Harvard’s Segregated Gym. The U.S. is not far behind you, Brit’s. It’s called Appeasement. Which means, ‘they’ win.

On February 4, 2008, in an act of segregation disguised as “collaboration,” Harvard University set the clock back fifty years by agreeing to ban men from a popular university gym for six hours each week to appease Muslim women. Harvard University spokesman Robert Mitchell stated to me that this was done at the behest of a group of women “whose religion does not allow them to remove their burqas and/or hijab in the presence of men.”

“A group of Muslim women made a request, we thought it was reasonable,” Harvard athletics spokesman Matt Lavoie told me in an interview. “It’s a religious issue, that’s all.”

Pajamas Media

They have the gall, to call Harvard an Institution of “Higher Learning’? Keep genuflecting Harvard…Easier to behead that way.

9 Responses to “Harvard’s Segregated Gym. The U.S. is not far behind you, Brit’s. It’s called Appeasement. Which means, ‘they’ win.”

  1. yojimbo Says:

    I’m somewhat confused( no shock there!) by one aspect of this whole process. I just thought of it. Some of these women must be single. How many stories have we seen over the recent years about single women being beaten, or worse, over being in the company of men without an escort by their brother or whatever. So these women are bipping around Harvard and mingling with single men (in classes,etc.) in full dress?

    There is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this but I just find this somewhat wierd after all of the stories we have seen over the recent years. Maybe someone has a better grasp on this. Does this juxtapositon seem wierd to anyone else here?

  2. tizona Says:


    There is (and please good friend, do not take this in the wrong manner) NO “grasp” to and of this. Caving at one time, had an entirely different meaning.

    Pisser to come to the realiztaion that the ones in caves are in actuallity us, not these “religious Islamists”.

  3. yojimbo Says:

    I know we caved. Why would you be surprised.

    My point is that I find it hard to believe that these same women are bipping around Harvard for the other X hours of the week. Is there an actual victims group here or is it more of a powerplay by some CAIR type of group to flex its muscle on campus? What were they doing before this ruling came down, flunking PE or something?

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    See, if the ACLU weren’t just a bunch of self-loathing Jewish shysters, they would have already filed a lawsuit over this.

  5. yojimbo Says:

    Just a few more “thoughts” and then I’ll shut my yap.

    These are Buraq people, meaning they are heavy hitters. The people who don’t want their women educated AT ALL are going to send them to a NON-COMPULSORY form of higher education.

    So Muckmoud the tyrant sez to his darling little daughter “Sure,go ahead and mingle with all those single white guys on campus just don’t boink them on the first date. Just watchout for that gym class and the Canadian bacon on that pizza but as for the rest of it-just go for it. Try women’s studies while your there, I here it’s great.

    I just question the authenticity of the victim’s group in the first place. Now I’ll go away.

  6. yojimbo Says:

    *burqa* even!

  7. tizona Says:


    There isn’t a time that I can ever conceive, that I nor anyone else here, would want the Yo’man to “shut A yap”.

  8. bingbingloveshisblingbling Says:

    Still haven’t worked out which is the greater threat to the West. The Left or Islam?

    A moot point, probably.

  9. nilk Says:

    The Left.

    If we didn’t have to fight the Leftards, our society wouldn’t be so weak that we’d need to fight the jihadis.

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