Quiet Observations

It seems to me that John McCain’s pastor, Dan Yeary, is a good man to be a religious adviser to a man who may very well become the next President of the United States. As this Reuters article states, Yeary seems to hold dear many of the values of the Christian faith. He believes life to be precious, which is why he opposes abortion, and he believes homosexuality to be a biblican sin. However, he also holds the belief that Christians should also love sinners.

This type of religious teaching is rather refreshing in a major news network, after the disgusting and vile beliefs perpetrated by the Westboro Baptist Church, which doesn’t actually appear to have any affiliation with Baptist beliefs at all, and people like Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the religious adviser to Democratic President hopeful Barack Obama.

Reverend Wright and Pastor Yeary seem to differ in their methods of accepting others and the idea of Christian love. Pastor Yeary believes in loving thy brother… despite his skin colour. Reverend Wright believes in loving thy brother… providing he’s your colour and neither of you are white. Considering McCain has been attending sermons at Yeary’s church for 15 years and readily admits he agrees with many of his sermons, one can assume that the message is one McCain will bring to the Presidency. Obama has been attending Wright’s sermons for 20 years, yet now that the controversial sermons have been brought to the attention of the wider black community, as well as all other voters in the United States, Obama’s actions show that he’s embarrassed that people may rightly and correctly assume that he also holds those views.

I ask, if Obama disagreed with the views presented by Reverend Wright, would he have:

  • Firstly, denied being present at the sermons;
  • Secondly, written an article in which “I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy. I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies.” but then state that he would continue to attend the church and that he supported Reverend Wright, his mentor for twenty years;
  • Thirdly, claim that he loves white people, because half of his family is white; and lastly
  • Claim that it’s okay that the Reverend preached some rather racist sermons, because Obama’s grandmother was racist once too.

I fear the biggest difference between Obama and McCain is how they deal with beliefs others hold that they don’t agree with. Obama seems to have lied and twisted to try to get out of the controversy surrounding Reverend Wright, whereas I think McCain would have the courage to go up to the Pastor after the sermon and challenge his views, if not leave the church, rather than wait for the media to get hold of damaging material.

5 Responses to “Quiet Observations”

  1. TimH Says:

    A quietly observed, well written article Ash.
    Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ truly doesn’t deserve to be called a Church, at least in the true sense of the word.
    My belief is that Obama has, hopefully, been fingered and the American people, especially his die-hard believers, will take off their blinkers and see him for what he really is. Perhaps he is the Trojan Horse of the 21st Century, and if he does turn out to be a Trojan Horse, then God help the USA if he is elected President this coming November.

  2. Ray Says:

    I love the way you two bounce your identical ideas off one another and then present those ideas as fact. Yes Obama had a 20 year relationship with Wright. But that is not particularly important since you have no evidence that Wright has preached racism for 20 years. The three you tube clips are from 2001, 2003, and 2007. The only clip mentioning race is the clip showing Wright arguing that America is run by “rich white people.” Well, excuse me, but while that might not be the polite dinner table way of phrasing that fact; it is, nonetheless, a fact; go look at some census data.

    In any event, whether you believe it to be “racist” or not, you have no proof that it was a regular occurence such that Obama was likely to have heard it on a regular basis.

    #1.Wright has been a preacher at this church for 40 years and has been recording his speeches for over 15 years — you claim he preaches racism every sunday — ok — where are the other clips? Should be easy to find with so much footage available. The Clintons have, no doubt, been through every minute of footage, and yet, all we have are three clips separated each by at least 2 years — thats your proof of a “consistent course of conduct”? 3 incidents separated each by at least 2 years and none of which predate 2000.

    #2.Illinois is a predominately white state. Obama won his seat to the Illinois State Senate by overwhelming margins and won a similar landslide victory when he was elected to the U.S. Senate. You claim Wright was a well known racist right? Well Obama was a “public figure” connected to this “well known racist” for 20 years — how could he possibly do that and win over so many Illinois white voters? And um, where are all the editorials and negative campaign ads that surely would have been run by Illinois Republicans who have had their heads handed to them by Obama race after race in Illinois? Did they just give him a pass?

    You see the truth is you would never have voted for Obama anyway because the man is black — and that is ok but just be honest about it. You say you would vote a black man, just not this black man? Be serious. Alan Keyes tossed his hat in for the Republican Nomination. He got completely ignored even though he is far more conservative than McCain. How about Michael Steele or J.C. Watts? And what happens if Colin Powell runs as a Democrat? Will you vote for him then? Spare me.

    Just vote for McCain and his new war with Iran. And when you make that vote, think of the reason you will give to the new crop of mothers who will again be asked to bury their sons to justify our bloody pursuit for oil we don’t own.

  3. Ash Says:

    No, Ray, I wouldn’t have voted for Obama because I don’t like his policies. I don’t give a fuck that the man claims he’s black when he’s actually half black and half white, and if you took more than ten seconds to read everything else I’ve ever written, you’d already know that.

    I’d vote for Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas or Condoleeza Rice, if I could. But I’m Australian, so I can’t vote.

    I stand by all my comments about Reverend Wright. I never once claimed that he’s been saying this shit for 20 years, I said that the controversial sermons have become public knowledge. And that is quite true.

    Obama was also videotaped listening to those sermons. It’s hard to deny that is true. Because he didn’t leave the church or address this with Reverend Wright, you have to admit, that is pretty convincing towards believing Obama believes the same stuff.

    I’ll also mention, living here in Australia I’d never actually heard of Alan Keyes. If his policies were good and suited to my needs, again, I’d vote for him.

    You’re the kind of voter though, who needs to know someone’s colour, not policies, before you’d decide who to vote for. You want to be seen to be doing the least racist, misogynic thing. I’d rather vote on what they’ll do for the country than their physical attributes. But go on, be as shallow as you like.

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