Is it just me, or did April Fooling start early this year?

A Persian gent jailed in Dubai claims to be acting as an ambassador for the Hutt River Principality.

I’d guess that many West Australians regard the Hutt Royal Family more with affection than disdain. Even today, a hundred years and more after Federation, the idea of WA seceding from the Commonwealth gets a regular run – everyone talks about it, but Prince Leonard just rolled up his sleeves and did it.

3 Responses to “Is it just me, or did April Fooling start early this year?”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    I kind of liked the late Sir Charles Court’s plan… dredge a big ol’ canal up along the WA/SA border and become our own sovereign Island Nation 😉

  2. Sir Ed Says:


    International recognition does not exist in the legal sense of International Law and can only be bilateral as long as UNO is not a worldly government.

    The Commonwealth of Australia, just like United Kingdom, has already recognized Kosovo against Serbia of which it was nevertheless the territory.

    China does not recognize Taiwan but Taiwanese travel with their own passports and trade with mainland China. For all that, China does not deposit complaints against the Taiwanese emissaries which intend opening diplomatic relations in other countries and limits itself to influencing or making diplomatic threats to the future Host countries …

    It is the reason why it does not give the right for the Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Australia, His Excellence Sir Jeremy BRUER, to use the local secret police (CID) in Dubai in such a way that, by manipulation, conditioning and other pretty disreputable methods, for obtaining complaints against representatives of Hutt River.

    This plot having for essence to put on detention the representatives of Hutt River in conditions of older ages, is not honouring a country such as the Commonwealth of Australia which did not ignore, neither the inhuman conditions of confinement, or the functioning of the local Justice which, notably, does not let any chances to the accused persons to assume their defence and to obtain a fair lawsuit.

    In this operation, the Commonwealth of Australia hopes to obtain, at cheap price, discredit for Hutt River on the international scene and to obtain by the justice of United Arabs Emirates the condemnation of the Hutt River’s representatives for the sale of false passports of a fake country.

    So the Commonwealth of Australia tries to evade its disputes with the Principality, what it had not been able to resolve for 38 years. Indeed, the Prince Leonard, Sovereign of Hutt River Principality, has constituted itself in front of the International Court of Justice of La Haye, not without arguments, because, notably, the land on which he is established were proclaimed French territory in 1772 by Alléno de Saint Alouarn.

    However, the Commonwealth of Australia recognized actually the existence of Hutt River since its inhabitants are considered as not residents of the Commonwealth of Australia as given evidence of it by the available documents on the site ( )

    In addition, the Principality of Hutt River, as any sovereign state, possesses all the attributes of its sovereign power and notably the Consular Missions in several countries of this world with Consuls and Vice-consuls holders of diplomatic cards of host countries.

    The extension of these Hutt River’s missions in the world is doubtless at the origin of the position of the Commonwealth of Australia which has not understood that this Principality is a real chance for economic and touristic development of this coast of Western Australia whose farms are bankrupted because of drought.

  3. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    Thank You, Sir Ed. A communication which demands closer study.

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