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This thread at Andrew Bolt’s is soon going to be full of “Sure, Moore twisted the truth, but that’s not lying!” comments.

It has the potential to be either nauseating or hilarious.

200 Billion Barrels of Oil on the Wall…


All I have to say is, Fuck the Saudis, OPEC, and Hugo “Mongoloid” Chavez.

This would increase the known oil reserves in the US by ten times! It’s the biggest oil news since oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia, in fact. Note that we’ve known that oil was there since 1951, but low oil prices and old drilling tech made it unfeasible to recover, or even determine the true extent of it.

Via Michael Ledeen

Now, who’s going to be the first libtard to scream that we can’t drill there?

The Disgrace of Liberalism

Just a quick link before I go to “work”: J.R. Dunn has an excellent article posted at The American Thinker concerning the debauchery that is modern liberalism.

Personally, I believe he is over-optimistic about liberalism’s downfall – any group of people as ignorant of their historical failures and as blind to their own moral turpitude as libtards are, are likely immune to being reformed – but it would be nice to be wrong about that.

“Eliot Spitzer worked his way to the governorship of New York State as the living embodiment of liberal higher morality, crusading against a series of dubious financial and corporate villains. His downfall as the result of a prostitution scheme too moronic for fiction might be taken as evidence of personal failings and no more were it not for the fact that his replacement, David A. Paterson, confessed to similar activities as the first official act of his administration. (If not even more egregious — no one, after all, has accused Spitzer of trading jobs for sexual favors).”

“In turning to the presidential campaign, we need do no more than mention Madame Hillary. The Ma Barker of Little Rock is in a class by herself when it comes to political iniquity (not to mention dodging snipers). The chief puzzle concerning Hillary is how, being so blatantly what she is, she succeeds in holding onto any support whatsoever. There’s a process in quantum mechanics called “renormalization”, in which certain quantities with values of infinity are arbitrarily dropped back to a more manageable “zero” for the sake of solving the equation. This encapsulates Hillary’s political career: truly mindboggling levels of corruption and ineptitude have been continually renormalized by fellow politicians and the media to enable her to survive. These people made a particular type of bargain when they bent the rules for Hillary. Now the ground is opening up under their feet. It has been a pleasure to watch.”

It is a long but well written article, and you should read the whole thing, as Glenn says.

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture


Harvard’s Segregated Gym. The U.S. is not far behind you, Brit’s. It’s called Appeasement. Which means, ‘they’ win.

On February 4, 2008, in an act of segregation disguised as “collaboration,” Harvard University set the clock back fifty years by agreeing to ban men from a popular university gym for six hours each week to appease Muslim women. Harvard University spokesman Robert Mitchell stated to me that this was done at the behest of a group of women “whose religion does not allow them to remove their burqas and/or hijab in the presence of men.”

“A group of Muslim women made a request, we thought it was reasonable,” Harvard athletics spokesman Matt Lavoie told me in an interview. “It’s a religious issue, that’s all.”

Pajamas Media

They have the gall, to call Harvard an Institution of “Higher Learning’? Keep genuflecting Harvard…Easier to behead that way.

Spectator UK

We live in a state of emergency: and we are getting angrier

Britain has lost its identity and its sense of nation, says David Selbourne. The citizen is treated as a mere ‘consumer’, liberty reduced to the ‘freedom to choose’, politicians held in contempt and hostile forces such as Islamism appeased. The stakes could scarcely be higher.

Children Are So Helpful

There was a little boy whose mother was about to have a baby. One day, the little boy walked in and saw his mother naked. He asked his mother what the hair between her legs was.

She responded, “It’s my wash cloth.”

Weeks later, after the mother had her baby, the young boy walked in on his mother again. While she was in the hospital, the doctor had shaved her pubic hair.

The boy asked, “What happened to your wash cloth?”

The mother responded, “I lost it.”

The little boy, trying to be helpful, set out to find his mother’s washcloth.

A few days later, he ran to his mother yelling and screaming, “I found your washcloth.”

The mother, thinking that the child was just playing, went along with the boy and asked, “Where did you find it?”

The boy answered, “The maid has it! She is washing daddy’s face with it.”

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The Interwebz Don’t Explore Themselves, You Know

Camp for Climate Action is a perfect chance to go… well, go do something.

Colonel Milquetoast gives some thought to Canada’s big-toothed friends.

Reverend Wright gets a new home, and no doubt it’s just like the homes of all those the Church, who is funding the building, attempts to help.

Once again, Iowahawk is side-splittingly funny.

Via Instapundit, I give you this scheme of evil.

Jules Crittenden does an impressive write up of some aspects of what is going on in Iraq.

The Drudge Report presents two particular gems today, one is this particularly intriguing information which will be incredibly precious and of great interest to Israel, and the other is Al Gore being a tool… again.

Andrew Bolt takes a good look at the people attending the 2020 Summit. He’s not impressed.

Ace of Spades looks at a court decision, and finds it suitable.

And finally, this is so sick and addictive that it must be illegal.

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Coming soon to you…What will you be doing?

‘Earth Hour’ to plunge millions into darkness


Dedicated to Missredi…New Position Celebration

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Aussie Jim Jeffries…Comedy

life is good at last

i have just been offered and i accepted a new position at work. i love the company i have been working for the last 15 years. yet the boss i have had for the last 10.. well she is called the dragon lady. so finally i get to work for a man whom i admire. in the last 3 years he has turned the IT dept from a bunch of grumpy old fools into a group that one can actually like. he didnt fire anyone, he just brought out the best of those there. so i am pleased to accept his offer for my employment with him. and he is jazzed that i actually wanted to work for him! as he said.. it is a perfect fit

so i thought i would share this good news with you .. before i have to tell the dragon lady i am history!

Who says Perth is ‘Dullsville’?

See, if you were here in Perth today, you could come along and watch this man keep his word!

from The West Australian:


It’s a bet Carey Smith wishes he’d never made, and today he will pay an embarrassing price. The Delta Securities research analyst bet with two stock broking mates at a pub over a few beers back in 2005 that gold prices would not hit $US1000-an-ounce before 2011.

On March 14 gold hit that price and the 37-year-old self-confessed single bloke had no other option but to fulfil his end of a potentially embarrassing bet.

At 2.30pm today he will pull on an unflattering stretchy green lycra mankini and do a dash down Hay Street in Subiaco.


More photos (if you can bear them) via here.

If you’d like to get behind Carey “Mankini Man” Smith (figuratively, not literally!) you can leave messages of support here.

Think what you like, at least this man keeps his word, so respect for that. Listening, Kevin?


UPDATE: I should mention that Carey has been taking donations for the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, and has already raised six thousand dollars for his effort.  Here he is in all his glory:


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