200 Billion Barrels of Oil on the Wall…


All I have to say is, Fuck the Saudis, OPEC, and Hugo “Mongoloid” Chavez.

This would increase the known oil reserves in the US by ten times! It’s the biggest oil news since oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia, in fact. Note that we’ve known that oil was there since 1951, but low oil prices and old drilling tech made it unfeasible to recover, or even determine the true extent of it.

Via Michael Ledeen

Now, who’s going to be the first libtard to scream that we can’t drill there?

4 Responses to “200 Billion Barrels of Oil on the Wall…”

  1. everydayman Says:

    I have to agree on that.

    Why can’t we drill? It’s not like were only making a whole .

  2. Rebecca H Says:

    It’s been known for a long time that the upper plains states are sitting on a gazillion barrels of oil shale. Not to mention the oil shale and sands of western Canada. It just wasn’t feasible to extract it, but thanks to OPEC and advances in technology, it’s becoming more and more economical.

    The Middle East has another ten years. If that. The problem is, the Saudis especially recognize this and have got their hooks into international banking, and just about everything else. Everyone else in the Middle East may go back to living in mud huts and goatskin tents, but we’ll never be rid of those greasy Saudi slugs.

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Geez its almost as if the Americans thought it would be better to allow the cheap oil to be exploited in desert shitholes first, and they were waiting for the prices to rise to extremely profitable levels.
    Not to mention leaving them with an enormous stragecic reserve.
    This odesnt even include the (rumoured?) vast deposits in Alaska.

    Tell me again how Rudd is so smart to be exploring shafting the US for those wylie Chinese?

    Id be seroiusly impressed if a nation had managed to plan that far ahead.

  4. bingbingloveshisblingbling Says:

    #3 What, the US draining the Saudi supply first? 😉

    This is great news, if it works out. Have been hoping the US would get round to shoving it to those asshole Saudi’s and that prick Chaves.

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