can do it himself is a bonus.

  6. Eggz Says:

    Noice pic of the RAM … izzat the one crossing the creek from Tim’s a while back?

  7. saltydog Says:

    My friend, you ought to know by now that there’s always a payment to be made. If you get the work out of it that you hope to get. Then you can call it an investment. Much of the world is made on this kind of serendipity. The wise call it “opportunity!”

    Love the truck, by the way. It must come from my Texas days.

  8. saltydog Says:

    Folks, I hope you’ll forgive my gross errors of grammar. Even I don’t usually indulge in two incomplete thoughts within one paragraph. It does expose the way my mind isn’t working these days, however, and why you’re seeing so little of me.


  9. spot_the_dog Says:

    #8 Is there anyone here who is so thick that they cannot understand what’s written in a comment if it has a typo or two in it? No? Good.

    Is there anyone here who would like to see fewer, rather than more, of Saltydog’s well-thought-out comments and less, rather than more, of the unique brand of wisdom she brings to our pages? No? Good.

    We have a consensus.

  10. Ash Says:

    Salty, never fear your grammar errors.

    In fact, I’ve read your comment three times now, and I’m still trying to figure out where the grammar mistakes are.

    And if I didn’t have your spelling of “grammar” to refer to, I would have spelt it “grammer”.

  11. Angus Dei Says:

    Eggz: Yup.

    2003 RAM 1500 QuadCab 4×4: 4″ Rancho Lift, Ranch Hand Bullnose Bumper, PIAA fog lights, ARE Tonneau cover. I love it.

    Fortunately, it is set up to run 33″ AT tires. Unfortunately I had my set of 31″ road tires on it yesterday. LOL!

    Hey Nilk, drop by tomorrow and you can watch me change all four as I put my 33’s back on! 🙂

  12. tizona Says:

    I hate those kinds of days, Angus. If fact, today could be one of those days. NOT with tires, I hope. With people. For today being Easter Sunday…The Pro at my home course asked me to come out and help direct traffic with the number of usually male heathens, that play golf on a glorious spring holiday.

    I swear (and I must curb that) that the first silly bastard that comes onto that course, in ‘Bunny Ears’ will be found dead somewhere between the fifth and sixth hole.

    I have thought of five defenses, already.

    1. Your honor, anyone that would wear ‘Bunny Ears’, doesn’t deserve to live.

    2. Your honor, I honestly thought it a real rabbit and was going to put it on a spit if by chance, any friends came over. The fact that I do NOT have friends, is irrelevant to this case, your honor.

    3. Your honor, I forgot my anti rage pill, today…sorry.

    4. He frightened all the other golfers, by hopping to each hole, your honor.

    5. Your honor, the titty pink outfit he was wearing, blinded all others that were playing.

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